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The year is 2192.

The country is the United States.

The current regime, The Trust, has been in power for over one hundred years.

The Trust takes care of you from cradle to grave--they provide you with housing, education, jobs, vehicles--but, in exchange, they control everything about your life. What color car you will drive. Where you will live. And, most important of all: who you will marry and how many children you will have.

Do you fight them or favor them?



Kassian Hayes
Played by  Kiara (LoveBelikov)  ➢ Offline
Spouse ➢ Edith Carrington
Play-by ➢ Jeffrey Dean Morgan
 ➢ Not Sharing Play-by
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41 Actor Black Brown


He tends to keep his feelings bottled up and because of that, he tends to lash out. In front of others, he shows a charming and warm persona. He doesn't cower even if he is embarrassed, He has no shame. When he is upset his eyes give of an air of intensity and gets quiet. The biggest way to spot if he is upset is if he is quiet. He can be extremely intimidating and he purposely acts like that when he is pissed. When he gets upset he tries to distance himself from the person or thing that caused his anger. When he is sad, he tends to be self-destructive. He blames himself half the time and doesnt keep his emotions well masked.


He stands at 6'3 inches tall. He uses his height as intimidation and when pissed is a terrifying sight.He walks with confidence and elegance. He doesn't really need glasses but sometimes wears it to read or look smart. He has a beard that is spattered with white hairs. His hair is a bit longer than he used to keep it but it is still managable


Kassian Hayes was the older of two boys, his family was fairly small since his mother and father were both Orphans. They weren’t the happiest of drafts but mutually agreed they wanted kids. Kass was a smart child and learned how to walk and talk fairly early. His parents were always proud of him. They never planned to have another child, so they were surprised to find out they were pregnant again. Kass was 8 when Phillip was born and he didn’t know how to feel about the smaller boy who stole all his parents’ time. He always thought having a sibling would be cool but when Phillip came he grew to resent the smaller boy. He got all of his parents love and Kass was left to fend for himself most of the time.

He learned to love his brother despite his parent’s lack of love. The small child loved his big brother and looked up to him and it made Kass feel special. He and his brother grew very close, and despite the vast age difference Kass and Phil would spend time together every day, when Kass got home from school. When Kass was 15, his mother was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. She only had about two years to live. It was a devastating time for his father, and for Phil since they were both so close to her. Kass felt numb, he knew he should be more affected by in but he had to be strong for his brother and father. That was the moment that he started to bottle up his emotions.

He spent the next two years helping his brother and father cope with the idea of losing her. A few days before his 17th birthday she passed away. His father was distraught and turned to booze. He found his hands on true alcohol and the more he drank the worse he got. Once he got so bad he went to hit Phillip and Kass got in the way. After that Kass was the main target whenever his father was drunk. He was his father’s punching bag, he protected his brother from harm. Phillip rarely got in any trouble but Kass was a constant disappointment to his father.

When he was 18 he took his aptitude test and was happy to know he was to be an actor. He always found solace in television and movies, now he could be a part of it. It was the perfect job for him and an escape for him. He got to be in someone else’s life for a little while until he had to return to reality.

His first sponsor trip was another highlight in his dull life. He found his way around the female anatomy. It was his second escape, so he frequented the sponsor. Whenever he was down or upset he went instead of going home, when there was an opening of course. Phillip would stay at school to study more. The two didn’t stay home that much but when they were home they were together or in their rooms locked away from their psychotic father.

Once he got his first draft notice he felt excited, he was finally going to escape for real. He felt bad for Phillip and wanted to find a way to get him to live with him. His first draft was a simple girl she was fairly nice but not his type. She also was obnoxious and he didn’t want to be around her it got to the point where he stopped listening to her. Carla wasn’t into him and he hated her after he got to know her. One day however he received a notice that his father had fallen down the stairs one day when he was drunk and he died leaving Phillip to him. He was ecstatic to have his brother with him once more and happily took him in.

