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The year is 2192.

The country is the United States.

The current regime, The Trust, has been in power for over one hundred years.

The Trust takes care of you from cradle to grave--they provide you with housing, education, jobs, vehicles--but, in exchange, they control everything about your life. What color car you will drive. Where you will live. And, most important of all: who you will marry and how many children you will have.

Do you fight them or favor them?



Feven Henricks
Played by  teffi  ➢ Offline
Spouse ➢ Janard Sawyer
Play-by ➢ Jillian Hervey
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21 n/a honey brown dark brown


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Feven's most significant feature is her huge mane. Apart from that she has rather lean and firm body with proportional curves. She isn't necessarily a bombshell, however, she does pride herself on her rear.


Feven was born to Danira and Valerian Henricks. An enthusiastic homemaker and a cynical broker with a horrible knack to turn everything into a joke. Feven does not remember much about her mother except that she was tall and kind and would often bring them to the playground in Glenwood Memorial Park. She cannot recall any further memories since her mother died in a car accident when she was four. Now all alone with her one year older sister and three years younger brother, their father took on the task of caring for his gang of rascals, which resulted in a close bond between the four.

The woman who a year later became a somewhat maternal figure was a live-in mistress. Yet her father never seemed interested in another woman after her mother died. When she turned six, their father finally got to marry a new wife. She always seemed rather fidgety and shy, however, that was result from the many pranks her siblings played on the young woman. Admittedly, she didn't get to know her stepmother that well as she soon had to attend school. Although, it is important to mention that her stepmother disappeared when she turned thirteen. At least that is what her father told her, even though she knew a disappearance entails more than the act of never coming back home. Half a year later, her father married another young woman who also died in a car accident when she turned twenty.

School, from her point of view alone, was rather uneventful if it wasn't for the fact that her sister often caused a ruckus and already established a certain legacy for her. Her behavior made her fit in with many different cliques, but she never had a certain set of friends. Not to mention that some of the girls caught on to her ever changing modes and would accuse her of being a liar and a cheat, especially considering how she failed tests on purpose, even though she could perfectly explain the topics of various subjects. She was send to remedial classes where she often met her sister on the way. Even after being told again and again that her low grades reflected a poor image of her and of the school, she continued the act of the dim-witted young soon-to-be bride. Indeed, just like her sister a year before, Feven graduated with a low grade, the angry glances of her teachers and a vicious scold from her tutor.

True to her last name and her luck, her first husband died within the first six months of their marriage. He died from a carbon monoxide poisoning during a fire in a restaurant.

She attends the remedial classes and has yet to receive any information about her next draft.


Valerian Henricks (47) -- broker -- remarried four times
Danira Henricks (deceased)

Ayana Henricks (22) -- wife -- remarried three times
Caven Henricks (20) -- journalist -- marrying for the first time
Birthdate: July 20 2168
Bad Habits:  laughing at the wrong moment, not wearing her glasses when she should
Turn-Ons: - broad, chubby men;- dark voice and contagious laughter; - confidence and spontaneity
Turn-Offs: - never tickle her; - very thin men; - aggressive body language; - 'shoot first, ask questions later' mentality
hair color preference: No Information
eye color preference: No Information
draft position: Against
premarriage y/n: No

Hard Limits


Player Notes

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