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The year is 2192.

The country is the United States.

The current regime, The Trust, has been in power for over one hundred years.

The Trust takes care of you from cradle to grave--they provide you with housing, education, jobs, vehicles--but, in exchange, they control everything about your life. What color car you will drive. Where you will live. And, most important of all: who you will marry and how many children you will have.

Do you fight them or favor them?



Alejandro Deltoya
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Alejandro is best described as a cocky young bull, somewhat like the other male members of his family, but while his older brothers have settled and grown into their places in Tidewater and the surrounding area, Alejandro is still young and often times with the bravado of youth that can cause many a broken bone.

Overall a good person and there is a charm and wit to him, but it's perhaps his winner takes all attitude that while it was great in school, might fail him in his life to come. Certainly, a young man that might have yet to truly know his limits.


Alejandro is 5'9", weighing 160lbs, with an athletic and muscular built. His most defining feature may be his strong jawline.


Alejandro Deltoya is the son of Mateo and Maria (Santiago) Deltoya and was born on a cold and windy December morning. Even as a baby he was a child that liked to see how far he could push things, this was evident when the first thing he did the moment he was born was to pee all over - everyone. He has been a pisser ever since.

Sadly, Alejandro has little memory of his mother a woman who by all accounts was a loving mother and loyal wife, but she died by mysterious means when he was probably about the age of five and few outside of her family mention her name - even to this day, it's not certain and Alejandro has never asked, but he does suspect that Maria Santiago - Deltoya did not die of natural causes. His father married his current wife, Alexis Rodriguez - Deltoya when she was 18, and while she was drafted to him, there has been talk over the years that Mateo paid someone handsomely to make it happen - regardless of the how it happened, they have been a couple now for a number of years and their union has produced children with the rumor that more are on the way. Alejandro is less than enthused about this, not because he doesn't like kids, but as it stands now, the household has so many, that much of the time the family barely knows which child goes to which family and that is with the Deltoya's living in separate households.

The households as they stand are Mateo who owns and operations Deltoya Farms, a large conglomerate of farms, mills, and other businesses that cater to producing crops and livestock for Tidewater and the surrounding area, it's a massive operation and one that while few know it, might even house some, or hide some less than lawful endeavours, because of it's many remote areas and settings that in many cases have been forgotten over time, old farmsteads, cabins, Grist Mills and the like.

Santiago Deltoya, the eldest brother is an Architect and while he has an office in Tidewater, as taken to living in Providence, though does maintain a home and presence in Tidewater, along with his wife and three children - triplets if you can imagine it.

Alejandro's other brother, Sebastian, age 24 and his wife reside in Tidewater where he runs a local mill for his father, his assessment had placed him in a mechanical field and as such his father took it to mean.. run my mill.. and sure enough, that was what happened. He is married as well to a lovely young girl that both Santiago and Mateo have a strong liking for. Alejandro doesn't quite understand it, well he understands it but doesn't suspect what might really be going on. Needless to say, the Deltoya's can be very close.

Rounding out the immediate family of the Deltoya's are his two younger sisters, Teresa and Maribelle, a product of his father's second marriage. All of the Deltoya's were strong and capable students - with one exception - Alejandro.

To be fair, Alejandro wasn't a bad student, least when he applied himself and while most of his interests really were outside of the classroom, he got decent grades and while he wasn't really one to study for anything, he always seemed as though he passed his classes, usually not with an A or whatever mark the teacher would use, but he always seemed to pass - which allowed him to follow his passion of sports. He excelled at baseball and football a little, but no boy could swing his bat like Alejandro.

The sports made the time fly by, his brothers all moving on and out of the house before him, his sisters off to the boarding school much of the time or at least during the week, so he and Sam, his best friend, had the house much to themselves, that was when Alejandro discovered his other passion - cars. He didn't own one, though his father let him drive one of his, much to the fear and dismay of pretty much everyone in Tidewater, but he was only stopped by an officer one time and while Alejandro isn't sure why the moment the traffic cop saw who his father was - he let him off with a warning and even paid him to not tell anyone about the incident. It only came to increase Alejandro's growing sense of bravado - something that all of his teachers warned him could be a dangerous thing for him as he reached adulthood. And then it happened and at the age of 18, he took his assessment. Alejandro about shit his pants as he read the results and had to punch the guy beside him in the nose to calm himself down. Luckily it was his buddy Sam who was there for moral support, or so he said.

The assessment test did not go at all as Alejandro had expected. He had managed to show up on time and he followed all the instructions and even went so far as to answer all the question as he had been known to pick and choose what he would answer over the years and there were times that answers he gave didn't always go with the question being asked, but no when he took the assessment, he did it as he was expected, the results? Baker. The entire room, if not the building heard his reply as he said and it has been quoted here - WHAT THE FUCK DO I KNOW ABOUT BAKING!? Which caused Sam to laugh and resulted in Alejandro punching him in the nose again. Luckily for Alejandro though, the assessment was spot on as it always is - for the Trust is never wrong, and he does have a knack for it - who knew?

Most recently, or more accurately, in addition to his newly found skills in a kitchen, Alejandro is in the process of selecting a sponsor to help him hone the Deltoya genes of - well just being a Deltoya. In truth, he has put off for a little while, not because he doesn't want to participate in the program - but because, yes, he lost the hotline number and doesn't want to ask for the third time of where to find it. Really, to be honest, he isn't expecting much - yes, his father spoke fondly of the woman that sponsored him and his brothers each, well except for Sam gladly gave names of people that they thought he could just call and request - but no Alejandro was for the first time putting thought into at least one aspect of his life and going to let the hotline assign him someone.

That was nearly two weeks ago, the selection was busy or something and the day available was limited to one - all the men said to pass - it's an old one ready to retire - don't bother she will show you a book and a movie and send you on your way they said, but Alejandro hasn't budged, it was who he was given and he felt it only fair that he at the very least give the person a chance, it's not like he has to go all the time or can't just find another if it didn't work out.

So that is Alejandro Deltoya, youngest son of Mateo Deltoya, the possible terror of the streets of Tidewater and future baker extraordinaire, well if he doesn't burn the town down in the process.


~ Mateo Deltoya (47) (Owner/Operator of Deltoya Farms)
~ (Alexis Rodriguez - Deltoya) (32)
~ Maria Santiago - Deltoya (DECEASED)
~ Santiago Deltoya (Age: 26)
~ Sebastian Deltoya (Age: 24)
~ Teresa Deltoya (Age: 12)
~ Maribelle Deltoya (Age:10)
Uncles and Aunts:
~ Matias Deltoya (Age: 45)
~ Diego Deltoya (Age: 38)
~ Pedro Santiago (Age: 39)
~ Elenor Rodriguez - Sawyer (Age: 42)
~ Numerous nieces and nephews, from infants to nearly adult. It's an endless cycle of children
Birthdate: December 1
Bad Habits: Biting his lower lip when in thought, Stubborn.
Turn-Ons: Long hair, the - "look"
Turn-Offs: Arguing just to argue
hair color preference: Open
eye color preference: Open
draft position: Neutral
premarriage y/n: No

Hard Limits

m/m and anything overly hardcore. If in doubt PM.

Player Notes

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