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The year is 2192.

The country is the United States.

The current regime, The Trust, has been in power for over one hundred years.

The Trust takes care of you from cradle to grave--they provide you with housing, education, jobs, vehicles--but, in exchange, they control everything about your life. What color car you will drive. Where you will live. And, most important of all: who you will marry and how many children you will have.

Do you fight them or favor them?



Evangeline Warrington
Played by  Blinks  ➢ Offline
Spouse ➢ Quincy Warrington
Play-by ➢ Gina Torres
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Vee Warrington is an amazon of a woman. She stands at six foot, even, and is slim but not that skinny slim, no, at least in recent months she has returned to an old work out regimen that her father had her on as a child and teenager. Vee isn't just ripped with muscles but it would be hard to find a real jiggly part of her, yes she do got the booty b-t-dubs. This woman works hard, and always has, to look good on the back of her husband's bike, never has she been one to be arm candy but one might think other wise with the figure she cuts.


We teach girls to shrink themselves, to make themselves smaller. We say to girls: ‘You can have ambition, but not too much. You should aim to be successful, but not too successful. Otherwise, you will threaten the man.’ Because I am female, I am expected to aspire to marriage. I am expected to make my life choices, always keeping in mind that marriage is the most important. Now, marriage can be a source of joy and love and mutual support, but why do we teach girls to aspire to marriage and we don’t teach boys the same? — Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie


Evangeline Warrington came into the world screaming, her mother was screaming, her father was screaming, the woman helping deliver her was screaming…mostly because that woman wasn’t trained as a midwife she was only a live-in (and this was her first assignment.) See, Evangeline was born during the middle of a terrible earthquake, strangely coinciding with her mother’s contractions and as soon as baby Vee was being pushed out the house around them started shaking. Irene Mendoza and her husband, Alesander had been dealing with braxton hicks contractions for two weeks and thought that this again was just another fake labor, see Vee was born six weeks early and when she arrived the couple were afraid to move. Thankfully once the quake finished, aftershocks and all, the ambulance came and carried the pair to the maternity wing where Evangeline was named and put into a NICU area.

Even being early she was strong, she cried and screamed louder than other babies when she wanted attention, kicked and squeezed tightly. Alesander claimed that this baby would be just like him, a fighter. Boy if he only knew.

Her father had the occupation of being a mixed martial artist fighter, he was a large man, over six feet and more than 200lbs of muscle. He wasn’t the top of his game but he was good and his kids would often train with him in his personal gym, really he just converted his garage into a small gym and parked both cars outside. Did he like his job? No. Alesander was a smart man, he felt he got robbed of an occupation he would actually enjoy but the testing, it didn’t test his full intelligence, it was just an aptitude test. His father was in the military, his grandfather a boxer, since the Trust took over the men in his family had all been in some form of manual labor. Needless to say, Alesander felt this system was broken, racist almost, to take large black men and make them word hard and fight instead of using their minds.

Evangeline held the same idea, it was as she was taught anyway and the day she received her bracelet she felt the man who put it on her was a little to fresh when he rubbed her knee telling her she was pretty…so she punched him in the nose. Her first class that January was a class on how a proper young lady acts in public settings…her father picked her up that weekend and gave her ice cream. She wasn’t a top notch study as far as behavior, sometimes her hair was a little wild, sometimes her shirt wasn’t ironed, little things here and there but her mother told her she had to pass her exams when she was older, she needed to take all of her lessons seriously so she did. On weekends she worked with her dad in the garage, on the cars or just training. Evangeline was the Mendoza’s only daughter and Alesander knew that the world the trust made was not kind to women, he had called the police on a few of his fellow fighters a couple times when their wives had black eyes or just seemed terrified of the men in general, so he wanted his baby girl to know how to handle herself. Physically she was fit, mentally she was strong, academically she couldn’t really do better…except in sewing, Vee was always horrible at sewing and stuck herself with needles more times than she cared to count.

