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The year is 2192.

The country is the United States.

The current regime, The Trust, has been in power for over one hundred years.

The Trust takes care of you from cradle to grave--they provide you with housing, education, jobs, vehicles--but, in exchange, they control everything about your life. What color car you will drive. Where you will live. And, most important of all: who you will marry and how many children you will have.

Do you fight them or favor them?



Neoma Holloway
Played by  Josie  ➢ Offline
Spouse ➢ Ramsey Lochlan
Play-by ➢ Alisha Boe
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Neoma possesses a large, round face with equally round features. Her eyes are big, almond-shaped, and dark brown, framed by long lashes that make them look even bigger. She has a button nose. Her full lips are slightly down turned, leading many to accuse her of having a 'resting bitch face' when she lets herself relax. Her hair is long - it would extend nearly to her hips if straightened - and a natural mix of dark and light copper tones, perpetually wound around itself in loose curls. Her skin is a rich shade of brown which darkens in the summer months. She's short and curvy.


Neoma's parents were happy until they weren't. At least, that was how it seemed to her at the tender age of six when she started coming home to a warzone on the weekends. Previously to that, she had been living under the illusion that her parents were a perfect match for each other and no one, not even her older brother (whose opinions she trusted more than anything), contradicted that vision. Everyone was playing pretend but her, and that made it all the more jarring when the fantasy crumbled.

Her parents agreed on nothing, squabbling over even the pettiest of differences. They couldn't stand each other, couldn't be in the same room for more than fifteen minutes without raised voices and slamming doors. To a child as young as Neoma, the suddenly hostile environment was terrifying and it didn't take long before she began to dread going home on the weekends.

At school, she preferred to bury her head in books and get lost in her studies, anything to escape from the reality of her turbulent family life. Books became her solace at home as well; it wasn't uncommon for her to hole up in her room with a pair of her brother's old, worn headphones and a tablet loaded full of all her favorites. As she grew older, her interests began to expand and she read about things that went beyond what was on the curriculum at boarding school. Neoma became fond of astronomy in particular, whining at her brother to download new publications for her to read until she figured out how to do it on her own. Eventually, she longed to look at the stars and planets for herself. Though she begged her parents for a telescope constantly, they both refused to purchase her one, even for her birthday. To her mother it was unladylike, to her father it was a useless expenditure. It was the only thing Neoma could remember them agreeing on before her mother's death.

When Neoma was fourteen, she was pulled out of school during the week for an unnamed family emergency. When she got home, she was informed that her mother had been in a car accident and had died en route to the hospital. Neoma didn't cry, not then anyway, just gave her father a stiff nod and retreated to her room to read. It didn't feel real, not until after the funeral. Her father was ... distracted. Busying himself with a potent mix of overwork and syn, he left the care and raising of his daughter to his son. AJ's first move as a stand in father was to buy her the telescope she'd always wanted. He didn't know how to comfort her, exactly, but he could do that. On the first night she used it, it finally set in that her mother wasn't coming back. With her head turned up to the sky and her eyes - blurry with tears as they were - trained on the stars, she began to mourn.

Neoma was back in school soon enough, with yet another burden on her shoulders she was desperate to avoid thinking about. She shied away from the pitying looks and condolences of her peers, waving them off with protests of how 'fine' she was. Academically, she did better than ever.

A little under a year after her mother's death, her father was redrafted. Neoma didn't think much of her stepmother as a person and she thought *about* her even less until summer vacation, when the woman was unavoidable. Bethany was nice. The house was quiet with her in it. That, Neoma supposed, counted for something.

Not long after marrying Neoma's father, Bethany discovered she was pregnant. Neoma couldn't honestly say she was thrilled about being an older sibling, but she could write excited sounding responses to her stepmother's updates on shopping for baby clothes ("Wow, that's so cute!!!!!") and the progress of her rapidly growing abdomen ("Omg you're getting so big!! make sure to send me alllll the pics!!!"). Coraline was born while she was at school, thank Christ, and she only had to deal with the baby in short bursts for a while. Then, there was Marcus and Horatio after him.

They would've moved to Old Town, but Apollo finally got his draft letter and got his own shiny, "new" house. After that, Neoma spent most of her weekends there. His wife was an older girl she'd known in school and been sort-of friends with. Their maybe friendship grew deeper with time, until they were closer than sisters. They were each other's confidant, most trusted companion, shoulder to cry on - everything.

When Neoma finally entered her last year of school, got her draft packet, and started taking sex-ed, her brother's wife - her best friend - was the person she went to with all the questions she felt she couldn't ask her teacher. As Neoma asked more risque questions, and was given more detailed answers in turn, the atmosphere surrounding them while they were alone took on a strange sort of tension. The feeling grew until, one day, it snapped and Neoma's best friend (it was less important that she was her brother's wife now) was pushing her into the couch they'd been sitting on and pressing heated kisses to her lips.

Afterwards, when they broke apart, there was guilt and shame and a visceral *want* Neoma knew should be reserved for her future husband. They didn't see each other for a while after that.

Yet, despite the warning bells going off in her head, Neoma couldn't stay away. In time, she returned to her brother's house and her reasons had nothing at all to do with him. She always wanted more from her not-quite-girlfriend, but that vein eventually went dry. They couldn't do more until she got married, she was told. Maybe it'd been meant as a halfhearted deterrent, but Neoma only saw it as more incentive to do well on her exams.

The exit exams, for her, were easy. She scored a 98, guaranteeing she would be drafted within the year.

As far as she was concerned, her husband-to-be was a means to an end, a stepping stone to a more desirable, illicit prize. Ramsey, however, became more than that. On the surface, he was the perfect husband, and Neoma fell for his facade. She didn't realize how obsessive and possessive the love he claimed to have for her was until months later. They'd found out she was pregnant and she didn't take it well, scared of being a mother so young. She pulled away from him and he reacted poorly, to say the least. He'd been married before and, out of fear that she would go looking for an affair like his previous wife, Ramsey engineered an accident in the hopes that she would see how much she needed him. He tampered with her car's breaks and waited.

One day, when her brother was over to spend some time with her, they decided to go out for lunch in her car. As planned, the brakes failed, but the resulting crash killed Neoma's brother and caused her to miscarry, among other injuries. While she was in the hospital, the police investigated the cause of the crash and, in time, Ramsey was arrested. He was executed and Neoma moved back home.

In the year since, she and her former sister in law leaned heavily on each other, properly kindling a relationship. She doesn't feel ready to be married again, nor does she want to be, but she's had a new packet for some time now and her draft date is looming over her.


Apollo Holloway - father
Lauren Holloway - mother - deceased
-Apollo Holloway Jr. - older brother - deceased

Bethany Holloway - stepmother
-Coraline Holloway - half-sister
-Marcus Holloway - half-brother
-Horatio Holloway - half-brother

Ramsey Lochlan - 1st husband - deceased
Birthdate: July 1, 2174
Bad Habits: Chewing nails, talking to herself/talking out loud, fidgeting when nervous
Turn-Ons: Gentleness, kindness, someone who listens to her, femininity
Turn-Offs: Aggression, violence, yelling, large age differences, being mocked for her interests
hair color preference: No Information
eye color preference: No Information
draft position: Neutral
premarriage y/n: No

Hard Limits

Conditional, talk to me about it!

Player Notes

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