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The year is 2192.

The country is the United States.

The current regime, The Trust, has been in power for over one hundred years.

The Trust takes care of you from cradle to grave--they provide you with housing, education, jobs, vehicles--but, in exchange, they control everything about your life. What color car you will drive. Where you will live. And, most important of all: who you will marry and how many children you will have.

Do you fight them or favor them?



Anson Beckett
Played by  Faie  ➢ Offline
Spouse ➢ Clementine Best
Play-by ➢ Jason OMara
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45 Infidelity Detective Brown Blue


Fatherly, Protective, Patriotic, Possessive, Righteous


Anson's hard jaw and distinguished nose are sharply contrasted by the charismatic smile that usually sits above his chin. It's a smile that can turn deadly in a harsh second, though his face betrays very little emotion when he is set on it. He has an undeniable presence in any room he enters and carries himself heavily. It's like the weight of the world is always on his shoulders and he's determined to keep it up and stay firmly grounded. Anson is athletic by nature. If he's going to workout, he's going to push himself to the max. It's not worth it if it doesn't hurt. As he ages, he seems to push himself harder and harder to prove he is still in his prime.


Anson was born into a house always filled with family and friends. His father Ian, a military man, was hard and to the point. Ian's rigidity was made bearable only by his wife's affection. Clarie, Anson's mother, was angelic in her ways. She always had a warm and joyful grin beneath her understanding eyes. Anson's parents, perfect opposites, raised their children as best they were capable. Ian was dedicated to his work, a trait he passed on to his sons, but allowed his career to take priority over his family. It was hard for Claire, but she loved being a mother and wife so much that she shouldered the burden with grace.

As a child, Anson was loud and rambunctious. He preferred being outside to in and talked incessantly. He and his brother sought out trouble when it didn't find them and often dragged their sister along for the heck of it. Claire wanted her children to be close and fought to keep them that way, even as they grew. Anson, the baby of the family, did not often behave as such. He liked to be the leader of the pack and could talk his brother into anything. Their sister often went along with their antics so that she could be the voice of reason and care in the end.

As the Beckett boys grew, their father became stricter. He wanted his boys to follow in his footsteps and be placed in the military- the only respectable and acceptable field for a real man. Anson grew into a quiet leader, calming at the insistence of his father and learning to keep his emotions in check. Clarie's natural affection and joyfulness never left Anson, though, and he became determined to keep it as part of him so that he would one day be a better father to his own children.

Anson's grades in school were above average, with his performance in any physical study excelling above and beyond. His teachers noted his easy charisma, coolness under pressure, and decisiveness as his greatest strengths. He also demonstrated a strict moral code to which he was fully dedicated- a code that was predominately shaded by black and white. Gray areas are areas where further investigation is warranted, in Anson's mind, to determine if they should be black or white. There are no truly gray areas.

It was a disappointment in some ways when Anson's aptitude test placed him in the Department of Justice. His father was sorely unsatisfied with his son's performance and only placated by the fact that his eldest son had succeeded in earning a military position. Anson, however, was enraptured by the call of the police force. It was a job with meaning, not unlike the military, and a job that came with the built-in support system and camaraderie of a work-family. It was also exciting- physically and mentally.

For a time, Anson's life was right on track. He was working toward something. He had his family- and he wanted a wife and children of his own. He enjoyed his sponsorship, for the physical release and simulated emotional connection it provided. Anson could imagine what a physical relationship with his wife would be like, though he did get to be very attached to his sponsor. He was still thrilled when his draft notice came.

Andie was young, like Anson, and shy at first. She was less enthusiastic about starting a family but gave him three children in their first five years of marriage. Anson did not want to be the type of husband and father that his own father was, and so he tried to be present at home and involved with everything all while he was advancing himself at work. On the surface, they were the perfect family. Andie seemed happy and as the years passed, she grew more and more picturesque.

