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The year is 2192.

The country is the United States.

The current regime, The Trust, has been in power for over one hundred years.

The Trust takes care of you from cradle to grave--they provide you with housing, education, jobs, vehicles--but, in exchange, they control everything about your life. What color car you will drive. Where you will live. And, most important of all: who you will marry and how many children you will have.

Do you fight them or favor them?



Rosalynn Fairwood
Played by  AraLee  ➢ Offline
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Play-by ➢ Emma Watson
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19 No Information Light Brown Brown


Rosa is adorably chatty and just a little awkward though always finds ways to have fun, on the surface she appears cheerful and free spirited, always willing to try new things and seems to show no fear of anything. She is very optimistic about life and always tries to see the best in people. She can be impulsive at times and often doesn't think of repercussions until later and by then she can only regret. But she prefers to regret an action the regret not taking one at all. For all her mistakes and regrets she has a very forgiving heart of other people's mistakes to, for is she would want to be forgiven to.

Due to her adventurous nature Rosa is unlikely to say no to anything. Of course though she isn't stupid and likes living so even she has some boundaries that she treads carefully on. She is extremely loyal to those she considers family, so affairs or cheating won't even occur to her. She can also be a bit of klutz, always bumping into something, whether it be with her toe, knee or head. Bruises are a common thing for Rosa.

When angry or hurt it really depends on the degree, if it is a mild annoyance she tries to let things like that go, she will go running or take a shower or anything to get herself over it, rather than cause a needless fuss. If it is important enough she will say something to try and resolve what the issue is. If it is something extreme and it goes unresolved though her personality tends to change, if really angry or upset she turns into a wannabe redhead, and she packs a whopper of a right hook. Things that can push her to this point would be outright abuse towards herself or someone she cares about though, so her punching someone in the nose is not a normal occurrence.

Of course because of her nature, she doesn't exactly like the trust or its rules, Their government was no fun, and it was so restrictive,, at least that was her opinion. Though when it came to drafts she didn't mind to much oddly enough, though it really depended who she was being drafted to. If she likes her draft she is willing to actually do wifely duties, and of course sex was a plus, she would only willingly do that if she likes you however. Once a child is produced it is a whole new ballgame for her, she plans to be a good mother and give her child a happy life. That is hard to do if she hates her husband, that is the last thing she would want is to bring a child into an already unhappy home.

In short Rosa is a spunky, cheerful, energetic, slightly awkward young lady.


Rosalynn is 5,6 and of average weight for her height.

She loves wearing many varieties of colours and styles of clothes, she likes dress and skirts well enough, finds they look pretty but they are not practical for everything. When she is able she loves wearing jeans and t-shirts.


Rosa was born the only child of Ava and James Fairwood, unlike many families that had multiple children. There was a reason for this, when Rosa was 2 and half her mother Ava discovered James was cheating on her. However rather then tell on him she held it over his head, she didn't care about the woman he slept with, she was stupid to sleep with a married man. But her husband claimed he had loved her, that he loved them both. So Ava blackmailed them, give her free run on the household, do finances.. everything. She wanted to be the boss. That is what they did, in exchange for keeping his affair secret from the Trust Rosa's mother was the boss in the family, and her father was merely a figure head in public. They never shared a bed again so hence Rosa had no siblings.

If ever asked what her childhood was like she would say it was awesome, though she was lonely at times. Though her father always seem put out to her she figured that was just how he was. But her mother wanted her to experience a lot in life, and do what she couldn't, have fun and be who she wanted to be while she still could. Before she was drafted and her life wasn't so easily hers anymore. they went on family vacations and trips whenever they could.

School was interesting, Rosa excelled in some classes and flopped in others, Though the classes she flopped she found boring and unimportant. Of course her teachers disagreed and she was made to enter remedial classes for them. One of which was sewing class, she found sewing to be far to tedious and it never held her attention. Learning music was fun though along with voice class, which she enjoyed and flourished in. Though in posture class she would intentionally goof off and slouch just to annoy the teacher. Despite her behavior Rosa was smart and she excelled at any class that encouraged her to use her brain. By the end she was actually amused with the whole education for girls, they were groomed to manipulate men it seemed, of course that was men in general. There were exceptions everywhere but still, she realized her mother had it right all along. If manipulated the right way a wife could be the secret head of the family, if that was what the woman wanted to do anyway.

As her exiting exams approached Rosa became curious who she would be matched with and how she would mix with him. it all felt like an experiment to her and she was in the middle of it. To her surprise she was actually excited to meet her draft so she put effort into her final exams with the hope she could be drafted sooner rather than later. Her attention was wavered with subjects such as sewing as it always had and posture that she couldn't help but make fun of.. she still did well, though not as well as she hoped. She was to be drafted when she was 19. As sore as she was that she had to go through a whole other year of remedial classes that she hated, it did give motivation to actually get through them this time.

Rosa is now waiting for her first draft and was rather excited and curious as to who she might get. Of course she hoped for a good one.. prayed for a good one.


Mother- Ava Fairwood
Father- James Fairwood

-Along with various unnamed uncles, Aunts and cousins.
Birthdate: July 3
Bad Habits: Impulsive, Clumsy, Impatient
Turn-Ons:  Adventurous, Outgoing, Love bites, and Directness, Young and fit
Turn-Offs: Cowardice, Being ignored, Being Stuck Up, being bossed at, and Being too old
hair color preference: No Information
eye color preference: No Information
draft position: Neutral
premarriage y/n: No

Hard Limits

Rape, What happens in a toilet, graphic child abuse

Player Notes

TIMEZONE: Pacific Time UTC -8:00 / -7:00
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