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The year is 2192.

The country is the United States.

The current regime, The Trust, has been in power for over one hundred years.

The Trust takes care of you from cradle to grave--they provide you with housing, education, jobs, vehicles--but, in exchange, they control everything about your life. What color car you will drive. Where you will live. And, most important of all: who you will marry and how many children you will have.

Do you fight them or favor them?



Augustine Best
Played by  Momo  ➢ Offline
Spouse ➢ Magdalena Krebsbach
Play-by ➢ Chadwick Boseman
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38 Warden for the Correction Centre Black Dark Brown


The first word that will likely come to anyone's mind when describing Augustine is a leader. However, one must consider such a description. What makes up a leader, particularly the BEST leader? After all, what makes up a good leader can be considered subjective.

Undoubtedly, Augustine is an individual of seemingly unshakable confidence. He walks through life assured in every decision he makes. If there is ever a moment's hesitation it is well hidden, as many matters of his heart are. Outwardly, he is strong, untouchable, the very image of what others should be.

Similarly, he expects others to be like him. His standards are high, perhaps painfully so. What others would proclaim judgemental, he would describe as merely high standards. Augustine is, in many respects, a perfectionist in all respects. He expects only the best in life, whether one is speaking about their appearance or the manner in which things flow. Order is always key. A world without it is distasteful.

Yet, for all his controlling traits, Augustine is still a good man. He holds himself to the same standards that he holds others to. Just as he expects others to be capable of what he is, he would never expect others to be capable of what he is not. In many respects, he keeps to a mentality that those around him are his equals and that no one should be higher or lower than him. Instead, they should eat from the same table as him. whether fortunately or not, this mindset tends to create a create intolerance for hypocrisy in others within him. The quickest way to stir distaste or anger within him is for him to realize that either his expectations have been failed or that you have been lying to him.

Unfortunately, Augustine's upbringing has had some negative results. As the eldest, Augustine was expected to not only be the best, but the best of the best. In an attempt to not only emulate but become greater than his father, he has become what most would consider quite uptight. Fairly prude-ish and controlling, he tends to keep some of his more less Trust friendly inclinations under lock and key. For instance, he tends to deny his inclinations towards men so blatantly that he has arguably managed to form internalized homophobia.


Augustine stands at 6'0" even, giving him a respectable height for an adult male. He is moderately built, as his figure is far more easily described as a swimmer's build than anything more defined. His features are lean and clean.

As one might expect for a man of his race, Augustine's hair is dark and relatively short. He is careful to always keep it neat; however, he prefers having it grown out a bit than closely cut. More often than not he has his facial hair grown out. However, due to a dislike of messiness he tends to keep it neatly trimmed and styled. His eyes are a dark brown; however, his expression is unexpectedly often shifted into a smile.

At its most basic, his sense of style can be described as neat and formal. Augustine is an organized individual and it shows even when he is at his most casual. While he might not be the sort to always dress in suits, he is also someone that you would never call unfashionable or sloppy.


Once, there was a boy named John. Nobody quite remembers John. John had two parents who were fine with living a lie. From the lie was born chaos. The details of the lie are blurry and every time Augustine attempts to recall them they change. All he knows is that before he was sent to the orphanage his parents had little reason to get along and instead of attempting to recognize this and create a situation that would work they ignored the problem until his father was caught in an affair. From there, the details were simple. His father had no family to take him in, so it was to the orphanage with him.

From a young age, he decided that he wanted nothing but order. Everything had to be perfect, lest stress and irritation take over. While it gathered him few friends, it was the sort of mentality that pushed him to do quite well in all aspects of life. His grades were high, his demeanor calm, and his future seeming to be set for someplace beneficial.

Perhaps he had only two failings.

John was placed in the orphanage at a relatively young age, as his fragile life had been broken while he was little more than a toddler. Ideally, he should have been adopted quite quickly. After all, it is always the youngest of orphans that appeal to couples, no doubt enjoying the illusion of raising a child who was practically their own in everything but blood. However, life is rarely ideal. As he grew older, he wonders if people saw his flaws, the ones that he carefully hides from even his family. In reality, chances are that there were simply other children that appealed to those that passed by and his luck was not firm.

