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The year is 2192.

The country is the United States.

The current regime, The Trust, has been in power for over one hundred years.

The Trust takes care of you from cradle to grave--they provide you with housing, education, jobs, vehicles--but, in exchange, they control everything about your life. What color car you will drive. Where you will live. And, most important of all: who you will marry and how many children you will have.

Do you fight them or favor them?



Clementine Beckett
Played by  Amare  ➢ Offline
Spouse ➢ Anson Beckett
Play-by ➢ Antonia Thomas
 ➢ Not Sharing Play-by
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32 Trust Approved Wife Dark Brown - highlights and dyes occasionally Hazel /Green verge


Determined, has a drive to get things done when there's motivation. Raised in a family with high expectations, she holds everyone to high standards. Is pron to being judgemental, but it's not intended as nitpicky, she just knows better and isn't shy about starting her opinions. She keeps healthy and fit on a physical level careful about what she eats. On a mental level she enjoys reading and the arts. She can't abide ignorance, laziness or small thinking. Go big or go home.

Moody, rides highs and lows. When she's upbeat, she can be a lot of fun, when she's depressed she gets snappy. She tends to isolate herself when things aren't going well and will suddenly act like she has zero energy to do the simplest tasks. She does suffer from headaches, but will use the excuse of migraines to get out of doing something she rather not.

Classy, she likes pretty things, refined tastes and high society. She collects fine china, and likes everything to be orderly and neat. Entertaining and playing hostess are something she considers she'd be good at, but she's never had a chance to do that or anything really. In fact, she's bitter over her wasted talents after doing so well in school. Being stuck in a bad match has impacted her sense of self-worth. Overall she's mellowed out over the years and is more humble than she once was...still, she tries not to show it. Hidden insecurities are best to remain hidden.


Standing at 5'2'' Clemmie isn't tall. She wears heels and wedges to make up for her lack in the height department. She has curves in the right places, tapering to a slender waist. Her legs are shaped and toned, thanks to regular exercise. She's proud of her hour-glass figure, (though she has a little extra in the hips compared to when she was younger). Clemmie has a round face, arched brows, full lips, a beauty mark above her left lip and a few stray freckles. Her most striking feature are her hazel eyes, verging more green in shade. Naturally curly hair, she has pretty much done everything with it over the years. Occasionally dyes it lighter, or straightens. She approaches fashion with a sense of sophistication, adding her own personal flare with accessories. When out and about she's always dressed-up. Clemmie is less put-together at home, lazy days can find her in loose comfortable lounge clothes and her hair in a messy bun. Not that she let's anyone see her like that... would a Best leave the house looking less than her 'best'?


Viola Peterson was a baby when her father was arrested and executed for repetitive DUIs. Her mother did the stupid thing and made a run for the boarder, signing her own death warrant. Viola was shipped off to her uncle, but nearly a year later the neighbors reported the family for spreading around anti-trust conspiracy theories and holding meetings in their basement. A few days before her first birthday Viola was properly declared an orphan and sent to an orphanage.

Quite honestly, it was the best thing that could have happened, pun intended.

Devereux Best and his wife were looking for a third child to add to the their brood. Viola's big sparkly hazel eyes caught their notice. The child had that look, the one that suggested she had potential.
They adopted her and named her Clementine (Clemmie for short). Luckily, she was young enough that her name change was none effectual. The sudden death of her adopted mother was more duly noted. Nonetheless, a new Mommy Best arrived on the scene and siblings, Marcheline, Theodore and a baby sister were added to the family. Complications at baby sister's birth proved fatal, paving the way for a third Mommy Best and the eventual adoption of another little brother and sister.

When Clementine was 6, she got her bracelet and marched off to St. Martha's. Even at that young age, she was a determined little girl. Clemmie was never shy. She talked a lot about 'when I grow up' amusing her teachers with questions and displaying artistic ability.

In adolescence, Clementine made rivals easier than friends, having a very small friendly circle, including her dorm mate. She was picky about whom she spent time with, feeling the wrong crowd of girls reflected badly on her. Clemmie was often considered to be stuck-up, but she wasn't really, she just knew things other girls didn't and had no difficulty pointing it out. She studied hard, using the competition of her older and younger sisters' grades as motivation. She never resented the pressure put on her shoulders coming from the cream of Tidewater's family crop, instead embracing it wholeheartedly.

