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The year is 2192.

The country is the United States.

The current regime, The Trust, has been in power for over one hundred years.

The Trust takes care of you from cradle to grave--they provide you with housing, education, jobs, vehicles--but, in exchange, they control everything about your life. What color car you will drive. Where you will live. And, most important of all: who you will marry and how many children you will have.

Do you fight them or favor them?



Nicolas de Petit
Played by  Momo  ➢ Offline
Spouse ➢ Aioday MacCailin
Play-by ➢ Jérémy Kapone
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Nicolas tends to come across as an incredibly innocent individual. It is not unusual to find a smile across his face or for him to be offering kindness to the most hardened of individuals. Unfortunately, such an attitude tends to drift into the territory of child-like naivety and to some point he is quite childish. Fairly reckless and constantly filled with energy, he enjoys constantly changing what he is doing. As he sees it, the world is filled with opportunities and it would be a waste to not try and take advantage as many of them as possible.

Most would probably not expect such a dark individual to lurk beneath his kind and cheerful smiles.

A deep bitterness has come to cling to his person over the years for several reasons, most of which have to do with his brother. While he does not hate the Trust or the world, it can be difficult for him to believe that the former is always right or always be fond of the latter. More often than not his bitterness tends to chip away at his person, haunting him like a dark shadow and turning his kindness into what he feels is little more than a façade.

Any intelligence he has is quiet and subtle. It shows itself in his perception and speech. He can read people easily, though navigating through conversations often proves to be a challenge due to his tendency for recklessness. He writes as well as he speaks, creating stories with only a few sentences.

Overall, Nicolas does not tend to come off as though he cares about most people. In fact, the only person he seems to care about at all is his brother, Jerard, for whom he appears to be nearly attached to by the hip. In reality, he seems to have almost a complex in regards to his brother that borders on actual attraction.


Nicolas stands at a fairy average height for a man, being five foot eleven. He has a fair complexion, speaking of the little amount of time that he tends to spend outside. However, unlike most would expect he tends to tan instead of burn. He has a rather medium build that has been built through hard work and sharp features that tend to stand out.

Overall, his appearance can easily be described as quite casual. He has short, brown hair that seems to perpetually be unkempt, though this is more due to his lack of trying. Moreover, he tends to prefer wearing a rather relaxed style.


Nicolas was born as the second child to Jean-Baptiste and Eleanor. Unfortunately, due to complications during the birth, his mother died during the birth. As a result, he found himself being born into a fairly complicated situation as Jean-Baptiste, who had dearly cared for his wife, was quick to blame his second son for his wife's death.

Childhood became quite difficult as a result. While his father remarried, Nicolas found himself finding a companion far more within his elder brother than either his father or step-mother. His father offered a contradictory role in that he was quick to blame Nicolas for his first wife's death, but was also highly expectant of success on both of his sons' parts. In contrast, Laura attempted to play the role of mother that Nicolas had never held the chance to meet. However, this was quite difficult for her. It was clear that Jean-Baptiste did not see her as either his wife or the mother of his children, leading to his eldest son adopting some of his behavior and refusing to turn to her in times of trouble.

Childhood turned into the two relying on each other. In times of duress Nicolas would often turn to his elder brother who proved more willing to take upon the role that his father should have. A far more emotional individual than his elder brother, Jerard quickly became the rock that Nicolas would lean upon.

Upon entering school such a connection became far more crippling. Nicolas disliked being away from his elder brother, clinging to his brother's coattails. It was only as hormones began to enter his life that things became far more complicated. While the gazes and attention of the boys around him began to wander, he found himself lacking. Nicolas' attention stayed on his fellow classmates. Occasionally, it would wander from boy to boy, but for the most part it began to focus upon his brother, a deep distaste and bitterness filling him as the same did not seem to happen with his brother. He could not help but wonder if he was flawed and a deep worry filled him.

School itself was something that he did fine in. Nicolas had always been an intelligent individual. However, he stood out the most when writing or speaking. It came as a deep surprise when he managed to test into the religious field. He couldn't help but ponder over how. Perhaps it was because he was religious himself or perhaps it was just because he was a good speaker, the sort who would stand out well if forced to preach. Whatever the reason, a thousand whys lingered in his mind and he attempted to focus on his studies.

It was not the easiest task with his sponsorship on the horizon. As his sponsorship came, he could not help but feel that the worst was being confirmed. It quickly became apparent to him that he was attracted to men and his sponsorship turned more into a quest where he only showed up often enough that things were not suspicious.

His brother's first draft was met with a great amount of disdain. It did not matter much as to who she was or what she was like. All he truly knew was that he did not like her as she was stealing his brother's attention. Guilt filled him for disliking her. After all, she had not done anything and it appeared as though his brother liked her well enough. Part of him wanted to like her just to make Jerard happy, but the best he could do was act as if everything was fine in front of the elder.

His own draft came as a welcome distraction. However, it did not last long. Kekyo, he quickly learned, was a fairly terrible woman. She immediately took advantage of Nicolas' trusting and kind nature, creating a dynamic where she was in charge. With time, it became apparent to him that she was a toxic individual but fear kept him hesitant in actually doing anything about the situation. It was only on a family outing that he found himself free from her as she was killed during an accident.

Having drifted from his family in recent years, he's begun to try and grow closer to them. Unfortunately, such actions seem to be easier said than done. While being close to Jerard seems to be easy, his father is still quite distant, particularly in light of Laura's recent suicide. In the mean time, Nicolas finds himself worrying about being back in the draft pool.


Jean-Baptiste - father [alive]
Eleanor - biological mother [dead - child birth]
Laura - step-mother [dead - suicide]
Jerard - elder brother [alive]
Kekyo - first wife [dead - accident]
Birthdate: 2/16
Bad Habits: Smoking, Too Trusting, Too Clingy
Turn-Ons: Confidence, Maturity, Sharp Features, Open Affection
Turn-Offs: Being Ignored, People Younger Than Him, Femininity, Coldness
hair color preference: Dark Brown
eye color preference: Brown
draft position: Neutral
premarriage y/n: No

Hard Limits

Not that I know of

Player Notes

TIMEZONE: Mountain
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