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The year is 2192.

The country is the United States.

The current regime, The Trust, has been in power for over one hundred years.

The Trust takes care of you from cradle to grave--they provide you with housing, education, jobs, vehicles--but, in exchange, they control everything about your life. What color car you will drive. Where you will live. And, most important of all: who you will marry and how many children you will have.

Do you fight them or favor them?



Valencia Mullaney
Played by  Amare  ➢ Offline
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Play-by ➢ Naomi Scott
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17 V3 Black Brown


Conscientious, has a sense of wanting to do what's right. She thinks things through carefully, sometimes too deeply for her own good. Rather than obsessing or letting anxiety get her down, she takes a no nonsense approach to problem solving. For Valencia, things are clear cut, right and wrong. While it might take her awhile to mentally sort it out, she is pretty well able to reach conclusions on where she stands. She seeks out advice when she feels uncertain, and bounces back quickly from low points.

Agreeable, she doesn't seek out confrontation or try to rile up. That's not to say Valencia is a perfect angel, no indeed. She can be baited, and loses her temper the same as anyone. Growing up in a big household has just gifted her with a longer fuse than some teenagers might be graced with. Her main issue is with arguing, she feels it's stupid and doesn't solve anything. She rather sit down and talk things out rationally than let emotions fly. This opinion is strong enough that she will actually yell 'time out' into the fray or storm off completely if things get out of hand.

Sympathetic, and a little naive, she has a great capacity for love. Valencia sees family as the single most important thing in her world. She's very loyal, and wants to see her father and siblings happy, which seems to be a little bit of a challenge given the constant shifts they've lived through. She feels things deeply, even if she can assume an outer sense of 'easy breezy'. Hidden insecurities and fearing for the future are issues she struggles with, given all the sorrows her family has endured, she has good reason to carry heavy thoughts, behind her smile.


Standing at 5'5'' Valencia is slim in build and proportionate for her age. Naturally wavy hair, she can grow out her mane or chop it short, either seems to suit her face shape, or so her teachers have remarked. There's an earthiness to her overall appearance, as she prefers natural toned makeup to bolder looks. On rare occasion, she might try a deeper shade of lipstick for formal wear. Her complexion is clear and soft, taking good care of her skin, one of those lucky ones who had only mild breakouts in her adolescence. She has an oval face, a small beauty mark mole above the left side of her mouth, and deep set warm brown eyes.
If asked, she will say her smile is her best feature.


Born the youngest of Wyatt and Anna's three children, Valencia was only a year old when her mother died, barely old enough to toddle much less understand the concept of why 'mommy' wasn't there anymore. Having no memories of Anna, was likely easier on her, than her siblings when stepmom Michelle joined the family two years later. Michelle was the only mother Valencia knew, the adoption Vance and Vanessa solidifying the family.

For a time there was stability, then a period of transitioning when Valencia turned 6 years old. She was fitted with her sensor bracelet, packed off to Portcrest to join her older sister Valerie. Valencia was a shy and quiet child that had to be coaxed into joining group activities, and seemed to be content to play 'teacher's helper' instead of rushing off to play. Beyond some early reading difficulties, she didn't seem to have any trouble doing her lessons or following rules.

The return of her stepmom's cancer was a rough blow. Her illness brought strain, worry and upon losing Michelle, the household fell into sorrow. Valencia had to be reassured that 'daddy' wasn't going anywhere, as the concept of death left her scared. She adapted to therapy, and learned to talk about her problems, fears and issues. In a childlike way, she came to accept that bad things happened, but shutting off from others wasn't the way to deal with it. As result, Valencia opened up considerably from being a quiet child, finding release from her fears in voicing them.

Wyatt was redrafted when Valcenia was 7 years old to Elizabeth, a woman who would endear herself to the family in ways they hadn't imagined. Elizabeth became a steadying force in the Mullaney household, providing the children with a motherly presence, adding sisters, Veronica and Vesta to the brood. Like her siblings, Valencia was won over by her new stepmom, and depended on her to comfort the upheaval in the wake of the Ashpoint bombing and eventual relocation to Tidewater. With her father busy picking up the pieces of the family pub, it was up to Elizabeth to rally the kids and sort out the move.

Valencia and her sisters of school age were transferred to St. Martha's. While it was daunting to settle into a new town, Valencia did her best to help out with unpacking into the family's new residence in Old Town on the weekends. At St. Martha's Valencia reunited with some of her former classmates, and made new friends, including Thisbe Roi, the daughter of the well known film director.

Valencia was excited when her baby sister Victoria was born, no one in the family had expected that six weeks later tragedy would strike the Mullaney clan once again. The routine sterilization progress went terribly wrong, her stepmom Elizabeth never came home from the hospital. Valencia was struck hard by Elizabeth's death, trying to put on a brave face, but she was inwardly crushed by the magnitude of the family's loss. Back in therapy, she went to her sessions regularly, and started taking up new hobbies for stress relief.

Day by day, the absence of Elizabeth was obvious in more than simple ways. The family was incomplete. When her father hired a live-in named Iris Westcott, Valcenia wasn't sure what to make of her at first. Once she elected to give Iris a chance, Valcenia saw how well the young woman fit within the family scope. Privately, Valcenia began to question if the drafting process was fair. Her father and Iris seemed to make a good team, and that small measure of security would be shattered once Victoria turned 6 years old. It wasn't fair. So much in life wasn't fair. Happiness came with an expiration date.

Learning her father had been redrafted to Phryne Fletcher a girl only a couple of years older than herself, Valencia was skeptical at best. She has decided to try and befriend her stepmom, and avoid thinking of her as a stepmom at the same time. Phryne is part of the family, Valencia has decided that much... Just the exact role is what confuses her.

With her exit exam looming in the not so distant future, Valencia is wrestling with her family's history of ill luck and grief. What sort of future will her own eventual draft bring? Sure, she'd like a husband and a couple of kids but is she really promised that? It would seem not. Should she follow through with her studying, or try to flunk on purpose in hopes of prolonging her marriage? She isn't sure at this point, and just trying to figure out how to navigate the ever changing ruckus of the Mullaney family.


[Father] Wyatt Mullaney

[Older sister] Valerie Mullaney
[Older brother] Victor Mullaney

[Adopted Siblings]
[Brother] Vance Mullaney
[Sister] Vanessa Mullaney

[Sister] Veronica Mullaney
[Sister] Vesta Mullaney
[Baby Sister] Victoria Mullaney
Birthdate: March 25th
Bad Habits: Tries to play 'peacemaker'. Says she's 'fine' when she isn't. Stays on her phone. Stays up too late on weekends. Chews pencils. Twists her hair around her fingers. Uses too much sugar in baking. Drinks too much caffeine. Rolls her eyes.
Turn-Ons: Responsible types, warm, hard-working ( Her dad has set a high bar, sorry fellas)
Turn-Offs:  Immaturity, lazy, rude (she's still figuring it out)
hair color preference: No Information
eye color preference: No Information
draft position: Neutral
premarriage y/n: No

Hard Limits

Overly Graphic/ BDSM / Not Too Kinky - Sex scenes are fine , also good with fade to black, depending on partner

Player Notes

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