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The year is 2192.

The country is the United States.

The current regime, The Trust, has been in power for over one hundred years.

The Trust takes care of you from cradle to grave--they provide you with housing, education, jobs, vehicles--but, in exchange, they control everything about your life. What color car you will drive. Where you will live. And, most important of all: who you will marry and how many children you will have.

Do you fight them or favor them?



Bathsheba Moray
Played by  Amare  ➢ Offline
Spouse ➢ Aubrey Thomas
Play-by ➢ Joss Stone
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27 SOSMC - Sweetbutt Beach Blonde (dyed) Dark Brown


Free-spirited, values her independence and has a strong sense of self-awareness. Sheba doesn't allow herself to feel constrained by society no matter how well she can blend in when necessary. Having grown up in a motorcycle club she's had the opportunity for freedoms typically denied or outright illegal, including reading banned books (something she still enjoys, especially the classics). The less positive side of growing up in the club comes in the shape of difficult life experiences, seeing death and violence, being party to lying and cheating the system. She takes it in stride, but that doesn't mean she deflects everything. When it's the only life, she's ever known it's impossible to imagine living another way.

Loyal, stands by those she cares about and will not betray trust when it is earned. The flip-side she expects no less in return and she doesn't trust easily or without reason. She tends to spread herself thinly until she decides someone is trustworthy, but once she makes a friend, it's usually for life. Sheba is a bit complex when it comes to attachment and emotions. She's not one to wear her heart on her sleeves, and often can be misjudged as stronger than she actually is. Her tough shell hides away a softer soul. She's compassionate, caring and has a sacrificing nature. Empathizing with others she doesn't mind being a sounding board. Her protectiveness is usually towards those she feels need it.

Level-headed, she thinks things through and moves with cautiousness and deadly calm. Sheba rarely sweats the small stuff or lets her temper be seen. It's only in desperate moments that she lashes out, usually resulting in regret on her part. She prides herself on being practical, and resourceful. Admitting when she's wrong is difficult, as is letting others see her vulnerabilities. Strong-willed, she can be very determined when she has something to fight for and work towards. She doesn't believe in taking unnecessary risks, having little patience for hotheads. She takes club business seriously and likes keeping herself informed with the going's on.


Standing at 5'10 Bathshaba is tall. She's slender with enough curves in the right places to keep her figure interesting. Her eyes are dark brown, warm or intense depending on the mood you catch her in. An oval face, defined cheekbones and a brilliant smile framed by a mane of wavy hair. Her natural hair color is an undecided shade between blonde and brown so she dyes it lighter keeping a beach blonde vibe. Athletic but not obsessive, she's confident in her appearance and long legged stride. Her first husband taught her self-defense, she keeps up training privately and usually carries a concealed knife somewhere on her person. She has a tattoo on her wrist of two interlocked Bs resembling a butterfly. It's always kept well hidden under a cuff or bracelet.


Bathsheba Moray was born into the Hell's Angels Motorcycle club based in Philadelphia. She got her censor bracelet at 6 but had not had the typical upbringing to prepare her for what was coming. There was a big contrast in the girl she was at home and the girl she was allowed to be at school. Everything she was taught during the week was undermined on the weekends. Her parents didn't have the type of marriage that The Trust outlined by a long shot. They got along well enough, seemed like friends, but there was plenty of other people coming and going. It wasn't rare to see either with another partner and seemingly enjoying it. Growing up in the club, Bathsheba never once questioned her role. It was life. The club was family. Support, respect and loyalty to family, that was how she was raised.

When Bathsheba was twelve her mother told her about her parentage. She humored the confession, but the truth was... she had known a long time that Leeland wasn't her biological father. Not an innocent child by any means, around the club people talked. Mention of Bale Cooper had come up often enough that she put two and two together and figured out her mom had some skeletons in the closet. Knowing this man Bale was her father, didn't change that Leeland was her dad. If anything, Bathsheba thought the revelation was hard on her mother, some type of unresolved wistfulness the woman never could quite shake.

As for Bathsheba, she was curious sure, but it didn't change who she was. That was something odd about her, she had a dogged certainty of self-awareness. It was little wonder that around the age of 13 she started getting into trouble at school. After a few incidents of breaking rules and curfew, Bathasheba was sent to corrections. Becoming the source of class amusement, girls began turning up their nose at the wild girl from that crazy biker family. She was lectured by teachers and informed she was going to fail and find herself at the mercy of society's laws. Bathasheba didn't lash out, calm and cool she considered her options.

From the age 14 on she began to study hard and got very good grades for her efforts. She didn't believe anything she was being taught, but learned to play the game well enough that people stopped paying attention to her. It was the sweetest revenge proving everyone wrong. Making it a personal challenge, she stayed ahead of her classes and excelled. Scoring 97 on her exit exam Bathsheba was drafted at 18.

Brayden Vellar was in his early 30s, a fully patched member of HAMC with two young daughters from his previous draft. She figured the system had been gamed and regarded Brayden as a warden. Some girls would see being married into HA as a reward, but Bathsheba didn't like being mollycoddled. She wanted to carve her own way and be judged by her own contributions and merits.

The rocky start of their relationship was Bathsheba's doing, but little by little Brayden began to get through to her. He included her in his day to day actions, taught her how to handle herself in a fight and stirred something inside her that demanded acknowledgment. Brayden claimed Bathsheba as his 'old lady'. She didn't mind being 'his' not when he treated her like an equal, well better than an equal, he treated like a queen. Bathsheba wasn't the only one to notice. Teasing circulated in the club calling her the Queen of Sheba, much to the mocking of her nickname 'Sheba'. Brayden took it a step further and giving her his own nickname, 'Queenie'.

