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The year is 2192.

The country is the United States.

The current regime, The Trust, has been in power for over one hundred years.

The Trust takes care of you from cradle to grave--they provide you with housing, education, jobs, vehicles--but, in exchange, they control everything about your life. What color car you will drive. Where you will live. And, most important of all: who you will marry and how many children you will have.

Do you fight them or favor them?



Ambrose Whitaker
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Play-by ➢ Jeff Goldblum
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60 Manager of Communications Monitoring Silvery-gray Brown


Ambrose uses the dry wit he's cultivated over the years to hide his true feelings on just about everything. He likes to make people laugh and throws in just enough self deprecating humor for them to think they know him. However, he has serious abandonment issues stemming from his childhood that got worse over time due to the loss of several wives and children. He doesn't trust that anyone will be in his life permanently and prefers not to get attached or let them behind the facade.

He's not easily surprised by people and he's of the opinion that he's seen the full spectrum of humanity through his work. In his youth, he wasn't nosy at all, but digging through people's private business for years has made it a habit and given him a strong taste for it. Information is power, after all, and the better informed he is, the more he's prepared to handle what someone could throw at him.

Ambrose is highly analytical, partly due to a natural inclination and partly because he's been taught to be so. He never takes any information at face value and is highly skeptical of representatives of the establishment. It makes him great at finding discrepancies in peoples' communications, but it also makes him quite contrary outside of that. He doesn't agree with others easily and can turn almost anything into a debate. He's not particularly forceful when he argues, but he is persistent and often gets people to agree with him (whether they truly mean it or not) by wearing them down. "Winning" this way isn't actually satisfying to him, a fact which many people are unaware of. He prefers it when he butts heads with someone who is willing to stick to their guns and fight for what they believe in. Conviction is a trait common to the people he's attracted to.

Ambrose's job has understandably made him wary of communication via technology and he prefers to talk in person rather than text or call. He is being monitored too, after all. For this reason, the people he's had long lasting relationships with are those who he can see often enough that he doesn't need a phone or computer to keep in touch. It's an inconvenient quirk, but one that he feels has kept him safe.


Six foot four and slim. The muscle of his youth has faded, but he's not unpleasant to look at as is. His style is sleek and simple. Ambrose loves his black turtlenecks. He likes to think he's aged with grace and minimizes attempts to make himself look younger. His hair has stayed untouched since it started going gray and he's not vain enough to do anything about wrinkles or loose skin. When he can't be bothered with his contacts, he wears thick rimmed glasses - years of staring at screens for a living have taken their toll. He has some scars on his torso and arms as a result of a car accident in 2168. The accident also left him with a permanent limp.


Ambrose was born to Tilda and Kellan Whitaker in Region 6, Kansas specifically. They were an older couple and he turned out to be their only child. His early childhood was unremarkable, with his parents appearing to be the average law abiding couple. They never taught him anything different than what he should know according to the government. Yet, they did not practice what they preached, a fact Ambrose discovered at the tender age of nine when he was pulled out of class because his parents had been arrested. They were gun runners on their second offense and the Trust's "justice" was swift and merciless.

He was ferried to the local orphanage where he remained until he was twenty two. A few couples looked into adopting him while he was there, but he was always too old or too surly or too traumatized for them. No one wanted a damaged child, he was told as much, and any hopes he had of finding a new family were handily crushed. In school, his performance fluctuated from poor to average in most subjects and he got in trouble more than once for acting out. Later on, his trips to sponsors were unsatisfying and forgettable. When he took his career placement exam, he was assigned to the team that monitored communications for a selected section of the region. Using filters and other programs, they primarily sifted through texts, emails, and "private" messages on social media sites for signs of illicit activity. As new blood, he was assigned to the tedious grunt work. The juicy cases, one where they worked in conjunction with police and were tracking those already suspected of being criminals, were doled out to people who had put in their time and taken their lumps. In the beginning, he detested it.

When Ambrose was drafted for the first time at twenty two, he was ecstatic. He didn't care much about the woman herself, but the opportunities marriage provided were things he'd always wanted. Escape from the orphanage, a house and car of his own, a break from the crushing monotony of work - it all sounded grand to him. When met Haley at the Justice of the Peace, he was so happy he actually hugged her. That set the tone for the rest of their marriage. They got on famously and Haley seemed so forthcoming that Ambrose was surprised when she was arrested for plotting acts of terrorism targeting regional government. It was an unpleasant reminder of his parents' fates.

