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The year is 2192.

The country is the United States.

The current regime, The Trust, has been in power for over one hundred years.

The Trust takes care of you from cradle to grave--they provide you with housing, education, jobs, vehicles--but, in exchange, they control everything about your life. What color car you will drive. Where you will live. And, most important of all: who you will marry and how many children you will have.

Do you fight them or favor them?



Taliesen Heavens
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A 5'6" this girl is nearly all leg. She's always been slim, always trying to keep up with her dad and older brother, she learned how to run in heels from an early age since concrete can get pretty hot. Working out is annoying for her but she makes it fun with zumba, pilates, and using the ballet machine at the gym. When at work, Talisen wears whatever the photographer needs of her to wear--as long as it's Trust compliant--but her personal style is more relaxed. Big sweaters and jeans in the fall, shorts and t-shirts in the summer, and the winter & spring? She's bundled trying to avoid everything in the allergy seasons.


“Not the Mama!” - Baby Sinclair

Taliesen Ashby Heavens is the second born of Erik Heaven’s many children and is the main reason that the Heavens house is /ever/ under control. She matured quickly after her mother died and then her step mother, and another, and another…it seemed to be a trend that her father couldn’t keep a wife alive, the longest one to make it was Mads, Ash, and Collins’ mother, she managed to get all three children she was allotted before passing away and leaving the family bereft once again. Talie took it in stride though, bottling her grief to let Erik have his time and taking care of everyone on the weekends while a live-in, that she actually filled the paper work out for, did everything during the week.

Taliesen was a precocious child, tapping away at her father’s keyboards just to hear the music play, so it was no surprise when she went to school and chose the piano as her musical instrument over dancing or art. It was tough and steady, like she wanted to be for her daddy and family. It seemed like every choice she made in her early years was pointed towards taking care of others, she was late to classes when her younger sister was old enough to start Portcrest just because she wanted to be sure the younger girl could make it to her own classes. Homework was late or never turned in because of tutoring, sometimes her half-sister or on occasion it was her older brother over webcam she’d be up helping during the night. Her choices led to a path of slight failure. Her final score on her exit exam was an 84%, meaning she had to wait a year before receiving a draft packet, she had to retake some courses to make sure everything stuck, the problem was…she knew all the information, Talie just fell asleep during the exam and didn’t answer about fifteen of the questions. Why? Midnight pep talk with Erik online, he was telling her she had it, there was no reason to fret, and they were catching up since she had stayed at school the weekend before to prep…they didn’t realize the sun was coming up before they finally said good night.

She never blamed him though. See, when Taliesen was reaching puberty some things…happened, she was early into her sexual education classes at the time…just the basics, and she felt an attraction to her father. At least she thought that was what it was, some of the other girls in her classes were already talking about the boys they wanted to be drafted to. Some were celebrities, some were boys that lived down the road from them, one of the girls wanted to fail her exam on purpose just so she had a chance to be drafted to a kid she was ‘totally in love’ with. They way they described their feelings about these boys, they way they said their bodies felt…Tal felt about her father. She knew that it was wrong to feel this way and tried to fight it for years, and years, and years, but it wouldn’t go away until she was drafted.

Terry Wilkerson was a nice man, well enough. he had small children and had only been widowed for about a year. During the first few months, Terry refused to have much to do with her despite her trying. The live-in was a young woman, younger than Tali even. It took a little bit of time, nearly a year to the day that she was drafted just for her to be invited into the bedroom, the younger widowed girl had gotten hurt and couldn’t satisfy her employer for a few weeks. One might think, that because of her fascination and sick attraction she had to her father, Talisen would find it easy to call her husband Daddy in the bedroom and play up to the kink…only Terry’s wasn’t just a kink. Terry, during sex, called Talisen by his small daughter’s name. She vomited every time it ended and would scrub herself raw. When the live-in returned she and Talisen had a long talk, the two planned it together. The widow had been in touch with someone from a darker place in Ashpoint, at least that’s how she explained it to the blonde, and the two left one day to take the kids out for a special day. The widow got a phone call while they were out at the zoo but Talisen wasn’t aware of the meaning of the call until the returned back to the house. The Wilkerson house had been robbed in broad daylight, while most men were out at work and children of school age were gone, Talisen called the police as soon as she got back and the police were the ones to find Terry.

They took her tears of relief as ones of grief as she clung to the little girl, who was just weeks away from her sixth birthday. Last she heard the kids had been adopted by a couple in another region and the widow returned to her apartment soon after his body was found, Tali never asked any questions, figuring the less she knew the better it would be for both of them. Returning home the young woman was even more disgusted with herself and how she had felt for her father, how could she have felt that way. There was no one she could talk to about it though, psychiatrist reported anything unlawful t the Trust and this would definitely be considered unlawful. She couldn’t talk to her father, her siblings, anyone about how she had behaved, how she felt. It wasn’t right, so she started pushing it down.

It helped to have something to focus on of course, she was getting drafted again just eight months after Wilkerson’s death, the package had finally come. Only…it was a neighbor. Talisen hated this kid. He was always a bad influence on her siblings and often enough she was having to call and tattle for some reason or another. Their personal feud started when she was little and the two families lived in Trellis. Her oldest brother had always been a good kid except when that guy was around or involved. But it was bound to happen wasn’t it? Karma was never going to be on her side. She spilled the beans at a block party in Trellis just weeks before he received his own letter, they’d been fighting and bickering since she returned (she was actually grateful, it was one of the few things that could make her feel normal) but the news made everything that much worse.

She didn’t speak to him in the courthouse, choosing to sit far from him. She signed her name, Heavens, rather than take his own and even though she did follow the dress code she was much more funeral ready than a normal church day with her black veil, she did have a good laugh about it when she saw him also dressed for the end of a life. Living together in the beginning was … fun, somewhat. They remained how they had for years, living in different rooms and after the kitchen almost burned down she took over cooking for both of them, but she only cooked when she was hungry. Often enough she bought tv dinners, hot pockets, pizza bites, anything that could be cooked in the microwave for when she didn’t actually feel like cooking. The two came to a compromise to try and make things work but their personalities were either too different are far too similar to ever really get along as man and wife.

Its been a couple of years now, they’ve gotten comfortable enough to share a house and space within the same room. She’s happy he too has a love for Halloween and is pretty sure its one of the few pure time they really get along. Most of all, Talisen is happy that he doesn’t know her secret or have a weird ass sexual habit like the last one.


Erik Heavens - father
dead mom
dead stepmom 1-3

--- Heavens, brother
--- Heavens, sister
Reece Heavens West, sister
--- Heavens, brother
Ashleigh Heavens, brother
Collins Heavens, sister
Birthdate: December 31
Bad Habits: distractions while cooking, flipping through tv channels during commercials, poorly imitating people behind their back
Turn-Ons: hearing her own name being moaned, hair pulling, light scratches
Turn-Offs: anything kinky, its now a big big no-no for her.
hair color preference: No Information
eye color preference: No Information
draft position: Neutral
premarriage y/n: Yes, and I'm posting a want ad for them.

Hard Limits

No Information

Player Notes

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