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The year is 2192.

The country is the United States.

The current regime, The Trust, has been in power for over one hundred years.

The Trust takes care of you from cradle to grave--they provide you with housing, education, jobs, vehicles--but, in exchange, they control everything about your life. What color car you will drive. Where you will live. And, most important of all: who you will marry and how many children you will have.

Do you fight them or favor them?



Cyrus Stone
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Play-by ➢ Sebastian Stan
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41 Executioner Dark Brown Blue


Control is everything to Cyrus. Control of himself, control of others, control of his environment -- he needs to have a hand in it all.

Extremely and sometimes violently misogynistic. His wife is meant to be subservient and should cater to his every whim. He's obsessed with having a picture perfect family, with a mindless Trust-bot wife and endlessly obedient children. Women who can't have children are worthless to him. Genuinely believes women do not have the intellectual capacity to be more than incubators or homemakers.

Cool facade hides deeply seated anger and resentment at life for not giving him what he feels he deserves yet. Execution is his outlet for this and when that's not enough, he directs his anger at his wives, berating and belittling them for the smallest offense. The one time he truly let himself go, he brutally murdered a man. It's safe to say he's a dangerous man, not to be toyed with without consideration for the consequences.

Gets a rush from executing people, especially people who have been unfaithful or committed acts of treason. He likes being in a position where he can kill others with impunity. Playing God like this is one of the most fulfilling parts of his life and he would be loathe to give it up.

Lacks empathy for others, seeing them as little more than means to be used for his ends. He is highly manipulative and knows how to fake emotions of care and concern well enough to mask how deeply his darkness goes.

Has a superiority complex, rarely considers other people to be his equals in any capacity.


On the pretty side in his youth, Cyrus now looks a bit hardened. Standing at 6'3", he's quite tall and has some muscle to him. His style - all black and always very formal - betrays his severity. Smiles are rare from him and he radiates a coldness that makes him somewhat unapproachable.


[Depictions of violence, death, suicide]

In many ways, Cyrus is a product of his environment, simply acting in the way he was taught to. As his parents' first son, he bore their expectations of greatness, though they manifested in different ways. His mother wanted a sweet, kind boy who would offer her a much needed reprieve from the dysfunction her husband subjected her to. His father wanted a boy just like him - strong, hard, ambitious, and aware of his place in the world relative to others. In the beginning, Cyrus was very much his mother's son, a fact which sparked a deep anger within his father.

Another child, a boy, came along two years after him. Where some other fathers would have seen the opportunity to correct their earlier mistakes, Jack Stone only saw another failure in the making, one that would not be rectified until his oldest son was on the path to be the right kind of man.

Jack's first order of business was to sever the strong bond Cyrus had with his mother. He drilled it into him that women were not men's intellectual equals and could not be trusted to do anything outside of what they were taught in school. They were not to be confidants or loving partners, but rather carers of the home and bearers of children. It was not his mother's job to do anything aside from making sure he stayed alive and by clinging to her side, Cyrus was setting himself up for failure. Beyond that, only certain men were deserving of respect. Men who let their families run wild doing whatever they pleased were detestable. Men placed in careers with feminine leanings were likely homosexuals who should be avoided lest their deviance affect him negatively. Men who doubted the rulings of the Trust were weak. And on and on it went.

Jack Stone never laid a hand on his children, but he left them all with severe psychological scars as result of his brainwashing that dictated the course of their lives. In Cyrus' case, a once expressive, empathetic boy, became someone who believed emotions were his enemy. He cut himself off from everything - happiness, sadness, anger - and became obsessed with the ideals of dignity and control as his father pushed them. His mother watched in despair as her son became his father.

In school, Cyrus didn't have many friends. He wasn't approachable and he was stiff when conversation was initiated with him. To his peers, he wasn't fun or interesting, not even worthy of being teased. Though Cyrus had come to believe he was acting in the "right" way, he still resented being ignored. His father had told him that people would be attracted to an upright man. He should have them eating out of the palm of his hand. Why weren't they?

His grades were excellent, his teachers never had any complaints, and it was expected that he would be placed in a respectable field once it was time for the placement exam. He had plenty of accomplishments to be proud of. Yet, bitterness over not getting the attention he deserved for it remained. It festered in the back of his mind, twisting him up more and more the longer it remained.

When it came time for sponsorship, Cyrus was presented with a challenge. Sponsors were women who didn't answer to any one man, controlled only by the law of the land. They weren't completely free - no one was - but they were close. They inherently repulsed Cyrus, but part of him was envious, too. The conflicting mixture of feelings led to an inability to perform in the bedroom. None of the sponsors mocked him for it, but he wasn't placated by their gentle assurances. In fact, it only served to make him angrier. Those women were patronizing him, laughing behind his back. He hated them. He was relieved when his year was up and was not interested in returning afterwards.

