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The year is 2192.

The country is the United States.

The current regime, The Trust, has been in power for over one hundred years.

The Trust takes care of you from cradle to grave--they provide you with housing, education, jobs, vehicles--but, in exchange, they control everything about your life. What color car you will drive. Where you will live. And, most important of all: who you will marry and how many children you will have.

Do you fight them or favor them?



Ezekiel Shaw III.
Played by  Rhee  ➢ Offline
Spouse ➢ Magdalena Krebsbach
Play-by ➢ Richard Madden
 ➢ Not Sharing Play-by
 ➢PM me
33 Lawyer Red Blue


Diplomatic, Arrogant, intelligent, Perfectionist, Protective, Caring, Practical, Image Conscious, Glory Seeker, Hard-worker, Cool headed, Introverted, Charming,, Argumenative, Sapiosexual

Loves gourmet foods, Broiled Asian-Style Flat Iron Steak is his favorite.


5'11 1/2 and despite his age still holding out for the one more half inch to be 6'0. He is thin and while not too thin that seems lanky he is not very athletic, but he has a great tailor that makes him look in shape.

His dark red hair stands out along with his blue eyes. He tends to keep his appearance clean cut. He has started growing a beard but he keeps it groomed and well cut. Along with his hair that he keeps somewhat short as he doesn't like hair that is too long.


From the moment he was born the pressure to be perfect and the best was there. As a child, he didn’t know it yet, but as he grew older it became apparent. He was the first child born to Ezekiel and Arabella Shaw. That gave him a position in the family that form in a way different than his future siblings. His little brother and later his baby sister. He felt protective of them both from when they born, of course they were also easy targets for him to mess with as well. But only when his father’s back was turned. His little sister became their father’s favorite and it annoyed Zeke for many years.

He learned from an early age to practice and study to be the best, and he perfected the art of making it look effortless. He made good grades, usually all A’s he was hard on himself in fear of failing and not being good enough in his father’s eyes. Zeke knew that the pressure for him to succeed and be the perfect example for his younger siblings was important to his father and his father’s approval was important to Zeke. Friends were the last on his list when it came to school and his social life struggled for it.

It wasn’t important to him until he was older and saw so many tight friendships and he had nothing close to it. Zeke thought about a change, when he started work he would try and make friends. That was held off when the aptitude test set him to become a lawyer. That meant college and law school. It was frustrating for Zeke, but his father was happy and proud and that was the important matter.

He blew off steam with sponsors. He went as often as he could. His stress level decreased and that made him friendlier. But he also liked to talk about school and things he learned. Some of the sponsors didn’t like it, some were more into rushing him in and out. Others preferred to talk over the other activity. Then there were some that made both fun. The banter, the back and forth turned him on and made the sex better somehow. He liked it that way, and he stuck with the sponsors that made that art seamless.

College and law school were a blur of studies and hard work for Zeke. While he put more of an effort in trying to make friends, it didn’t go well for Zeke. It was during his study time for the LSATS that he was drafted. Zeke thought it was late as he assumed with his reputation and hard work in school that he would have been one of the first when he turned twenty. But he understood with him being in school for an important career, unlike so many of his peers he grew up with.

The marriage started, and it wasn’t that different from his own’s parents. It wasn’t anything like what the movies and romance novels wrote about, but they made a good team. She was kind and caring and knew everything he wanted and needed. They started an easy routine, almost boring but his wife could always spice things up. Zeke doted on her and showered her with gifts and at certain times his affections.

After he passed the LSATS with flying colors he started working at a local law firm. It was challenging work and Zeke loved it. After five years of working at the firm, his first child was born a little girl. Zeke was disappointed and upset. He withdrew from his wife and pushed her away for a while. He loved his daughter and doted on her as much as he knew how to. Some time went on and he slowly sparked things up with his wife again.

That was how his second daughter was born. The disappointment filled the marriage yet again. All his frustration and annoyance were directed to his wife. He never showed anything but love towards his daughters. He loved them, but he still wanted his boy. The rift between him and his wife, only grew with time. But they both played their parts when needed. On the outside looking in they were a perfect little couple of the Trust, but behind closes doors they were cold and distant with each other.

When the Ashpoint incident happened, his wife’s family was affected. Most died or were labeled missing. After some pleading and pushing from his wife, he relented and petitioned for two of his wife’s younger siblings. It brought the couple back together again, at least they seemed closer than before. They both hated the changed to the microchips and hated more the increase of population only because of the inconveniences created by it. It also brought a family that his father hated for the principal and that made Zeke hate them as well. Time moved on and a new routine was formed. But many things haven’t changed and Zeke still wants his son


The Shaw Family

Isabella Shaw - 8
Mallory Shaw - 6
Birthdate: October 15, 2159
Bad Habits: Overworks, Internalizes stress and his insecurities
Turn-Ons: Arguments, Flirting, Mental Stimulation, Dimples, Exotic Features
Turn-Offs: Boring, Too Much Agreement,
hair color preference: Any
eye color preference: Any
draft position: For
premarriage y/n: Yes, and I'm posting a want ad for them.

Hard Limits

see ooc account

Player Notes

TIMEZONE: central
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