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The year is 2192.

The country is the United States.

The current regime, The Trust, has been in power for over one hundred years.

The Trust takes care of you from cradle to grave--they provide you with housing, education, jobs, vehicles--but, in exchange, they control everything about your life. What color car you will drive. Where you will live. And, most important of all: who you will marry and how many children you will have.

Do you fight them or favor them?



Freya Byquist
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Freya can radiate sunshine at times. She plays an awkward cool when she feels like things are getting too tense and has no problem with making herself seem like the fool just to lighten the mood.

In her own dark moments she tries to smile through it until she's alone. She allows herself moments to cry and grieve for the moment but sees her pain better spent on making something else right. Both times she lost her babies she instead reached out to other expectant mothers and gave away anything she had bought for her child to them.

When Elias was executed she spent her time and actually wrote a song that she gave to her dad about the situation. Of course it didn't mention being gay or anything that wouldn't be trust approved, just about being betrayed and heart broken.

Freya is the perfect shoulder to lean on, she listens and tries to offer advice on how to handle a situation, but if she has nothing to give...she just lets a person get it all out and encourages them to find an outlet for their feelings. Mostly through art, though once she did encourage someone to join a gym so they could take out their rage on a punching bag.

She tries, that's the most important part.


5'8" tall, 150lbs, with a little curve in her swerve.

Her arms a little more muscular as she does a lot of her own heavy lifting, she hates waiting for other people to help her and will more than likely throw out her back rather than actually ask for help.

Style wise, when married, she likes overalls and t-shirts with funbuns. Plaid has always been a favorite of hers. When wearing more appropriate lady attire such as dresses, she goes for flowery things and bright colors, one of her favorites is mustard yellow.


Early Life

Freya Johanna Byquist is the second born of Jonah and Johnny Byquist. It was actually a mildly warm New Years Eve that year in Region 7, and she was just moments shy of being born at midnight.

Up until age six she had a good life. She and her older brother were practically inseparable, even her younger sister when she was born became a part of their little pack. She sang with her dad when he was at home--which he did not spend a whole lot of time there. Her early memories of both of her parents being together included a lot of fighting. Jonah and Johnnie seemed to at least try to keep their kids out of the arguments but sometimes it didn't happen.

Around the age of six was one of the first times she saw a strange man in her parents room. A nightmare woke her up and as she was used to doing she went to her parents room and opened the door only for Johnnie to yell for her to get out and she saw a man jump out of the bed. That man was not her father.

School Years:

She never told anyone about seeing that guy in bed with her mother, or about the couple of others she saw him with--or the women she saw her father kiss and drop his arm over. During the two weeks the kids got off for summer, Johnnie sent them to wherever Jonah was on tour. It was their grand prize for making it through yet another year of schooling and a treat to get to travel around the country and visit places they might not otherwise ever see. She and Morrison saw things they probably shouldn't have but neither spoke about it, Freya because she was too afraid of what would happen to her parents and Morrison...well you'll have to ask him.

In school itself she was a good student. There was a small problem for about three months but it was solved by getting glasses and her grades came back up quickly. Freya had a pretty easy time making friends, she was never one of the "trendy" popular girls, her style more comfortable and personality was just welcoming for others. As most others she had to choose some kind of artistic focus and after being surrounded by music her whole life it really was no surprise that she went the same route as her father. After all, the man had been teaching her piano since she was six years old.

Though it was frowned upon, Freya actually developed a crush on one of her brothers friends from school. He shamelessly flirted back and they teased each other about everything, but when her file came and he wasn't in it...she turned her focus to the man she would eventual be a wife to.

A young musician as well, she felt she could understand the life. When sharing the news with her mother, Johnnie sat Freya down and over a cup of coffee Johnnie told her eldest daughter to prepare herself for her husband to constantly cheat on her and to never fully trust him. It was that day that she reminded her mom of her own infidelity and questioned who actually had an affair first. Her draft day took place the September after her eighteenth birthday. Later than most would probably take but the date actually made a full year after the passing of his wife.

Married Life to Present:

Elias Pinkerton was a good guy, really he was. His music was different from her father's slower rock, Eli actually did much more modern music with his four other band members. A boy-band if you will, they sang...with synth and mostly danced. Musicians were hired to accompany them and they often wore coordinated outfits that made Freya laugh.

She inherited four children, actually, one was the child of Elias and his late wife and the other three were his niece and nephews. Freya tried to encourage the kids to do well over the ten years she was with them, and they did--having such a supporting person in their life--but Elias wasn't exactly as inclusive as Freya's own father had been. He didn't want the kids to come out to visit while he was on tour and because he didn't want them there that meant Freya couldn't join the fun either. It sucked, but she did get backstage passes whenever her dad was in the region so they still got a little peek into the musician life.

