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The year is 2192.

The country is the United States.

The current regime, The Trust, has been in power for over one hundred years.

The Trust takes care of you from cradle to grave--they provide you with housing, education, jobs, vehicles--but, in exchange, they control everything about your life. What color car you will drive. Where you will live. And, most important of all: who you will marry and how many children you will have.

Do you fight them or favor them?



Malachi Tashima
Played by  Poet  ➢ Offline
Spouse ➢ Hadley Laurent
Play-by ➢ Jason Momoa
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38 Police Officer Dark Brown Green


Malachi, though his size and intensity for his work doesn't show it, is a very easy going personality, quick with a joke and often a wit to match. He is very dedicated to his work as a police officer and to his families long standing support of not only The Trust, but of The Draft as well. He is loyal to the core and if that loyalty should waver or seem miss-placed, it is with a heavy heart that he as done so.


Malachi is six feet four inches and pretty much built like a mountain. He has a scar over his left eyebrow from an old injury, but his face otherwise is as chiseled as the rest of him.


Malachi Keanu Kai Tashima was born to Malachi and Kona Tashima August 1, 2153. His parents both of Hawaiian decent and loyal to not only the government and the draft to the core, instilling the same qualities in their children. It was not for them to question things as others did and it was for the best that all was decided for them - that was how they were raised and how Malachi grew into the man that he would become.

Life was largely easy for Malachi, he excelled in school and sports, often a prize athlete and while his father was a police officer and eventual Captain of his own force, his mother resided at home and looked after it with a keen sense of purpose and discipline that helped to guide Malachi as he grew. His early years and his years at the boy's school seemed to fly by and before anyone - especially Malachi, knew it he was grown and looking at his eighteenth birthday. He was ecstatic because he desired to follow in his father's footsteps, hoping to be an officer like him or perhaps a life in the military, both would have made him quite happy - the draft seemed to play little on his mind as Malachi had honed himself to not concern himself with girls - outside of his sister. Malachi concentrated on his athletic and school and while surely there were girls that liked him and that he did in fact like - he felt it misplaced to do as his friends did and spend time with a girl only to see them drafted to some other boy and lost seemingly forever. It was illogical for Malachi to consider anything but his career goals. Of course, nothing had prepared him for what would follow with his Sponsorship and his placement assessment.

It must be remembered that unlike the majority of his friends, Malachi had placed little worth in spending time with females. Yes, he liked them and they liked him, but it had as has been mentioned, never been of great importance for him. Emilia changed that.

Emilia was a pretty young widow perhaps a year or so older than Malachi, she had been placed as she was because of her baby daughter and the fact that her husband had been executed for selling stolen TV's to an undercover cop in order to buy drugs to sell to various other individuals. The case alone was enough to get Malachi's attention - though Malachi never once thought Emilia was involved - nor was she.

He had called the hotline as was the method and agreed to meet Emilia. She instantly caught his eye, pretty little blonde with blue eyes - something that his future wife Elizabeth would share with her, but unlike Elizabeth, at least at first. Emilia was willing to let Malachi explore to his heart's content. His one planned meeting turned into numerous meetings over the next year - even as he graduated from the academy and began his work as a uniformed officer, Malachi continued to see Emilia as her time and his allowed. He continued until his draft to Elizabeth. Kicking himself for thinking so long that he didn't need a female in his life.

Backtracking slightly, Malachi's assessment placed him in the top percentage of those assessed that year and though his buddies all joked that he was going to end up a plumber, a dashingly handsome and enormous plumber, but a plumber - he instead was placed as was his father before him and his father's father before him into the police academy. It would help to sculpt Malachi into much of what he would become just as his mother had in his early years and yes, even as Emilia would during his Sponsorship and year at the Academy and the years to follow. He left the Academy with one goal - SOAR. It wasn't meant to be.

Of course, all police officers start as uniformed officers and Malachi was prepared for that and was - as he had been all his life - a shining example of that a young officer should be - by the age of twenty-two Malachi was offered his first promotion to become a detective, well earned, but he was young. Yes, he was well suited for the role and a quick learner and had even learned a great deal as a uniformed officer, but to attain the promotion as quickly as he had - yes, Malachi was young.