It was at the age of seven that things changed for John. He had started to become his own person. Having entered school, he stood at the top of is class- something which never quite changed with time- and worked with a notable single-mindedness to achieve order and discipline. In comparison to other children, he stood out as kind and disciplined.

Perhaps the only people who thought a bit differently were the Bests. Devereux Best and his first wife had been having trouble conceiving, leading them to adoption. However, the patriarch of the Best family was of a similar mindset as John, completely pragmatic when it came to the world. He did not wish to take a chance with a child when he could adopt a child who was old enough to determine personality and potential.

One might say that it was only natural that Devereux's gaze went to John. After all, the first child would undoubtedly need to be a son and not just any son. Devereux would only settle for the best and the first of his many children should theoretically be the best of them all, a child to lead and guide. Perhaps John was the only natural choice since he reminded the man quite a bit of himself.

The couple adopted him, changing his name to Augustine and his former first name becoming a middle name that was practically forgotten in the long run. From there, Augustine only flourished. Under the Bests, he slowly changed, becoming far more ambitious and just like his father he began to lead as his family slowly began to grow.

Many would argue that he began to shape into a man quite similar to Devereux. After all, his talents clearly lay within a similar field as the man, his highest scores in school and interests lying within the sciences, particularly the mind. However, these changes were not entirely for the good. Living with the Bests meant living with a great deal of pressure and it had been clear to Augustine from day one that there were simply some faults that he could not allow to be out in the open.

Slowly, he became a more closed off individual. Flaws became hidden. While he did not often hold most to achieve what he was incapable, he slowly found himself becoming painfully conservative in nature and suffering from internalized homophobia as he began to realize that he was not exclusively attracted to women. He attempted to ignore the way his gaze occasionally lingered upon other men, refusing to acknowledge the attraction. As far as he was concerned, it was a flaw and if he could not control it as he did every other one then he was a hypocrite.

In the process of trying to control a supposed flaw, he managed to become a prude instead. It became quite easy to be uncomfortable with others, both in terms of attraction and not. It did not become easier with his Sponsorship, something which he found little taste in attending outside of what was required. It was too emotionally stunted and distant, reminding him of sex without strings attached but simply by another name. Handing oneself over so thoughtlessly felt wrong even to him.

Amusingly enough, he found himself testing into psychology to work in Corrections. Going into college, he began studying in the field so that he could work in Corrections. From there, it was a matter of working up the ladder. As he did so, he soon received his first draft. His late wife was a nice enough woman, but their marriage could only be described as complicated. Augustine had always been a man of incredibly high standards, ones that were hard to argue against as he seemed to make sure he lived up to what he held others to. As a result, Clara could not help but find him stifling while he often found fault with her. There was little love to be had between the two- hardly a fault; after all, love was not always expected- and it was not uncommon for her to grow short with him.

Yet, within their marriage he grew. Slowly but surely, Augustine began to climb through the ranks, determined to climb his way to the top. It was with a sense of pride that he managed to become the Warden of the Correction Centre. It was a particularly ominous title for a fairly tedious job, but one that undoubtedly suite him quite well.

After years of failing to have children- though whether that was because of medical problems or bedroom ones Augustine will never admit- the two eventually adopted a son and daughter. Ever the pragmatist, Augustine chose to adopt older children.

Unfortunately, it was only a short few years later that Clara managed to pass away due to an accident during a morning run. It was a far longer marriage than he had expected. Now back in the draft pool, he can hardly say what he can expect.


Devereux Best - Adopted Father

Eldest Sister
Clementine Best
Marcheline Best
Theodore Best
Chloe Best
Littlest Brother
Marguerite Best

Clara Best nee Zolnerowich - previous wife, dead
Jerome Best - son, alive [17]
Margaretha Best - daughter, alive [16]
Birthdate: 05/01
Bad Habits: Controlling, Germaphobe, Prude-ish
Turn-Ons: Kissing, Affection, Romance, Vanilla Sex, Subtlety is Sexy, Slight Inclinations Towards Men
Turn-Offs: Hypocrisy, Uncleanliness, Dirt Under Fingernails, Immodesty, Doesnt Particularly like the Messier/Nastier Parts of Sex, Large Age Gaps (both younger and older)
hair color preference: No preference
eye color preference: No preference
draft position: For
premarriage y/n: No

Hard Limits


Player Notes

TIMEZONE: Mountain
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