Anson excelled at his job and set his sights on becoming a detective. For someone so keen at investigating, he allowed a lot to slip by without notice when it came to his wife. Looking back, Anson will admit that Andie had him fooled. She offered him the illusion of everything he thought he wanted so that she could do as she pleased when he wasn't looking. Their children were a distraction for him so that she could pursue her own interests.

There was always something missing in their marriage, but Anson blamed it on his restless nature. He thought that if they could have one more child or one more pet or one more niece or nephew, it would somehow fill the empty void. But it never did, because Andie was not interested in filling it.

The signs of her affair became clearer and clearer as Anson struggled to find a truly loving relationship with his wife. He finally realized that she was not the sweet, meek and loving woman she pretended to be. She had no interest in being a mother, and less interest in being his wife. She loved someone else.

It was heartbreaking when he pieced together the puzzle: he caught the end of a phone call here or there, she missed one too many dinner dates, she was late too often picking up the boys from school, her smile was too patronizing, her dresser was filled with lingerie he never saw her wear... and then he found a pair of black stone cufflinks. A pair that did not belong to him. Tossed on the chair beside their bed.

Andie was having an affair. She was breaking their family. She was destroying the very thing he lived and worked to create. A family. A life. Anson followed her in secret until he had enough evidence to prove it. And then he turned his wife in. It was his duty as an officer of the law, and as his children's father. They deserved better.

It was a twist in life that Anson never expected. It pulled him off track but, as fate often works things out, set him on a different road. He became determined to one day investigate infidelities, to track down the women or men who pervert healthy families. Anson rose in the ranks as he aged and soon, he achieved his goal of becoming an infidelity detective. It is a job worth while, although it does have more desk work than he likes on some days.

It was several years after Andie's execution that Anson received his second draft notice. The wait was excruciating for a man desperate for a family. His sister stepped in and helped with his children, but Anson wanted a wife. Deanna Bailey was not what he had in mind. She was younger than Andie had been when Anson was first drafted, and far from enthusiastic about Anson's desire to have more children. When an accident took the life of Anson's sister's husband, Deanna was distraught when Anson took his sister's children in. She was a young lady from a small family. She was ill prepared for the Becketts.

After Andie, Anson was paranoid in his marriage, desperate to ensure his wife stayed true to their family. He became protective of what was his. Deanna took her own life less than a year after she was drafted to Anson. It is a tragedy that Anson still struggles with. He wonders what he could have done to better support her. He wonders why she would do such a thing, and if maybe there was someone else she wanted to be with.

Again, years have passed since Anson's previous draft. He is anxiously awaiting a new bride to share his life and family with. As his children grow into adults, he finds himself wishing he had another little one or two. He is proud of his sons and the men they are becoming. They all seem to be following the family footsteps into the DOJ and DOD. Anson is still as focused as ever on his career and determined to stay at the top of his game.


Father: Ian Beckett, elderly
Mother: Claire Hayes-Beckett, deceased

Brother: "Charlie" Beckett

Sister: "Delta" Beckett, widowed
Nephews/Nieces: "Echo" Beckett, "Foxtrot" Beckett, Felicity Beckett

First Wife: Andie Moore-Beckett, deceased
Sons/Daughters: "Juliett" Beckett, "Kilo" Beckett, "Lima" Beckett

Second Wife: Deanna Bailey-Beckett, deceased
Birthdate: July 24th
Bad Habits: Anson likes to prove he can keep up and even outdo the younger men on the force. He pushes his physical limits to the max. He checks in on everyone he cares about on a daily or weekly basis. He commits himself to the community and volunteers a lot, which doesn't leave a ton of time for relaxing.
Turn-Ons: Exercise, a healthy woman who likes to go for a run with him, femininity, a tight little ass, a good sense of humor
Turn-Offs: Heavy makeup, whining or constant complaining, jealousy, disrespect
hair color preference: Any
eye color preference: Any
draft position: For
premarriage y/n: No

Hard Limits

I have yet to find anything that I am utterly unwilling to write with the right partner.

Player Notes

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