Sometimes she would watch widows, on weekends, watch how they acted towards men, wrote notes on them even. Some carried themselves with so much confidence that she, despite all her trying, just didn’t have back then. She asked her mother once, now Irene wasn’t meek by any means (Vee had seen her fight in the grocery store once for one woman’s rude remarks about her brothers’ attire) but she was kind and seemed collected compared to other women whose confidence came off almost too bitchy. Irene told her she found her mold and decided to fit in it. Alesander needed a strong woman in his life so she became that, he needed someone who wouldn’t faint while he was in the ring, someone to cheer for him as he fought and then take care of him afterwards when he was bruised and sometimes broken. She took notes on that too.

In her formative year at her boarding school, while preparing for her exit exam, she attempted to find or create her own mold. It was awkward at first, people were used to Evangeline Mendoza being off putting and unhelpful unless it concerned her, but now she was offering to help the younger girls. Giving tips in the evenings on how she dealt with being so tall in heels, she even asked the best seamstress in her year for tips in case her husband tore a lot of clothes. In a year she changed from the bitch who didn’t need anyone into someone most of the girls in her dorm liked, a helpful creature who still had a mean left and right hook.

Despite her bad behavior and unladylike disposition (“Evangeline, proper ladies don’t swear like their fathers…”) she got a 98% on her exit exam and accepted her file for a Mr. Quincy Warrington. For her, he was rather average looking, a couple of years older than her but this was going to be his first draft. The year between receiving the file and getting drafted was mostly spent with her mother, taking in her final year on the west coast to love on her family—both brothers were now drafted and on their own, and despite her hard demeanor, Vee loved their children. She had to admit, once at school during a motherhood class, that this was what she was most looking forward to, babies of her own. Quincy’s picture hung up in her room and she tried to imagine what children from him would look like…god she hoped they got her nose. Nevertheless, she traveled all the way to Ashpoint and with a, probably fake, smile she greeted Quincy with a hug, a tight squeeze, and got married. All the while wondering if she would need to use her training on this millwright…and if it would even do any good.

For the first couple of years she tried and tried hard to be the good wife her mother had been. She cooked, cleaned, did the laundry, hemmed anything that needed done (all poorly mind you), this girl tried; Quincy, though, was distant. Work, club, home, rinse, and repeat. Vee was getting sick and tired of the monotony in her life she wanted a change, she wanted a baby but that hadn’t happened yet either, when he brought in the patches. Sons of Satan MC patches needed to be put on his coat now that he was a full fledge member and he needed her to put them on. So she tried and like a good husband he wore them out, but the day after a woman showed up at the door with his coat in hand shaking her head. Catherine Harrington was … different than what she had expected, Vee hadn’t met any of Quincy’s friends from the club--she hadn’t set foot in the place where these club meetings were held either, it seemed like there was a giant wall between her and that part of his life, but here was a woman who came in like she owned the damn house. Vee watched her rip the stitches she had sat up most of the night putting in and listened as she talked about having ‘pride’ in these patches. Apparently they were part of her husband’s identity and he needed to have pride in that and it only would help if she did too and showed it in her work. It took hours for Vee to get this woman out of her house, but Kitty wouldn’t budge until the patches were stitched perfectly or at least to her standards. As she was ushered out Kitty hugged her and told her that she and Quincy needed to come to the house some time.

It took some time but Vee began to learn about this secretive club her husband was in, she knew she was being watched by the other wives of club members and after a while they begin to let her into the know of what the club actually did. All of the illegal things threw her for a loop and she panicked and ran, she didn’t get far, just outside of the city limits to an area where people camped during the summer, she slept in her car for two days waiting for someone to come and drag her back. She feared they would find a way to get rid of her. This club couldn’t be good, could it? For those two days she hiked, thought, went back into town for food and drinks but stayed in the camp grounds for the most part before she realised it. Kitty Harington was similar to her mother, she had a cool, collected-ness to her that was so familiar. Thinking about her short time with members she began to realise the true hierarchy and began to think of where she wanted to be in it if she was going to stay alive...Mrs. Harrington had alluded to an older member’s wife going missing some time earlier, that he’d probably be getting a new draft soon.

