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The year is 2192.

The country is the United States.

The current regime, The Trust, has been in power for over one hundred years.

The Trust takes care of you from cradle to grave--they provide you with housing, education, jobs, vehicles--but, in exchange, they control everything about your life. What color car you will drive. Where you will live. And, most important of all: who you will marry and how many children you will have.

Do you fight them or favor them?



Cassandra Walsh
Played by  AraLee  ➢ Offline
Spouse ➢ Donovan Walsh
Play-by ➢ Emily Rudd
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18 No Information Dark Brown Blue


Cassandra is usually rather quiet and shy, unless she is given something to talk about with someone that interests her. She isn't the most confident girl around and tends to stutter and stammer when at the center of attention. Because she is shy and so unsure of herself she finds it hard to make friends. Though she is kind to everyone she meets that is kind to her in return.

If someone is rude to her or aggressive, she is terrified of conflict so she will shy away and ignore or if she can't she will conform to her aggressor, even if she seethes with resentment on the inside. Internally Cassandra can be rather sarcastic to herself she simply fears saying what is on her mind out load since it might get her into trouble.

Cassandra loves to Read, Write and Draw, though she works hard in all her classes and does her best, but those three things she can often loose herself in. Though she has great anxiety if anyone dare to look at her work. She very scared of what other people might think of her.


Cassandra is tall about 5,8 inch and weights about 120 pounds. She is rather skinny though not unhealthy so, it just the way her body is. Her dark brown hair is rather long and goes down her back and she prefers to put it up or braid it.


Cassandra was born the second child and only girl to the McAuley's of the 3 children her mother bore. Her father Ciaran was a strong silent type and didn't say much though when he did there wasn't any room for argument. He was never very affectionate or said much to her.. It was the way he was, and always was with everyone according to her mother. Her Father was a company man first and foremost, he wasn't great at sharing feelings particularly with his children, so it was hard to tell if he cared for his family or not. But he was such a proud man, that much she could tell.. perhaps he thought showing affection or feeling for his children was weakness? Cassandra wasn't sure. Perhaps he didn't even realize the lack of attention and love he gave th his children as they grew up.

There were times she missed her mother and older brother though even if her mother had a temper when she said something wrong or made a mistake, she never heard the end of it.. Her mother was strict and at times too harsh at least in Cassandra's opinion, nothing she did was ever good enough for her mother. But Caitlynn McAuley had her softer moment to in the peace of the evening when she would tuck her into bed and kiss her forehead goodnight. Cassandra believed her mother wanted her to succeed in life, which was why she was so strict.. she only wished she didn't have to be so cold about it.

She looked up to her Older Brother Caleb, perhaps she missed him the most while she was in school all week. True he would tease her but.. it was game to them and the aim was to make her laugh. He was more laid back then their parents, he never placed any pressure on her, other then giving her advice on how to please their parents and how to do well in school. She felt she could laugh a goof off with Caleb, and it was always a good yet rare feeling in their household. She didn't know how her older brother held it together so well all the time. Her mother's constant pressure, lectures and beratements had left her a nervous wreck with little confidence in anything.

As for Caden she found him to be a bit of a brat as kid and a bit of a jerk as they got older. As a result she tended to keep her distance from him unless he matured. She wasn't sure why he acted out with her, perhaps he wanted to take frustration out on someone and she happened to be the convenient person. Her brother had problems in school, worse then she did, and she didn't quite understand why. But regardless due to frustration, or jealousy her little brother was always insulting her when he thought no one was listening.

When she started school she did her best but it wasn't always enough, in her primary school, when she was about 8-9 years old she had trouble reading out loud, she could read on her own silently just fine, but damn if the teacher called on her the words were jumbled in her mouth and broken.. it often didn't take long for a fellow student to laugh or snicker at her and it just made things worse. She didn't like being the focus of something it made her nervous and judged. Her teachers soon had her come in for remedial classes to help speak without stuttering, but still to her it felt humiliating. She could read as well as anyone but she was being talked to as if she couldn't and some kids never let her forget it. Talking to her in a mocking stutter when there weren't any teachers around or laughing at her when she lashed out in a frustrated scream.

When she was 12, to cope with the stress of school and the other kids laughing at her Cassandra started writing in her journal, it started out at normal journal entries but eventually she started writing fantasies about herself making up events that didn't really happen and writing it out. For some reason these made up stories made her feel better.

Which was all well and good until she started to get obsessed with her made up life and she was making more journal entries then working on homework or studying and her school work started to suffer. After a year of poor grades and less than stellar comments from her teachers her mother grounded her for the summer and made her study under her watchful eye everyday until it was time to go back to school. By the time she returned to school the year she turned 13 she had gotten better at not losing herself completely to her journal fantasy world.. it was not to say she still didn't write in it alot... but to avoid the hell that had been the summer with her mother she made herself do homework again and focus on her classes. If she was honest she hadn't minded school that year, her teachers were pleased with her progress from the year before and things felt less turbulent than they did before.

The years passing that were relatively calm, the bullying from her past she refused to let bother her anymore or at least let anyone see that it bothered her. For the majority of her school life from then on she kept her head down and focused on her classes. She made something close to friends that she hung out with over free hours, though they were always kept at a arms length, never too close to hurt her.

Then she finally reached her last year of schooling before she was to be drafted. To say she was nervous about her soon to be husband was a understatement. She hated talking to strangers and she was to marry one.. True she had always known this was to happen, but the closer it got the more real it felt, the more scared she became.. She was scared of meeting him in person, she was scared of having sex with him.. She was scared of having children.. ect.. pretty much the whole thing that she had been training for her whole life.. She was terrified of what her fate would be, In short she really hoped she was drafted to a patient understanding man.. She feared she was not strong enough to cope with someone cruel... She had the packet of him true, but a man on paper wasn't the same as a man in the flesh. With her exams done and she did well on them, which was a pleasant relief for herself.. she made herself focus for them.. as hard as it was to not procrastinate.. her mother's wrath at not doing well on the exams overrode her want to write in her journal.


Father- Ciaran McAuley (47)
Works as a manager at a production plant, he is a stern, practical, logical yet proud and extremely private man.

Mother-Caitlynn McAuley (43)
In contrast to her husband has a fiery passionate temperament. Has worked part time at a restaurant as a Hostess ever since her children became teenagers. She hold high expectations on her children and works hard with them when they have trouble or issues at school. Cassandra often imagined her as a mother lion or tiger, fierce, protective, and harsh.

Older Brother- Caleb McAuley (21)
The pride and joy of the family.. well as close as one can get with her parents. Caleb is smart, witty, laid back and kind. Generally knows how to keep his siblings in line with a understanding of where they are coming from. Know how to manipulate people around him with charisma and subtle understanding.

Younger Brother- Caden McAuley (15)
The baby in the family and has his mother fiery passionate temper that he had trouble controlling at times. Is in the shadow of his older brother, and considered his sister weak for her admiration of him. Caden is a jealous and angry young man, though has a thirst to prove himself if he can get over his anger and resentment.
Birthdate: October 30
Bad Habits: Doubts herself, Stutters, Procrastinates
Turn-Ons: Gentleness, Flexibility, Understanding, Clean short hair, fit lean body, Romantics, and humility
Turn-Offs: Vulgar gestures and language, loud and obnoxious attitudes and being to arrogant
hair color preference: No Information
eye color preference: No Information
draft position: Neutral
premarriage y/n: No

Hard Limits

Rape/Toilet business/Child abuse

Player Notes

TIMEZONE: Pacific Time UTC -8:00 / -7:00
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