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The year is 2192.

The country is the United States.

The current regime, The Trust, has been in power for over one hundred years.

The Trust takes care of you from cradle to grave--they provide you with housing, education, jobs, vehicles--but, in exchange, they control everything about your life. What color car you will drive. Where you will live. And, most important of all: who you will marry and how many children you will have.

Do you fight them or favor them?



Casey Greaves
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23 Crime Labratory Technician Red Hazel


Casey is very detail-oriented and he finds everything to be a puzzle that he has to solve. This can make him difficult to get along with for anyone with something to hide. he has a tendency to push buttons and analyze the reactions he gets to add them into the puzzle-solving. It makes him and excellent forensic scientist, less so a friend at times. Those who can stick it out and understand that there is no malice behind this it's just his curious nature will find a loyal friend whole will apply that same puzzle-solving skill to an issue in their life and help them through it.

He is incredibly intelligent and keeps a level head in just about every situation he has been put in. There is an analytical mind behind the warm grin and teasing chuckle. Casey is actually quite pleasant company. Put to it Casey can't recall ever losing his temper. Which may or may not turn out to be a good thing. It either means he doesn't have one, or when he does get pushed to that point it's going to be very bad. In truth it's the former. He doesn't rattle in that manner.

He found out a most uncomfortable thing about himself when he went to his sponsorship. He is not a great fan of women in a sexual aspect. With practice and mental effort he was able to figure out how to fake it admirably well, at least he thinks he did, but it has left a creeping unease in him where his Draft is concerned. He knows the best he can hope for is a wife who only marginally cares for the whole situation as well. At the worst he knows things may end very badly for him.


Casey's most noticeable trait is that he is very much a ginger. His hair is a bright coppery red and his facial hair matches it for a very recognizable feature. Of course that comes with it's own issue in his skin being pale and perpetually unable to tan, instead he freckles. There's a fair spattering of them down his neck and arms from sun exposure in his careless younger years. He keeps his on the shorter side but with just enough length the natural waves make their presence known. As far as his facial hair is concerned he keeps it very neatly trimmed up. He doesn't care for how he looks without it.

Boxing is a favored pastime so he keeps fit. He gave up long ago on ever filling out to be very muscular, it was never in his cards to get big so instead he makes sure what he has is defined and proportioned well. He's just as meticulous with his clothing. While some days it may look as though he just rolled out of bed and came to work it's in fact purposefully planned out that way. It's all about controlling the presentation.


Casey often jokes that his parents are the personification of dysfunction. How they managed to have three kids together amazes him to this day. He would put money on it that his mother tolerated it because she wanted to be done with it. It's not that Lydia and Roy hate each other, they are more along the lines of too much alike so it causes friction. On paper it looked like it should have worked and that is what has made Casey question the system the Trust has in place. Just because it looks like it should work does not mean it will. His parents showed great love to their children to try and make up for not being able to show them a happy marriage.

He was a smart child and showed an early aptness in paying attention to details. It wasn't something that won him too many friends in school as he was unable to resist trying to figure out all the pieces to every puzzle put before him. Those who stuck it out with him though found a good friend in Casey. It wasn't going to be that way with everyone though and when he said just exactly the wring thing to a dark-haired boy in the year ahead of him he was met with a fist to the jaw. That was not even close to what he had expected!

He spent the rest of his school years trying to figure out the why of that and started many more scuffles with that same boy. There had never been a puzzle that vexed him like this before and he was determined to solve it. Much to the chagrin of the other boy. He was sure when the older boy moved on to his secondary education that he was relieved. Casey however was not as he still felt he was missing an important piece of that puzzle. He had schooling to finish but he was not about to forget the puzzle that eluded him.

He graduated with high marks and tested into forensic science thanks in no small part to his love of puzzles and attention to details. He started college courses and his sponsorship that fall and while he loved college, his sponsorship was surprisingly awkward. Casey had always thought he was just too focused on schools and the puzzle of the dark-haired boy to pay attention to girls. Nope. He actually didn't like girls. Shit. He managed to push it off as nerves from starting both school and sponsorship at the same time and that he was overwhelmed. It left him with his own puzzle to figure out. How to keep his sponsor from figuring this out.

It took him about a month to get so he could fake it. Thankfully mind-reading was not a thing or his visits would have gone a fair bit differently. It did take his mind off the puzzle he couldn't solve as he had his own crisis to handle. The world had suddenly gotten a lot more dangerous for him. He managed to claim stress from schooling for issues with sponsorship and it was a valid reason as his schooling was pretty intense. Hard? No. An excellent excuse? Very much so. As the year went on he got better at putting on the front and was sure it was just chalked up to nerves and being a young man settling into his new life. Growing pains and whatnot.

There was a great relief when it was all over with but that left things now to the point that he could be Drafted in the next couple years and he'd have to deal with his issue regularly. The best he could hope for was a wife like his mother. One only marginally interested in him in return. The worse end of the spectrum is something he really doesn't want to think about. He'll deal with that when the time comes. Hopefully later rather than sooner.

Until then he has started his work for the Tidewater Police Department as the new Crime Scene Tech. He has his own space and plenty of puzzles to keep him busy. Little does he know it but the biggest unsolved puzzle of his life is about to walk right back into it.


Lydia & Roy Greaves, parents, living
Monica Greaves, 14, sister
Josiah Greaves, 18, brother
Birthdate: September 16
Bad Habits: Button pushing, pen chewing, and over sugars his coffee.
Turn-Ons: Warm vanilla scents, playing hard to get, puzzles he has to figure out.
Turn-Offs: Hygiene issues, pine-scented anything, and people who refuse to try.
hair color preference: Dark colors
eye color preference: Any
draft position: Neutral
premarriage y/n: No

Hard Limits


Player Notes

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