On her way back to the house she grabbed more fast food for dinner, it was almost time for Quincy to get off work, and checked the mail. She was flipping through the junk mail, coupons, an offer for a vacation to the west coast, when she heard a throat being cleared. There was Mrs. Harrington at the kitchen table waiting expectantly, a chair was pushed out with her foot sitting on it and she smiled. The two women talked for a while, Vee admitting her fears and Kitty reassuring her of some things about the club, how they took precautions, how they tried to stay under the radar, that if Vee really didn’t want to be involved she’d never have to see her or the club members ever again. No, no she didn’t want to not be involved, Vee had a sudden impulse to be in this woman’s spot, in this woman’s category of power. The women heard a car pull up and Kitty excused herself, she was far from her neighborhood in Ashpoint but assured Vee she had a way to get home and left through the back door. Still reeling from the conversation she shouted a greeting to Quincy while looking back through the mail and there it was, a letter from the local gyno with his name on it. She knew just from the envelope, she could feel the words coming through it even unopened, she was pregnant.

The adrenaline from the conversation drained out of her and she passed out.

Pregnancy with Norah was horrible, oh god was it terrible, it seemed like once that letter came into her life she was never not puking. It was how Vee started and ended her days, rushing to the toilet to empty anything from her stomach, the women in the club laughed but not at her, just the situation since every time they needed a house to prepare for some town wide charity event Evangeline offered up her home. Bake sales, food drives when a bad storm came in, she offered up her kitchen. Vee and Kitty grew closer the other woman helping to take care of her during this first pregnancy, later she would do the same when Vee was pregnant with Dinah, and became what most would consider great friends.

It was a time where, despite her never wanting affection because of the fear of puking on him, she and Quincy did get closer. Both of them really seemed to want the baby that grew in her womb and when she was finally born, thankfully not as dramatic of an entrance as her mother’s, Norah was spoiled with their attention. Vee didn’t care about being up all night with her, she didn’t care that some days she hadn’t gotten to shower, she had a baby that was all hers...well okay she had to share her with Quincy who was just as excited, but Norah was totally all hers. Vee neglected a few of her duties with the club once the baby arrived, but Kitty was there often enough with her own son to keep the Warrington woman involved and up to date.

Of course the baby fever died down after a few months, not that she ever stopped taking photos of her little girl, but it wasn’t as intense anymore. She was back to her ambitions of wanting to be the queen that Kitty was and began inserting herself, and Quincy by proxy, into more parts of the club’s activities. As time went on she got closer and closer, soon becoming Kitty’s right hand woman, helping her through her pregnancy with her third child, she took care of the Harrington kids on occasion as well as other children of members of the club, sitting out on small things to help out, trying to stay in the mold she was building for herself.

A few years later she was pregnant again, this time with Dinah, the pregnancy was just as hard as the first one, a doctor telling her that maybe having children just wasn’t for her. She spend a weekend in corrections for decking him. However tough it might have been though at least with this round she was prepared, all the tricks she had learned the first time around came in handy. She would tell Quincy in the morning whether or not she was just going to sit something out, call a few of the widows if she needed something done around the house, while it was still a tough nine months, Vee finally had some control and after giving birth to her second little girl she was addicted to that kind of control.

She did a horrible thing, an absolutely terrible thing but it had to be done. If she was going to keep what little power she had grown to love while pregnant forever she had to take this chance. A group of sons were making their way to the Canadian border with illegal contraband and were going to be coming back with even more, she had to do it, this would be her only chance. She planned a trip to her see her folks two weeks before it happened and reported to the Trust that there would be a group with guns coming back to Ashpoint from the border. She did it by phone, borrowing a lady’s at the airport after feigning leaving hers at home. She spent a week in California, introducing her daughters to her parents and their uncles and cousins before heading back for home, she didn’t know what she would be coming back to really. Part of her worried they might know who did it, what if the men had returned? But no, Vee had nothing to worry about. When she returned it was only a day after the news had gotten back to the club about the stop, all the men that had been on the trip were killed...so how the hell was Gabriel Marsh still sitting at the table? Evangeline cried with the women, mourning the loss of the ‘good’ men the club had lost, she held on tightly to Kitty who was more concerned about what would happen with her children before everyone was reminded about the wills. Vee tilted her head, the wills?

It was more than a shock for her to be moved to Trellis with more kids than she knew what to do with. Dinah was still young, too young almost, and now she had to play mother to all the children of the men she had killed...talk about irony. It wasn’t part of her plan but Evangeline accepted her new role, it was her penance probably. This would be how she paid these children back for what she took from them, not that they would ever know. It’s been a secret she’s kept all these years, not even letting Quincy in on what she did to put him in his club presidency position. She raised them, helped them in school, watched the boys become tiny bikers or in some cases avoid the biker scene all together, watched the girls as they teased the boys being more confident with the opposite sex than she had ever been at their age, and she watched them leave, watched them get drafted to start families of their own.