For their summer time rewards Elias and Freya worked out a deal that for one week they would go on some kind of vacation and the next week, spend it with his parents. Freya loved her in-laws. They seemed just like that dream draft every girl wanted, loving on each other, teasing one another, they were pretty much perfect together and she wanted the kids exposed to that, never to her own parents unhappy life. In fact, after being drafted and moving to Region 5, Freya had cut off contact with her mother. She still had weekly conversations with Poppy and Morrison even monthly phone calls with her dad but she refused to speak with her mother. Every time she tried, Johnnie just reminded Freya of the bad luck she would have with her husband.

Freya just never wanted to believe it.

In ten years of marriage, the Pinkertons got pregnant twice, the first time Freya was super excited and told everyone the moment her pregnancy notice came in. She and the kids had a small party while Elias was out to celebrate and she told them she wanted them involved in every step, the boys were scared of changing diapers though. The pregnancy didn't last long though, she experienced a lot of cramps in the first few weeks and after the just after the 11th week Freya collapsed from the pain inside of a coffee shop. Elias didn't even come home when he was informed about the miscarriage.

The second time was a bit more tragic. She waited weeks before telling anyone besides Elias, afraid that being so excited last time had jinxed the pregnancy. The announcements went out when she found out it was a girl, the kids were excited, her dad sent her her old baby clothes and her sister even came up for a visit to help decorate the nursery. It was while Poppy was there that it happened. They had moved into a larger house inside of Chicago, Elias hiring movers to take care of everything before he left again to record with his band mates in New York and the sisters went to pick up the crib and other items they had custom ordered.

On the way back they hit a patch of black ice that sent then swirling off the road and into a ditch. Freya went into early labor but the baby was already gone. It was a hard hit for the 26 year old even harder when Elias still didn't come back.

She was afraid to ask, afraid to know if her mother was right about Elias being just like her father. He seemed like such a great guy in the beginning, when he was home he was great with all the kids, on vacation he was a doting father and uncle, when he was home he was a doting husband; but just like her own father he preferred life on the road.

Freya's suspicions were confirmed when the boyband split up though. He tried his hand at going solo but because he couldn't play an instrument he didn't exactly pan out well, Elias was a harmonizer, not a solo singer. Freya offered to help and the studio surprisingly allowed her, she played the guitar and piano for him on a few tracks and caught Elias in the act with another man. His manager.

The recording booth had been quiet for a while and she got no answer when she called out to see if everything was okay so she walked in and found Elias basically mounting the man. After making an exclamation in surprise she slammed the door and left.

Part of her considered turning him in but when she got home she was greeted by her three boys, her girl (she called them all hers even though there was no relation) was still at school, and realized she couldn't do it. Sure they would be happy with the grandparents but she couldn't take their father, their uncle, away from them them.

Freya never did tell anyone, it was the manager that did it. Now she supposes it must have been some form of guilt for the sins he was committing since he did confess to a priest, but it was shortly after the New Year, after her 30th birthday, when the police came to their home. Elias was arrested, the kids yelling in protest as Freya tried to keep them close to her. Crimes against the Trust they called it. She went for his execution, his last words were an admission of guilt and he wouldn't even look at her as he was given a lethal injection.

It took just a little over two weeks to get everything packed, between herself and the kids, her in-laws gave her as much time as she needed to say goodbye and she encouraged them to email and call her whenever they needed. Freya didn't want to forget her kids, ever if she could help it.

The November after Elias' execution, a new package was delivered to Freya's parents house. She's been studying for the past six months and has prepared herself, and her wardrobe, for a trip to the Northeaster part of the country. She still won't really talk to her mom, but hey...some broken things aren't meant to be mended.


Jonah Byquist - Father
Johnnie Byquist - Mother
Morrison Byquist - Brother
Poppy Byquist - Sister

Elias Pinkerton - late husband, executed for homosexual relationship
Birthdate: December 31st
Bad Habits: Usually sleeps in her make up and forgets to wash her face the day after; stopping people in the streets to pet their dogs/animals; interjecting with some random notion with other people are trying to talk
Turn-Ons: Freya enjoys her hair being played with, pulled, or just held; when her neck is bitten or kissed, and being choked from time to time.
Turn-Offs: Sweaty ball smell, too much pda, trying to turn her on when she
hair color preference: No Information
eye color preference: No Information
draft position: Neutral
premarriage y/n: No

Hard Limits

No Information

Player Notes

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