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The year is 2192.

The country is the United States.

The current regime, The Trust, has been in power for over one hundred years.

The Trust takes care of you from cradle to grave--they provide you with housing, education, jobs, vehicles--but, in exchange, they control everything about your life. What color car you will drive. Where you will live. And, most important of all: who you will marry and how many children you will have.

Do you fight them or favor them?



Matreya Acidalia
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Matrey is a realist. She recognizes the world and the people in it for what they are. Her circumstances have made her independent, practical minded, and strong. She empathises instinctively and understands that all behavior is context based- motivation changes how each person reacts, including herself. She makes friends easily and takes on the mantle of peace keeper when negotiations are needed, but she can just as quickly pick up the gauntlet of the protective warrior.

She is itinerant, always in motion. A disastrous mess, but it is an organized chaos. She can be a tad melodramatic, tossing out hyperbolic phrases whenever possible. She will use four letter words and four syllable words in the same sentence.

Though it is difficult to wound her ego, Matreya does not forgive readily when her feelings are hurt. She holds a grudge that is only made worse because she blames herself for allowing her emotional side to show in the first place. She is intelligent, a closeted nerd, because it is simpler to hide a smart woman than to be one.


Matrey is short, easily overlooked by people caught up in their own line of sight. Her skin is spotted with dark chocolate freckles, marshmallowed over her hazelnut complexion. They match the hue of her eyes. Her brow is full, just like her curves. She minds her weight only in that she thinks losing it would emaciate her assets. She doesn’t want to be a sickly beanpole.

No matter how many times her teachers tell her about the magic of foundation, Matreya still refuses to wear it. She is proud of her freckles and the natural look of her skin. She wears very little makeup on the average day, sticking to a natural pallet. Her hair spirals with just a bit of work so she keeps it cut short to minimize the time she has to spend on it.


For her sixteenth birthday, Matreya was gifted an ancestry DNA kit- the kind you spit into at home and ship off to a lab for them to analyze and mail back a neatly printed, colorful packet adeptly outlining your genetic heritage. It was a thoughtful gift that she thanked the giver for and, once the appropriate amount of time had passed, regifted without a second thought.

Matreya already knows everything she needs to about her heritage.

Minenhle and Morgan Mercer were rebels. They fought the natural order of things and endangered the safety of those around them. Even after they were blessed with three beautiful baby girls- triplets- they continued to fight. They continued to break the law. They continued to put their ideals first, before their family. Before their daughters. Matreya might have forgiven them for any other slight, or understood if she had been old enough to know their cause, but she was hardly older than one year when her parents were caught and executed.

The triplets had no one else. No other biological relatives, and so it fell onto Morgan’s truest friend to care for the orphaned children. The eldest and the youngest sister, Morriagan and Macha, were adopted by Carson and Marian Acidalia. They had one child together already and could not legally take in the triplets as a whole, but Matreya’s earliest memories are still of the generous Acidalias.

Matreya, the middle child, suffered undiagnosed seizures and it was deemed best for her to be raised in a government facility until she outgrew them. The Acidalias were frequent visitors, ensuring that the bonds between the triplets grew strong and that Matreya became an unofficial member of the family. Even as a small child, Matreya could sense that she was different. That she was abnormal, and not just because her sisters were not legally her sisters and her surrogate family was not legally her family.

The seizures did not dissipate as she neared the age of five. The doctors at the care center, still hoping they would stop with time, released her to an orphanage and began a course of management through medication. Matreya was quickly adopted by Clark and Genemette Acadia. As if by design, they were neighbors to the Acidalias and Matreya was positioned parallel to the only family she had ever known.

The Acadias were decent parents to her. Clark had always wanted a daughter, losing his own biological sister when she was just a baby and he a young man. Genemette was infertile, a condition she knew about for most of her life. She had resolved herself to be childless and made peace with it before her draft. Matreya’s adoption was mostly Clark’s doing, although Genemette tried to invest in her unwanted daughter. It was irrelevant to Matreya who was always running across the yard and stealing into the Acidalia’s home when Clark was away.