Her own children she still clung to, whispering to her girls that they would always be her favorites, when Norah went off for her first draft she was sure her baby would be fine. She was wrong. It never occurred to Vee that she needed to teach her girls how to protect themselves like she had learned, she thought that her father had been overprotective and paranoid but when her eldest was brought to her bruised she was furious. She wanted this man’s head on a platter but the men in the club got to him first. Vee cursed herself for not taking better care in the girls education, they needed to know how to protect themselves, how to hit and kick and fight. She still didn’t, instead she nurtured her daughter, growing protective over her and the other girls in the club. Soon the mold she made began to break and gone was the woman that was so helpful to everyone and the bitch returned. The girls in her house were hers, not to be touched without their consent, even those that left her house were hers to protect.

It became no surprise to see Vee standing toe to toe with some of the men in the club when they were down in the resistance headquarters who thought they would just pick and choose the sweetbutts they wanted to have. Or someone who thought they could speak out of turn on club business, Vee was right there to set them straight. Sure she didn’t wear a patch but it was now her face at the front of every fundraiser, standing beside the widowed Kitty Harrington who gave up the HBIC mantle with grace. When Norah was married off again she was probably overbearing as far as her daughter was concerned, often asking her to visit just to see her, or dropping by to visit and check out the house her daughter was in. Vee knew she’d gotten complacent thinking the men would all be kind to a nice girl.

Then the incident happened. Daxton betrayed everyone, going out and setting off the bomb while wearing his patches and telling the world who he belonged to. As soon as news broke Vee was tearing the house apart and destroying anything that might incriminate her or her family. She swore to the police when they came that the club was just for enthusiasts and the women were helping their community. They made it through, of course her house was ripped to shreds by SOAR who searched it, thankfully finding nothing, and they were moved. A new town, a target on their back, and while a few members of the club did follow, Vee didn’t see the point anymore. She wasn’t Queen of anything now. She attempted to make the new home feel like home all while preparing to send her youngest daughter off to be married, she was realising what a failure she was the whole time. Just like with Norah she had not taught Dinah to protect herself, she was a failure as a mother.

Vee wallowed in her perceived failures for a while, going back into her early monotony of taking care of Quincy and their now empty nest. The Trust no longer trusted them to raise so many kids instead they put them into other people’s care, at least the ones still young enough to need parental care. It wasn’t the same now, after so many years of having a full home with so many noises happening at once, it was eerie to be in this new house, this new town. After a few months she left a note on the fridge, called the girls and let them know she was going to visit their grandparents for a little bit, and packed a bag leaving. The bracelets were gone, another new feeling, and a chip placed in her wrist, she went and bought a bracelet once to recreate the feeling but something just wasn’t the same. If Quincy wanted to find her and drag her back he could, she was off to the West Coast for a while, a visit with her parents and then her brother offered to let her come stay with him in Mexico. He was now the owner of a resort down there for newlyweds and didn’t mind offering his sister some solace in her time of need, he honestly just thought she was having marriage troubles. It doesn’t feel like she’s been down there for long, in reality it’s been a couple of months since she’s been back to Tidewater and while she knows she has to return to her home and do her wifely duties, she just can’t drag herself away from these carefree moments. Not just yet.


Alesander Mendoza - father
Irene Mendoza - mother
2 brother, their wives, and children

Quincy Warrington - husband
Norah Warrington - daughter
Dinah Warrington - daughter
Birthdate: December 31
Bad Habits: Vee mentally trails off if she has to listen to someone give a long, drawn out speech; picking at her cuticles; punching someone when they get on her bad side
Turn-Ons: Romance (candles, music, dancing); full body massages
Turn-Offs: body odor, 'bad boys' (she laughs when she sees people pretend they're as scary as the SOSMC guys); touching her belly button; feet
hair color preference: No Information
eye color preference: No Information
draft position: Against
premarriage y/n: No

Hard Limits

No Information

Player Notes

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