He was 22 when he took him in so Phillip was 14. He was a bit of a handful at times but he put up with it since he figure he was just a teenager. Carla on the other hand thought he should be punished. They fought on their different ideas of discipline and he flipped when he came home one day and saw her smack Phillip across the face. She begged and pleaded for him not to say anything but after talking with Phillip he realized it wasn’t the first time she hit him. He contacted the proper authorities and she was taken away and re-educated and when she came back, he thought things might be better. It wasn’t until he noticed she hadn’t changed and he caught her attempting to murder Phillip. He was lucky to be there on time. She had a knife up to his throat and she was taken away.

Phil, got along with the maid that helped with cleaning and life was good for a few years until he turned 25 and he was drafted once more. Sandy was perfect for him, she was just his type. He was attracted to her but he wasn’t sure if he could fall in love with her. He hated the draft for the simple reason that he couldn’t choose who to love, who he could be with. But she was good with Phillip and that was the most important thing. The pair was happy enough and they attempted to have a baby together when he was 26, she was 19. He was happy to find out she was pregnant only to be devastated when he found out that she miscarried.

Her miscarriage cause a rift between the two since he didn’t know what to do. Phillip got closer to her and the pair talked a lot. When Phillip was finally drafted he attempted to apologize to her but she didn’t want to hear it so he stopped trying. He would visit Phil any time he possible could and the first time he met Edie, Phillips wife he felt like he could finally be himself around someone. He was shocked to find out that they were so compatible. He loved the conversations he had with her but she was his brother’s wife so he never crossed any lines. He would have dinners with his wife and Phil, and Edie all the time. Everything seemed to be going well, he had a friend and Phillip.

Until his 35th birthday, when he came home and found Phillip in bed with his wife. He felt the walls crashing in around him. He didn’t know what to do all he knew is he couldn’t see Phillip in the same way ever again. He shut down, it only got worse when Sandy found out she was pregnant. His mood soured and he threw himself into work. He didn’t want to be home and when he was he ignored Sandy. He didn’t answer his brother’s calls or text. The worse thing about everything is since he was ignoring Phil he couldn’t speak to Edie. He never felt more alone, when the baby was born. His hope that it could possibly be his died as the boy looked exactly like his father, Phillip.

He put the baby up for adoption, not able to raise his brother’s son, with the woman he could have possibly loved. He felt a bit guilty and like it was his fault. The worse thing was when he found out that his brother committed suicide. He felt like a complete asshole and blamed himself. After all it could only be his fault he cut him out and gave up his son. He couldn’t bring himself to contact Edie. He was surprised when he received custody of the girls. He loved the girls and was unsure if he would be able to be a good father. He did his best, and bought them everything they needed to make them comfortable. He had their room all set up and they were getting closer. He learned to love the girls, and they loved him. He planned a day to take them to the zoo, but on the way there he was hit by a truck. One of the twins died on impact and the other died several hours later in the hospital. He was in the hospital for a few weeks but managed to keep it under wraps.

Once he was out of the hospital he spent weeks mourning the loss of the girls. He hasn’t shaved since he lost them as his way to never forget about what he did. To make matters worse he received his draft notice and it said the name he never expected, Edie. He was going to have to marry his brother’s wife and the mother of the two girls he killed. He has thrown himself into working more since he got the draft notice and is waiting for the inevitable disappointment and hurt that she will feel once she finds out what happened. He is finally reaching stardom and is becoming more famous now though he managed to keep the things about his past in the past.


brother's son
Phillip Hayes - Dead
Alice and Eleanor ( Twin nieces ) - Dead
Birthdate: 03/21
Bad Habits: Anger issues, Curses a bit too much
Turn-Ons: Arguing, Good Physique, Angry sex, Rough Sex,
Turn-Offs: Pushy, bossy, controlling women
hair color preference: Blonde
eye color preference: none
draft position: Against
premarriage y/n: Yes, in response to a want ad.

Hard Limits

None so far

Player Notes

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