Before he was done with his sponsorship, the career placement exam led him to a position with the Department of Justice, specifically Corrections. He was to be an executioner. It wasn't a part of the political sphere that he'd been aiming for, but for someone like him, the job had its own rewards.

His first draft didn't come until he was twenty four and it lasted seven long, unhappy years. Yolanda had also come from a family like Cyrus', but it had turned her into a woman who wouldn't take any shit from anyone and was far from the demure, obedient woman the draft promised him. They fought constantly and the stress of that was only magnified by his father berating him at every turn for not having a stronger grip on her. Their tumultuous relationship ended when Yolanda died of sepsis, the cause of which was later determined to be a botched abortion. They'd never slept together. She'd been cheating on him. The violent anger he'd held back started to rear its head, but Cyrus fought it for control and won. He wouldn't make the same mistakes with the next one.

From the moment he married Jesse Sandford three years later, Cyrus made sure she knew what was expected of her. There would be no room for flexibility, for her to exert her own will. There was an order to things and he would make sure it was kept. Jesse did well under his scrutiny, so much so that he built up a certain kind of affection for her. Finally, he had what he wanted. That time spent adjacent to happiness was brief, ending abruptly when he discovered that she too was having an affair. He caught them in the act when he came home earlier than normal one evening and he recognized the man, someone he'd known while in school.

A strange calm settled over him as he watched them scramble to separate. He felt like he was outside of his body, just observing while chaos reigned around him. His married life had been a lie. He'd never been in control.

Cyrus let the man leave without incident and said nothing of what had happened in the days following. They went about their lives as normal, with him still in a haze that kept his mind separated from his body. Jesse walked on eggshells, not sure when the other shoe would fall. She wasn't even there when it did. Everything snapped back into place when he saw the other man again on a back road late one night. Cyrus had been driving aimlessly, distracted, and by pure coincidence came across the man while he was taking a jog to burn off the nervous energy he'd been harboring since his affair had been discovered. It was then that he knew what had to be done. He pulled up a ways ahead of the man and got out of his car, moving to wait in the creeping darkness along the side of the road. When the man came into view and slowed down, curious about the seemingly abandoned car, Cyrus rushed in, cracking him over the head with the tire iron he kept in the trunk just in case. Once the first hit landed, all the rage he'd ever felt emerged and he kept hitting him, over and over, heedless of the choked pleas and the blood staining his immaculate clothing. He didn't stop even when the man's body went limp and cold. His arms ached and burned, and still he didn't stop. When Cyrus was finished, the man was unrecognizable. His feelings were in check again. He was in control.

Where the murder had been impulsive, the disposal of the body was calculated and methodical. He had decided he would not be punished for this, that he would feel no remorse for doing his job. He was an executioner, the man was an adulterer. There was an order to things. The body was stripped and carefully dumped. It would not be discovered until over a year later. By then, Cyrus was a widow again. When her lover was first reported missing, she'd been terrified, suspecting things she would never give voice to. She had no proof, but she knew Cyrus had done /something/. Then, one morning, when her lover's disappearance was running on the news he looked at her said this:

"You are my wife and I am the only one who gets to decide what happens to you."

She was found dead days later, wrists cut in the bath. Cyrus took it as a final act of defiance, but she was beyond his reach. The next one, she would be the right one.

Lynette was already dying when Cyrus was drafted to her, though neither of them knew it until months later. She had a terminal illness, incurable, and spent the last year of their marriage wasting away. Cyrus had no sympathy for her - her condition kept her from being a proper wife. If she could not do the one thing she was meant to, whatever the reason, she was useless. He was glad to be rid of her. Since then, he's been waiting impatiently for another draft letter. His life won't be complete without the perfect family and he will do anything to have one.


Jack Stone - father - 72 - b. 2120
Alia Stone - mother - 63 - b. 2129

Redfield Stone - brother - 39 - b. 2153
Marissa Stone - sister - 34 - b. 2158

Yolanda Lawrence - 1st wife - d. 2182 [m. 2175 - 2182]
Jesse Sanford - 2nd wife - d. 2187 [m. 2183 - 2187]
Lynette Jones - 3rd wife - d. 2190 [m. 2188 - 2190]
Birthdate: March 19th, 2151
Bad Habits: repressing anger until it explodes out of him, looking down on others, superiority/god complex
Turn-Ons: dubious consent, struggle (fake or real), domination, humiliating his partner, forced submission, submissiveness, rough sex, somnophilia, power imbalance, crying, breeding/pregnancy, bruising, leaving marks, gags, he always wants a good lay after an execution
Turn-Offs: being challenged, people who do not know their place, being ignored, whining, regarding sex: he can almost never reach completion without exerting his will over his partner - it has become essential for him to find release
hair color preference: None
eye color preference: Brown
draft position: For
premarriage y/n: No

Hard Limits

None with Cyrus

Player Notes

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