His father had warned him that being a detective was taxing and could be unforgiving work. The Trust appreciated what he did, but those he investigated didn't always see it the same way, and while Malachi never took it personally as he had disassociated much of the work duties as he had with things of his younger life such as dating or socializing more with females and not so much on his athletics and schooling - it was the start of him truly putting all he was into his work - sometimes overlooking everything else. Including the even remote possibility that he was a prime candidate for being drafted. His time with Emilia should have warned him of that - she raved about how much fun he was. Most that knew Malachi publicly would have simply looked at him and said - Really? But Emilia had educated Malachi and had done so very well.

Malachi was twenty-four and in the middle of an undercover operation when he was suddenly and unceremoniously pulled and told by his Captain to report for the draft as it was his duty. Malachi didn't protest, but he wasn't entirely happy about it either, marriage while always a possibility was not part of his plans and he would do his duty, but he wasn't going to like it. That changed when he met the girl that would become his wife, Elizabeth Manchester.

It was not love or even like at first sight. Well, Malachi liked her well enough and while he didn't love her as it was a foreign concept to him - he did find that he enjoyed her company - well when she wasn't kicking him in the balls for saying something that she took as ill-mannered. Malachi had never been treated as such - ever and he had thought about speaking to someone about the matter - have his new wife reconditioned perhaps for while she never protested the Draft or any aspect of it, she surely didn't seem to be as was presented to him. Then he tasted her cooking and Malachi eased some, he had found that his work had taken over his life and Lizzie, as he called her, was simply trying to live with a man she didn't know and being as she was five foot two at best and Malachi was well over six foot. She took to her own form of discipline - least in private. In public, she was always the proper and loyal wife and in private she would soon become that as well. It took time, but eventually, they became the couple others strived to be in a world not all always understood but accepted.

It would be ten years of happy marriage that would follow, Lizzie and Malachi surely on their way to a long life of happiness and if not love, then surely a solid bit of contentment, there was even talk of finally having children, something many wondered what was taking so long - but that too wasn't meant to be.

Lizzie started to get sick, slight tremors at first, about eight years into the marriage - eventually diagnosed with Parkinson's and their life was never the same. It was an oddity they were told and while it was offered to allow Malachi out of the marriage the prognosis wasn't in their favor, he wouldn't even consider the idea. He had never walked away from anything in his life and he wasn't going to start with the woman that the Trust had drafted him too, yes they probably hadn't wanted it - but Malachi knew in those final years, they were the best years of his life to that date.

Lizzie did well at first and while the illness progressed is it often does, she took her prescribed drugs and did all that was asked of her and still to the very end tried her very best to be the wife she was born to be to Malachi. Then she got influenza and - was gone.

Malachi took it hard, very hard for the first time in his life questioning almost everything in his life - he threw himself back into his work as a way to cope with the simple fact that he didn't want to acknowledge - he missed his Lizzie.

It's been a year since Lizzie passed away, Malachi still working as a detective - looking to perhaps a new promotion because he knows he needs to move on and needs a change - something - anything - Is another draft in his future? He hopes.


Father - Malachi Tashima, Sr.
Mother - Kona Tashima
Brother - Joseph Tashima
Sister - Leah Tashima - Hartford
Wife - Elizabeth Manchester - Tashima (Deceased
Wife - Hadley Laurent
Birthdate: August 1, 2153
Bad Habits: Can at times be overly judgemental | Can lose himself in his work (Work-a-holic)
Turn-Ons: A good home cooked meal, A good conversation, Cracking a case that others deemed uncrackable. The smell of a beautiful woman (Perfume).
Turn-Offs: Ingorance (Either of the law - or just ignorant people), Female profanity (unless he requests it), Chatterboxes (Conversation yes, never shutting up - no)
hair color preference: Blonde - Red - Brunette (Pretty much in that order)
eye color preference: Blue - Green - Hazel - Brown (Pretty much in that order)
draft position: For
premarriage y/n: No

Hard Limits

m/m and anything overly hardcore. If in doubt PM.

Player Notes

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