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The year is 2192.

The country is the United States.

The current regime, The Trust, has been in power for over one hundred years.

The Trust takes care of you from cradle to grave--they provide you with housing, education, jobs, vehicles--but, in exchange, they control everything about your life. What color car you will drive. Where you will live. And, most important of all: who you will marry and how many children you will have.

Do you fight them or favor them?



Janette Sommer
Played by  Momo  ➢ Offline
Spouse ➢ Merric Odinsen
Play-by ➢ Marianne Caron
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24 Office of Chief Medical Examiner Receptionist Dark Brown Brown


Janette is a contradiction tied up in a neat package. As someone who suffers from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, she constantly strives for order in a world gone mad. Everything possesses its place and should it be moved from its place in the slightest of manners anxiety may come creeping. It is only through recent treatment that she has begun to find some semblance or normalcy.

Despite such mannerisms, others might describe Janette as a mess. She has a poor memory and it is through hard work alone that she manages to scrape together what memories she can. Moreover, her social skills are just as poor as her mind. More often than not, misunderstandings often occur because she is not talented at verbalizing her thoughts. Instead, she holds a strict talent for listening to others. She is often the sort of individual who will listen to others talk about their days without stop, though she will never quite possess any advice. Truly, she is just a shoulder to lean on.

Perhaps the one trait that Janette holds in common with her twin brother is an aggressive spirit. She is not someone that you walk over despite her quiet demeanor. Rather, she is an independent individual who is loyal to those she cares for. On the off chance you piss her off chances are that you are going to end up with a shiner, because simply put you don't piss off Janette Sommer unless you want to start a fight.


Despite being fraternal twins, Janette looks a great deal like her brother Francis, something of which has always caused her endless frustration due to the constant comparisons it brings up between the two. Much like the elder of the two, she has very prominent features that are hard to miss. However, she has the fortune of possessing slightly softer features in comparison to her brother.

Overall, Janette is quite tall for a woman, standing well past six feet. She possesses a willowy build and a subtle femininity, curves soft enough to be noticeable but not blatant enough that she might receive criticism. Her complexion is soft and her skin pale. Much like her brother she possesses dark brown hair- almost black in certain lightings- that she keeps cut in a short bob.

Janette prefers keeping to simple colours, such as black and white, and particularly casual styles. She is an individual who would prefer to dress practically in a world that would rather she spend every waking hour the exact opposite. If one were to compare what she wore to her brother, they might say they dressed in the opposite manners, Janette preferring loose and casual while Francis prefers formal and neat.


Born a few moments after her brother, Janette's first memories are of disorder. She does not recall her parents- they are nameless entities that her uncle has never seen fit to gift her- or even her mother's husband and his side of the family who could have taken them in. Instead, she recalls a broken family made up of her doting uncle and a string of aunts whose only purpose seemed to be to die.

Janette's childhood was not the most pleasant. Unlike most girls, she lacked a mother figure. Any woman who entered the Sommer household did not seem to last long. At a young age she had thought her uncle cursed as the man seemed- and still does- to have unfortunate luck when it came to brides. Worse, those who did last a significant amount of time were little more than strangers due to Arthur Sommer's attitude towards marriage. As a result, it was not entirely odd for some of his wives to hold a distinct amount of hatred for his niece and nephew, particularly when he seemed to hold an obvious favoritism for them.

In the young girl's life, the one individual she would claim that she was closest to was her twin brother. It was a strange relationship as the two were incredibly different. While they seemed to share in an awkwardness, Francis was far more emotional and gentler of heart than his rough and tough sister. Nonetheless, the two seemed to get along particularly well, the young girl offering a friend where her brother seemed to have trouble making them. They spent their time talking to each other and playing games, only drifting from each other in school.

Yet, she was not oblivious. She was aware of the negative affect of her friendship with the elder twin had. Francis had always been self-conconscious of the parts of him that could be indentified as faults. In contrast to him, she no doubt appeared perfect, as she compulsively attempted to make her world exactly that. The elder would ignore the truth, not realizing how often his sister fell to anxiety due to their uncle's peculiar views in regards to doctors. The world did not work just against Francis, but also Janette too.

School was particularly difficult for the young woman. Not wishing to speak about the troubles that came up at her boarding school, she listened to her elder twin's complaints silently, all the while nusring her own problems as she struggled greatly with school. However, as her brother's rhetoric began to solely focus upon a singular individual she began to notice what he did not and curiosity bloomed in her. Her own gaze drifted towards not only boys her own age, but also towards girls.

Desperately, she kept it to herself, wanting to avoid the habit of a wandering eye as she grew older. While women were not punished nearly as harshly upon discovery that they were indulging in their own sex, bad things did tend to happen to those who indulged in such behaviour.

Instead, she turned her attention to her studies. Even with extensive studying, she managed to get a score in her 80s. It was only around then that her brother hesitantly opened to her about his sexuality, something of which managed to bring the two closer together.

Once she was 19, Janette was put in her first draft to a man by the name of Jerome. In her opinion, the marriage was quite poor. While he was a handsome enough man, Jerome was a cruel individual who clearly did not see her as an equal and placed several restrictions on her. She could tell quite early on that she was little more than someone to sleep with to him. The two often got into fights and she was reluctant to back down even though it got her sent back to corrections.

Miserably, time passed by and the amount of time that was spent with her family was kept at a minimum. Instead of coming to her brother, he would often come to her during times of stress during his first marriage. The arrangement continued into his second, particularly as his wife died a fairly early death. Janette cannot help but think it will continue as he now goes into his third marriage.

When she was 23 Jerome died in a car crash. The event passed in a curious mixture of stress and apathy. A particuarly cruel part of her was glad to have him gone from her life. Quickly, she settled back into her uncle's home again. Wishing to achieve some semblance of order, she searched for a job with her uncle's permission. After searching for a great amount of time, she managed to get a job as a receptionist to the chief medical examiner at the police department.

Taking each day at a time, Janette patiently awaits for her packets to arrive. She is sure they will arrive any day now.


Father - alive [unknown to her]
Mother - alive [unknown to her]
Arthur Sommer - uncle; alive
Francis Sommer - twin brother; alive
Birthdate: 11/25
Bad Habits: Paces often, Smoking, Adjusting objects
Turn-Ons: Light kisses, Vanilla Scent, Experimentation, Being treated like an equal, Rough Sex
Turn-Offs: Stupidity, Rudeness, Uncleanliness, Being treated gently, Vanilla Sex
hair color preference: Something bright, like red or blonde
eye color preference: Expressive Eyes
draft position: Neutral
premarriage y/n: No

Hard Limits


Player Notes

TIMEZONE: Mountain
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