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The year is 2192.

The country is the United States.

The current regime, The Trust, has been in power for over one hundred years.

The Trust takes care of you from cradle to grave--they provide you with housing, education, jobs, vehicles--but, in exchange, they control everything about your life. What color car you will drive. Where you will live. And, most important of all: who you will marry and how many children you will have.

Do you fight them or favor them?



Alisha Bryant
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Confident, Alisha knows who she is and what she believes in. Instead of being bounteous, her confidence manifests in a quiet sort of resolve. She isn't necessarily a vain woman, far from, but she has a level of gravity to how she carries herself.

Warm-hearted, has a great capacity for love. Children are very important to her, and probably the main thing that makes being a live-in worth while. Despite the fact her in-laws have been good to her, letting her keep contact with her children, Alisha doesn't have the day by day interaction she craves. She puts herself into care giving, and has a soft spot for sad stories. While she isn't the type to sit down and cry with you, she will empathize, make a you a cup of tea and give comfort where able.

Dishonest, wasn't always the case, she raised as a 'good girl' but life has molded her in strange ways. She can smile, pretend it's great, and lie through her teeth. It's likely the reason she hasn't gotten herself in more trouble. She isn't proud of her lying ways, but considers it's better to lie to the world, feeling dishonesty is the tool of survival.


Standing at 5'7'' Alisha has kept a slender build since she was a wisp of a girl, all long limbs, and graceful lines. Not showing signs of having birthed three children, she isn't sure if it's a blessing or a curse. Heart shaped face, cheekbones defined, with pleasing features, there's an outer softness that underscores her inner iron resolve. She keeps her hair long, and makeup tasteful, favoring to play up her eyes with liner and mascara. Usually wears contacts, but occasionally reading glasses in the evening. She prefers flat shoes to heels, likes long flowy maxi skirts, loose fitting pants, tunics and sundresses.


Alisha Devi was born to August Webber and his first wife. An extremely difficult birth and following complications, ensured her mother did not survive. Her father was redrafted to Serena Campbell when Alisha was still young. Embraced by her step-mother, developing a close bond, she never thought of Serena as anyone but her 'mom'.

The family were practicing Hindus. This was much to the chagrin of Alisha's stepmother. Serena had found peace in religion thanks to her surrogate family, The Roths. Alisha grew up learning Hinduism, and never thought much about why her family's observances were not more common. The Trust seemed to turn a blind eye in regard to religious beliefs, even if aspects of the Hindu traditions had been watered down to better suit the controlled society over the last century.

When her sixth birthday rolled round, she was fitted with a sensor bracelet and sent off to school. There was nothing outstanding about her days at St. Martha's, she did her lessons, spent weekends and holidays with her family, and repeated the school year annually.

The most earth rocking event was the tragic death of her young cousin, Amitesh, and the following unfortunate car accident that claimed the lives of her aunt and uncle. Alisha's two young cousins, Adhira and Ankita Webber came to live under her father's roof. As an only child, Alisha had always felt close to her cousins, looking out for them when they joined her at boarding school, but they became even closer after the tragedy. Adhira and Ankita became her little sisters in heart and soul.

Progressing on to the exit exam, Alisha scored 94. She was 18 years old, when drafted to Daniel Bryant, an architect only a few years her senior. He was the sort of man that gave Alisha a false sense of security in The Trust. He was strong, with a gentle side, responsible, but not strict. He was tolerant and open toward her religion, allowing Alisha to keep up family traditions and make special dishes for holidays. For the most part, Alisha went about daily life never questioning her role or the framework of society. She and Daniel had three beautiful children, and she was happy. Trivial things like meal planning, shopping and domestic concerns consumed her time. Life was good.

Daniel died. The victim of a freak accident at a site he was reviewing for renovation. Alisha was a widow, her children were being sent to her in-laws, her home seized back by the government, she was now a sponsor. Sponsorship. She hadn't thought about it, not until it happened to her. Suddenly, the magnitude of a government forcing prostitution upon an entire population came crashing down on her. Before, it had simply been a fact of life, the reality was much harder for her to swallow.

Having been raised as a Hindu, the importance of chastity had been drilled into Alisha from childhood, her education had stressed the same value. Young women were to remain pure, saving themselves for their husbands. The sudden shift in lifestyle was staggering. During her marriage, intimacy with her husband had been something special and sanctified. Being forced to bed men and instruct in the uses of sexual pleasure drove her to self-loathing and shame. She felt filthy.

They kept telling her it got easier. It didn't. They kept telling her it was for a good cause. It wasn't. They kept telling her this was how life was. She hated it, but she hid it. Alisha learned to smile, to lie, to pretend she was content. Only her family knew the extent of Alisha's torment.

Two years later, she got her first live-in position. After servicing several men (most of which were young boys) having to fulfill the whims of one man seemed the better alternative. It wasn't until he was redrafted, and the new wife took a dislike to Alisha that her job came to an end. Not long after, Alisha got a second position with a widower living in Old Town. She stayed with the family until the youngest child started school, finding the conflict with her employer's new wife too draining. Still, getting out of the sponsorship cycle for a time had given Alisha some measure of self-respect back. She was sorry to see the job end.

The Ashpoint Incident saw the arrest and execution of so many people, it was astounding. Innocents caught up in the mess, anger fueled, why blame the Tidewater rebels for something a group in Ashpoint did? Alisha decided to seek out some of her husband's old acquaintances to offer condolences. She also chose to give up a USB drive she had kept that had belonged to him. Daniel had been a member of The Resistance, though she had not discovered this until going through some of his personal possessions before the government came to confiscate.

Alisha was under no false illusions regarding the mircochip. The so-called freedom was another farce. She was a bit surprised the male population didn't make more of a fuss, since they were under the government's tracking now.

Returning to sponsoring, Alisha kept hoping to find another live-in position. Finally, she was hired by a psychologist, Dr. Townsend. With a toddler and another child on the way, the couple were the perfect opportunity for Alisha. Sure, the situation with the Townsend's wasn't without oddities, but Alisha was getting used to keeping her mouth shut, and pretending everything was fine and dandy. Hiding her opinions, allegiances, and disgust was nothing new.


[Father] August Webber
[Mother] Devi Webber (deceased)
[Stepmother] Serena Webber (nee Campbell)

[Husband] Daniel Bryant (deceased)
[Daughter] Elina Bryant age 12
[Son] Jaypal Bryant - age 9
[Daughter] Heera Bryant - age 7

[Uncle] Andrew Webber (deceased)
[Aunt] Kavita Webber (nee Roth) (deceased)
[Cousin] Adhira Webber
[Cousin] Ankita Webber
[Cousin] Gatik (deceased)

Birthdate: August 19th
Bad Habits: Lying, Reliving the past, Living in the past, Bites her cheeks, Holds a grudge, Stubbornness, Forgets to turn off her phone, Paces when nervous, Drinks caffeinated tea at night.
Turn-Ons: Intelligence, Conversation, Strength backed by Compassion, men who remind her of her late husband.
Turn-Offs: Loose sexual encounters. Having no control over who she has sex with. Being grabbed, groped, used for pleasure. Having to fake it... The list could go on, but just assume she's not into sex right now. *Suffering sponsor burn-out.
hair color preference: No Information
eye color preference: No Information
draft position: Against
premarriage y/n: No

Hard Limits

Overly Graphic/ BDSM / Not Too Kinky -

Player Notes

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