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The year is 2192.

The country is the United States.

The current regime, The Trust, has been in power for over one hundred years.

The Trust takes care of you from cradle to grave--they provide you with housing, education, jobs, vehicles--but, in exchange, they control everything about your life. What color car you will drive. Where you will live. And, most important of all: who you will marry and how many children you will have.

Do you fight them or favor them?



Jerard de Petit
Played by  Sugar  ➢ Offline
Spouse ➢ Neoma Holloway
Play-by ➢ Gaspard Ulliel
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30 Museum Curator / Painter Dark Brown Grey


Jerard is very distant. Upon first meeting him there is a definite icy quality about him. Very little emotion colors his speech or mannerisms, seeming more devoid of it than repressing it. His stern expression sees little ever in the way of a crack in it save for the rare moments his brother manages to pull something remotely human from him. He gives off a feeling of being far older than he actually is, a deep maturity settled in him due to how their father's actions shaped them.

There is fire in him though. Only one thing will ignite it. He is intensely protective of his brother. Even the tiniest hint of a slight at him will bring out a crack of anger like a flash of lightning. It is swift, decisive, and final. Once that line is crossed he washes his hands fully of that person and they become all but non-existent to him.

In contrast, his artwork seems full of stunning emotion as if that is truly the only way he can express himself. It very well could be as he's not the best with words, preferring more quiet ways to convey what he wishes to have known. He's also rather squeamish when it comes to any sort of bodily fluids.

Jerard is an aromantic asexual. He shows no true sexual desire for anyone or anything. He can still perform should it be required of him, but the activities are as cold to him as his personality is.


Dark hair, kept a bit longer than approved of, grey eyes and sharp features with a dimple in his left cheek. He has a very lean frame and dresses sharply most of the time. Unless he's in the throes of painting. Then he's a hot mess.


Jerard was two when his brother came into the world and his mother left it. As such he recalls nothing of the woman so he has never really grieved her loss. His father did though and blamed his younger brother for it, something which Jerard found extremely unfair. This translated into a very cooled relationship with his father and as a side effect a strained one with his step-mother Laura. It however did not affect how he viewed his little brother Nicolas. If anything it made him much more protective of him than what would have normally formed between them.

As children he was aware of his father's expectations on both of them, yet the disdain for his younger son made Jerard defiant to those wishes at times. He did want Laura to succeed but the deck was stacked too firmly against her and instead Jerard found himself stepping up and pretty much becoming both parents as well as elder brother to Nicolas. As much as the younger sought him out for comfort, he in return needed the younger just as much to keep what he could of his humanity as he was forced to grow up way faster than he should have ever had to.

Early on he began expressing what he couldn't say with his art. Sketches hurriedly created in moments where he needed to get something out he didn't have the words for. The books stacked up and eventually they turned to portraits. Late-nite charcoal renditions of his brother asleep next to him in his bed. Laura withdrawing into herself further with each passing year. Their father's stern expression. Pictures of his life captured on those pages with far more passion and emotion than ever crossed the artist's face.

School was no respite. He was away from his brother and he worried for him. He was a decent student, but not exemplary unless one looked to his ability in History. He seemed to spend more time making sure Nicolas was fine, than looking to his own studies. Never was there a moment he made his brother feel unwanted when he would approach him on the playground or in the halls between classes. In fact he would drop everything to tend to the younger male and that habit ended him with a string of stints in detention for being repeatedly tardy to his classes. It also drew focus to his younger brother which did not help matters with him any.

However Jerard was not unintelligent, he just had no passion for it all save History and his art. In fact that was soon clear it was the only thing he had passion for. While the boys around him and soon his brother included came into their hormones, he felt nothing. He would almost say he felt quite apathetic about the entire aspect of it all. There was just nothing there. He took it in stride and chalked it up to something else he no longer had to worry about. It made things less complicated and he really could use that considering how the rest of his life was.

His aptitude test put him into the historical field. College was much more enjoyable as he could focus on the subjects he liked as opposed to those he had no care for. When his brother tested into the religious field he wasn't surprised. Nicolas had always had a way with speaking and he could see how that combined with his compassionate soul would make him a good fit. In celebration of the result he bought his brother a St. Michael medallion. Protection when he couldn't be there for him.

Sponsorship was strange. He was able to do things, but he felt nothing while doing it. He was sure it was incredibly frustrating to his sponsor, but he was capable so no reason to really find fault with it. He never rebuked her for trying things and he was honest that they really did nothing for him. It would have been comical if it were not for how much he was sure it hurt the woman. Eventually their meetings turned to him drawing her portrait or creating this or that for her with pictures of her kids or late husband. Those visits were much more enjoyable for him. Some of the other women brought pictures for him after seeing the work he'd done and he contentedly created the asked-for pieces.

It was during this period that he picked up his penchant for smoking. One of the widows had real nicotine in her vape and after a few tries he began using as well. He smokes herbals as well as vapes. The former are the legal variety, if he has his vape in hand it is certainly not legal in it's contents.

He was married at twenty-two to a woman who had the same outlook on sex that he did. Well at least that worked as intended he supposed. Didn't make him like the system, but he at least would give it that one small point in it's favor. They settled into an easy companionship that looked on the outside like a content marriage. Cecelia was a fairly average woman, but she made the best banana bread and always recalled to keep him well-stocked on tea. It was comfortable, and he found a quiet appreciation for her.

It did not escape him that his brother was less accepting. Had he known why he would have felt quite torn to let his brother in fully on the situation. Though soon the other had his own marriage to deal with and things became once more quite complex. He graduated college with an art history degree and took up position as a curator at the museum, having spent time there volunteering while he worked his way through school. His knack with portrait painting also came to light and he was approached to restore some of the fading works but his dismissive attitude towards the chemistry knowledge required made him end up in a different spot instead doing recreations.

After the Ashpoint incident he and his wife submitted for their chips, but the introduction of the technology set off a reaction in his wife's body. A dormant auto-immune response. It attacked her body and she faded quickly due to it. Her death bothered him, but not on a deeply emotional level. His brother's wife and then his step-mother seemed to follow in a strange succession. Almost as if whitewashing the canvas to prepare for something different.

Thus he waits, back in the Draft pool. He spends time with his brother Nicolas, his Maine Coon kitten Shakespeare, paints his commissioned pieces for the museum, portraits for those who find out his skill and works to cover all the walls in his home with stunning wrap-around murals. He has no faith that his next match will be as satisfactory as Cecelia. The Trust is not known for being kind.


Jean-Baptiste - father
Eleanor - biological mother [dead - child birth]
Laura - step-mother [dead - suicide]
Nicolas - younger brother
Cecelia - Wife, deceased due to illness.
Birthdate: March 15
Bad Habits: Smoker (nicotine addicted), looking through someone instead of at them, rarely responds verbally to inquiries.
Turn-Ons: Nothing (maybe painting).
Turn-Offs: Body fluids, judgmental people, anyone criticizing his brother or their relationship.
hair color preference: None
eye color preference: None
draft position: Against
premarriage y/n: No

Hard Limits


Player Notes

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