Life continued on with various ups and downs in the club. She did her part, stuck close to Brayden and never betrayed the trust he gave her. They celebrated their 5th anniversary and Brayden started talking about his long-term plans. He wanted to branch out and make his own club, do something a little different. Bathsheba supported the idea. He also started hinting they should have kids, and she teased him for getting sentimental in his old age. Despite plans, despite the future, despite everything between them, that 5th anniversary would be their last.

It happened in the wee morning hours, the sound of knocking at the back door. Brayden got up and went to see what the problem was. Bathsheba was half asleep until she heard a crash downstairs. Suddenly awake, she ran down and found Brayden lying on the kitchen floor. He had been stabbed in the chest. The paramedics arrived finding Bathsheba cradling her husband's head in her lap. Brayden was dead.

The murder was a mystery. The club nor the police ever got down to the identity of the killer. Maybe one of Brayden's dealers got resentful or maybe it was a hush-hush inside job. Not knowing the truth drove her mad with frustration just as mourning Brayden drove her mad with grief.

Bathsheba refused to let it show. She held her head high and only took two months of mourning before taking up the status of sweetbutt again. Losing her 'old lady' status was a harder transition than she let on. It seemed unfair. She had been in too deep with Brayden's involvement within the club to find herself at the bottom again.

There was no denying burying her feelings had been a mistake. Unfortunately, it came to a head when a club member dared to use 'Queenie' to her face. Bathsheba lost it in a rare moment of raw temper. She broke his nose and might have done worse if it hadn't been stopped. In the aftermath she was put on probation. Ashamed and angry she sat on sidelines nursing heartache and feeling like an outsider. As usual Bathsheba didn't say a word. Her actions had been enough to prove she wasn't herself.

At 25 she was re-drafted to another HA member. A young hothead named Ratchet Blake. He had always had an eye for her and it might have been wise if she had mentioned she considered him an idiot before arrangements had been made. Seeing the draft as an insult to injury, she went straight to Leeland and told him she didn't appreciate being setup with a watch dog. He told her maybe she needed one and that it was for her own good. The conversation left strain where there had never been any. Bathsheba knew she was being stubborn, but she let space grow between them.

Ratchet either never got the hint or didn't care, too busy gloating on how he had won Brayden's old lady. Bathsheba hated him. He played around saying he should claim her and she warned him if he did she would claw his eyes out. No status was worth belonging to him. Her distaste for Ratchet went beyond the surface. He was a loose cannon, spoke too freely and took too many risks for her liking. She kept her mouth shut but there was more going on in her mind than met the eye.

Ratchet had a habit of going on runs alone. He liked the attention it gave him. He headed out one night for a drug pick-up. Bathsheba sat at the kitchen table and stared at the clock, tick-tok, tick-tok... In a moment of surreal calm, she picked up the phone and called in a tip to the police. Ratchet would have been arrested if he hadn't tried to run for it. Gunned down for his escape efforts, he didn't live long enough to be interrogated or incriminate. It was lucky.

Bathsheba felt no remorse. Ratchet had been a danger to the club, to himself and when he got high or too drunk he had been a danger to her. When stray glances and a question was thrown her way as to how Ratchet had got caught, her reply was simple: "He wasn't careful." That was the estimation of the truth as far as she was concerned. If suspicions ever circled her head, she never got wind. Perhaps she wasn't the only one in the club that had reason to be glad Ratchet was gone. The issue was closed.

With her probation ended, Sheba returned to sweetbutt duties keeping a low but consistent profile in HA. Her new draft packets started arriving. Bathsheba was moving to Tidewater. She wrote a letter to Quincy Warrington. He ran SOSMC, and she was going to need a place to crash once she got to town. Club life was the only life she had ever known, she couldn't and wouldn't give that up. She had lost everything else.

After feeling like an outcast in HA maybe the move to Tidewater would offer a new opportunity to find an extension of family in more ways than one. There was the matter of Ainsley Cooper. Bathsheba couldn't help but wonder if he had any linking of his secret half-sister's existence. The club had always been family, but she and Ainsley shared Cooper blood.


[Legal Father] Leeland Moray
[Mother] Amaryllis Moray

[Siblings - Maternal Half-Siblings]

[Biological Father] Bale Cooper

[Parental Half Siblings ]
Bailey Cooper (deceased)
Ainsley Cooper
Haley Cooper (deceased)

[1st Husband] Brayden Vellar (deceased)

[Step-daughters - Estranged]
Crystal Vellar
Chelsea Vellar

[2nd Husband] Ratchet Blake (deceased)

Birthdate: No Information
Bad Habits: Hides feelings. Keeps a lot to herself. Private regrets get her down. Rolls eyes. Has a long memory and holds grudges. Blames herself when things go wrong. Cleans when she's nervous. Snacks at night. Lets her roots get dark before visiting the hair dresser.
Turn-Ons: Interest in her as a woman. Kissing generally. Dim lights. Going for a ride. Nice arms. Nice build. Good smile. Usual stuff.
Turn-Offs: Mollycoddling. Men who get too drunk too often. Violence against her/being roughed up. Bad hygiene. Feeling caged.
hair color preference: No Information
eye color preference: No Information
draft position: Against
premarriage y/n: No

Hard Limits

Overly Graphic/ BDSM / Not Too Kinky -

Player Notes

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