By the time her exit exam rolled round, Clementine scored 98. She would have preferred 100, but many of her classmates had done far more poorly. She would be drafted at eighteen, that was what mattered.

And did it ever matter to Clementine. She wanted a perfect marriage, to a perfect man to make Daddy Best proud. Nothing less for a Best.

The first of her draft packets arrived. His career was the first thing that stood out: Movie theater ticket taker. A ticker taker. That didn't register in her brain as an occupation that could be considered a grown man's career. His name didn't win any favors either. 'Emile Punken' it sounded like Email Pumpkin. What sort of name was that? Even if she overlooked his picture, how could she overlook his history? The man had nearly failed school. The only saving grace was that she would be moving to Region 4. At least her shameful union wouldn't be witnessed by her peers and more importantly, by her family.

Becoming Mrs. Punken, Clemmie set out to 'better' her husband. She could do nothing about his job, or the crumby little town in which they lived, but she could do something about how he dressed, what he ate and hopefully improve him on intellectual levels. Despite her efforts, Emile was a hopeless creature of bad habits. He was content in his life and wanted nothing more than to live day by day with as little interruption as possible.

For five years Clementine worked at it, trying desperately to make alterations in Emile. By year six, she was worn to the bone. Accepting defeat was bitter, and humbling. All her life, Clemmie had strived and passed with flying colors, but this man was impossible to fix.

Every evening her husband came home smelling like popcorn. A scent she came to loathe. Their social life was hardly enviable. Getting free movie passes was about the biggest highlight of the month. There was no point in entertaining, there no point in doing anything, it was a struggle to get up the motivation to go the supermarket.

Clementine was miserable.

Emile wasn't happy either. He seemed to grow resentful. Ha! Him growing resentful. She was the one suffering. Emile had his friends, family, he was satisfied with his lot in life. Clemmie had to pretend she wasn't a Best, making up excuses about why she never invited her family to visit. She had to congregate with housewives that spent their days watching soap operas and their evenings warming up microwave dinners for their under achieving husbands. Demoralizing, humiliating, in a decade of marriage, Clemmie had become a shadow of her former self.

Emile died. A heart attack, they told her. He had been arguing with a theater patron who didn't have a ticket stub and suddenly turned white and collapsed. Clementine couldn't grasp the truth, it was such a pointless death. A final embressment. All those salted peanuts, fried chicken, and monster drinks had finally caught up with Emile. She had known his health was bad, but...a heart attack?

Returning to Tidewater, she broke down. Having grown distant from her family, only exchanging holiday cards over the years, she had some explaining to do, which she did... leaving out some the more embarrassing details.

Over the next year and a half, Clementine slowly began to pick up some of her shattered pieces of dignity, starting by reclaiming her name as Best until her next draft. Her mourning period was one of reflection. She's lost a lot of her confidence, not that she will ever let anyone know it. Her family might see a difference in her, although she is working hard to rebuild bridges in that regard. Another draft means another chance, Clemmie just hopes she can pull off being a perfect wife and have a marriage that she isn't ashamed of. Home in Tidewater there isn't any place to hide like she did the first time around.


[Biological Father] Joel Peterson (deceased)
[Biological Mother] Deanne Peterson (deceased)


[Adopted Father] Devereux Best

[Adopted Siblings]
Eldest Brother
Eldest Sister
Little Brother
Birthdate: May 12th
Bad Habits: Leaves ingredients out when sharing recipes. Shuts off when depressed. Stares people down when she disapproves. Gossips. Critical of others. Takes the high road and never lets anyone forget it. Picks at nail polish till it chips. Fidgeting fingers.
Turn-Ons: Athletic, Intelligent, Masculinity, Pro-Trust, Respectability. Bring appreciated. Soft fabrics like silk. The scent of men's after-shave. Wry humor.
Turn-Offs: Lazy. Ignorance. Anti-Trust. Unclothe. Homebodies. Overly rough or demanding. Spineless behavior. The scent of popcorn.
hair color preference: No Information
eye color preference: No Information
draft position: For
premarriage y/n: No

Hard Limits

Overly Graphic/ BDSM / Not Too Kinky

Player Notes

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