The years passed quickly. Matreya bloomed into an adventurous child, determined not to be held back by her seizures. The prevalence of them did decreased as she aged. She grew protective of her sisters, self assertion and self awareness sprouting together. As she began to understand her own circumstances, the fact that her parents had not abandoned the rebels for their children and that she was legally separated from her siblings, Matreya developed a greater realistic sense of the world than a child should have. She was never one for fairy tales and fantasies.

At the age of six, Matreya was fitted for a bracelet alongside Morriagan and Macha and the three began boarding school. Matreya loved it instantly because it allowed her to share more of her time with her sisters. They were inseparable, moulding friendships of their own and exploring their individual interests together. If Macha wanted to try something new, Morriagan and Matreya were there to support her and lend a hand regardless of their own desire to do it. They were careful to include each other in all things, to fight to keep their bone, because that was what they had always had to do. It remained that way until their school teachers began to worry it would stunt their development and divided them into separate classes as best they could.

It would not matter in the long run of things. Together or not, they would still be sisters.

Shortly after Matreya’s ninth birthday, Clark Acadia suffered a heart attack and died. Genemette was shuflled in the system and relocated, returning Matreya to the orphanage. If the teachers at the boarding school had not been trying so hard to separate her from Morriagan and Macha, Matreya would not have minded the sudden loss of their close homes but they were already struggling to find time with one another.

Two years later, she was adopted by Martin Harold and Rita Ryker. Matreya was ill suited for them from the start, recognizing quickly that Rita wanted an older daughter to help around the house on the weekends- which meant constant trips to another neighborhood to visit the Acidalias was out of the question. Matreya became a hellion, defiant and assertive until it was discovered that Rita was pregnant with her third child. Matreya was promptly rescinded to the orphanage.

The years that followed were the most normal years of Matreya’s life, and some of her favorites. The faculty chilled as the triplets differing personalities began to show and allowed them their shared time. Matreya’s caretakers at the orphanage were perfectly happy to allow her to galavant off to the Acidalia’s on the weekends where she found open and accepting arms waiting. She was gifted a seizure dog my her surrogate family, easing her anxieties about the unpredictability of her condition.

And Matreya began to take shape. She had a natural strength to her, and a drive to keep the peace. Common sense was her go-to weapon, but she was book smart beneath her sweet exterior. She was quick on her feet and good with her hands when she wasn’t asked to be artistic. And spunky enough to handle her own battles.

On her sixteenth birthday, Matreya transitioned from her censor bracelet to the microchip. She accepted the chip as the new way of life, a new free feeling coming with it. She didn’t feel marked anymore. Like a dog shaking loose from his collar. Carson Acidalia surprised her too and officially adopted her into the Acidalia family, a dream that Matreya had not allowed herself to have.

She has been eternally grateful since, expecting no other fairy tale to come her way. In reality, no one gets two happily ever afters.


------------THE ACIDALIAS------------

Father: Carson Acidalia

Siblings: Helen, Troy, Nova, Bran Lee, Branwen, Dylan, Daphne, Morriagan (triplet), Macha (triplet), Agnus

Service Dog: Ward

------------THE OTHERS------------

Biological Parents: Minenhle and Morgan Mercer, executed

Biological Siblings (Triplets): Morriagan, Macha

First Adoptive Family: Clark (deceased) and Genemette Acadia

Second Adoptive Family: Martin Harold and Rita Ryker; the Rykers returned Matreya to the orphanage shortly after her adoption.
Birthdate: January 1st
Bad Habits: Rolling her eyes. Being melodramatic. Tuning out anything peripheral when she
Turn-Ons: Definitely not sex-ed class.
Turn-Offs: Having to answer this question.
hair color preference: No Information
eye color preference: No Information
draft position: For
premarriage y/n: Yes, and I'm posting a want ad for them.

Hard Limits

I have yet to find anything that I am utterly unwilling to write with the right partner.

Player Notes

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