The sour taste of Haley's execution still lingered when he was drafted to Lillie Rutledge. They were barely married a year before she accidentally overdosed on sleeping medication she'd been given for her severe insomnia.

His next marriage was to Meghan Hunter, the only woman he ever had children with. They never 'clicked' but they were friendly and enjoyed intimacy enough that eventually, they had children. They both adored their children more than anything and the little ones brought them a bit closer together. Unfortunately, one night in 2168, while they were coming back from a family vaction, their car was struck by a long haul truck with the driver asleep at the wheel. His wife and son were killed in the car, but he and his daughter survived long enough to be transported to the hospital. They were both rushed to surgery. Only Ambrose made it through. When he awoke, it was to a red eyed friend who got the doctor to break the news to him. After that, Ambrose was never the same. Up until then, a private part of himself had always hoped the draft might help him find the family he'd been denied as child. That part was buried with his family.

Following Meghan, there was a string of wives Ambrose grew increasingly distant from. He wasn't inattentive, exactly, but they could all tell his heart wasn't in it. It caused problems with Millie, who wanted her husband's full attention. Then, Nelda who didn't seem to care much one way or the other. After Rosalind, Ambrose had had enough. He knew he would never stop being drafted, but he couldn't stand living where he was anymore, surrounded by the ghosts of the happy endings he could've had. He asked for a transfer and his supervisor, a friend of his, passed it up the food chain. As it happened, there was an opening for a manager in Tidewater, which Ambrose took in 2190.

The same year he was redrafted to Sheri Chapman who, among many other things, was an excellent swimmer. This seemingly negligible fact played a key role in the hubbub that surrounded her death. While on a lakeside retreat, Sheri drowned. Ambrose, who had excused himself to take a nap, returned to find her there, floating face down, slowly drifting away from shore. Right away, police were suspicious of Ambrose's story and spent a great deal of time investigating him as the prime suspect in a possible murder. What other explanation could there be when a healthy young woman who could swim drowned in a placid lake? The autopsy revealed bruising and defensive wounds which indicated that she had definitely tried to fight someone off and had been held under water long enough to kill her despite her efforts. The bruising around her neck was about the size of Ambrose's hands, but the water had washed away any trace evidence that could've been used to prove his innocence or guilt. With little physical evidence to go on, the detectives on the case turned to the digital, trawling through her messages in much the same way Ambrose did every day. Her messages revealed frequent contact with another man. The man turned out to be a lover she'd had a falling out with, who stalked and killed her in a fit of rage.

Again, it was all too much for Ambrose, who retreated into his work to avoid thinking about the general state of his life. Concern about his emotional wellbeing was laughed off. The flurry of activity slowly calmed and people stopped asking, assuming that Ambrose, who had seen many storms before, was weathering this one just fine. His 60th birthday was a quiet affair, which he was grateful for. Now, well on his way to 61, he's counting down the days to all the birthdays until 65. Then, he'll be free. At least, as free as he can be with the Trust still looking over his shoulder.


Tilda Whitaker - mother - d. 2140
Kellan Whitaker- father - d. 2140

Haley Hartman - m. 2153 - 2155 - executed for involvement with an anti government group
Lillie Rutledge - m. 2156 - 2157 - accidental overdose
Meghan Hunter - m. 2159 - 2168 - car accident
- Gina Whitaker - daughter - 2162 - 2168
- Reid Whitaker - son - 2165 - 2168
Millie Saunders - m. 2173 - 2177 - complications during surgery
Nelda Angelita Gutierrez - m. 2178 - 2184 - allergic reaction to shellfish
Rosalind Dunlap - m. 2187 - 2189 - executed for distribution of birth control
Sheri Chapman - m. 2190 - 2191 - murdered
Birthdate: November 3rd, 2131
Bad Habits: Lightly interrogating people when he meets them, keeping emotional distance from others
Turn-Ons: Arguing, intelligence, rough around the edges, honesty
Turn-Offs: Someone who strikes him as too polished, apathy
hair color preference: Any
eye color preference: Green, Hazel
draft position: Against
premarriage y/n: No

Hard Limits

Conditional, talk to me about it!

Player Notes

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