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The year is 2192.

The country is the United States.

The current regime, The Trust, has been in power for over one hundred years.

The Trust takes care of you from cradle to grave--they provide you with housing, education, jobs, vehicles--but, in exchange, they control everything about your life. What color car you will drive. Where you will live. And, most important of all: who you will marry and how many children you will have.

Do you fight them or favor them?



Charles Sutton
Played by  Liz  ➢ Offline
Spouse ➢ Estelle Roberts
Play-by ➢ Pierce Brosnan
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59 Postal Service Clerk Gray Blue/Gray


Organized, Protective, Collected, Janus-faced, Strong Minded

colors: blue, gray; food: Chinese, Steak, Deer, Pasta, Apple Pie, Garlic Bread; scents: woman’s skin after a shower, freshly done garlic bread, smell of a good wine


Charles stands at 6'2'' (188 cm), with a weight of 194 lbs (88 kg). His figure is slim though well preserved and tone due to the exercise he keeps to actively to maintain it. His most noticeable features are his blue eyes, that appear gray in certain light along with his gray hair of different shades. He usually keeps it neatly combed back when out of the house.


The tale of Alexander Phillipe Dunn began fifty six years ago when he arrived into this world kicking and screaming, child of Gerard and Danielle Dunn. He was not their first or last one, but he was the only to live tell the tale about it. His childhood mostly consisted on the things any one child with a father who had a full time job and a mother who dotted on him. Not a day was boring or the same, Danielle made sure of it. She especially made his days busy on the days in the month when she figured out she wasn’t pregnant yet, causing her to go the extra mile to keep her son’s day fun.

Headed to school, Alexander suddenly began to gain friends, something he wasn’t privy to, having his time mostly hogged by his mother. They were all good mates, even though they were only children so most of it was play time at first, later turning into study time. His mother still continued trying too hard, leaving him alone only when she’d receive her letter. The prospect of a new child would keep Danielle busy for a while, giving Alex some time to breathe. It wasn’t that he didn’t love his mother, because he adored her, but as he grew older and learned of other things that were, he did wish at times she’d leave him be.

And he would regret those thoughts many times over in the years to come. Danielle was with the Dunns until Alex was eleven. She had finally gotten pregnant for the sixth time. The pregnancy had made it past the mark in which she usually had a miscarriage. The Dunns were happy. Danielle was especially more ecstatic at the time, thinking everything would turn out alright because Alex was the only child who had made it twenty weeks. She spent any waking moment telling him of the brother or sister that would be joining them soon. So Alex got happy. He shouldn’t have. Because it was only two weeks later that his father came to pick him up from school early. He took him school yard first, trying to come out with the words. He couldn’t for the longest time. Then finally, Alex heard it. Danielle had died. He didn’t hear much of an explanation, his father going with the assumption that an eleven year old would simply not understand. Later, when he had the conversation with Gerard, Alexander learned that his mother had lost yet another child and cut her wrists in the bathtub. The only reason he wasn’t the one to find her was because Gerard had taken a habit of checking his wife’s vitals of her bracelet during pregnancy because of the many miscarriages they had through the years.

It wasn’t long before a new woman came into his father’s life. He was closer to twelve at the time, the stepmother being only nineteen. Alexander suddenly realized how weird it all was, especially since he’s found a bit of a fancy for the young woman. The whole situation got him thinking of how the system work. His loving mother had gone, he’d miss her forever and presto, a new wife had been shipped into the household as if with the snap of a finger. It was the first time Alex started thinking of how the system really worked. And it started to trouble him.

Years to come, Alexander focused on his school. He made some friends; found himself interested in some of his female friends from the neighborhood though as a good son, he did nothing more than take a few passing glances. He knew how the bracelet worked at the time, of course. There were times when his friends were enter some questionable topics, things they claimed they heard from others. Some openly said they’d heard it at home. The topic was the Trust, like his friends that had sisters, hearing from them the things they learned in Portcrest. Alexander listened intently, an only child, hearing the stories for the first time. While some of the girls from his neighborhood were friends, it was not any kind of serious friendship, especially not ones where he’d go around asking what they learned in their own schools so the influx of information suddenly had gotten him curious. He began to piece the knowledge into the woman that was his mother and the woman his father was now married to. Things started to make sense.

The first time he was explained what the Renegades and Radicals were, he was seventeen. He was friend with a guy name Rolf for about two years by then. His friend gave him his first cigarette while they played video games in Rolf’s empty house. He told him about the two groups, they differed, how they did things. Radicals seemed extreme to the young man, but the Renegades were people he didn’t find any issues with. The topic was left at words alone though, leaving Alex to wonder about the side of the world he knew nothing about until then.

With the last year of school, he kept himself busy. Especially since at nearly eighteen years, the teenager in was discovering it harder and harder to concentrate on school when his now twenty-five year old stepmother tried hard to be good with him, all the while parading in skirts that were a little too short for approved length when at home, because apparently his father liked it that way. By time his Aptitude rolled him, he couldn’t be happier because that meant being one step closer to leaving the house. For that one hour at school, Alexander wrote down his answers with mostly a blank mind, nothing putting too much thought into his answers because at that point, he had no clue what possibilities there even were out there. He hadn't put his future into retrospect for a second. The results that came in at the end of the year were a big surprise. Business administration. He wasn't all that impressed.

Sponsoring was something the young man looked forward to. He called the hotline on the first day and asked for a sponsor. It was something he’d secretly been hoping for, thinking that would be the answer to his growing problem. He was given a time and apartment number, ended up getting to know a nice lady by the same of Samantha. She was some four years older than him, she had a kid of whom she hung picture in the living room, she wanted to talk to him. Alexander told her bits about himself but kept the bulk of the information to himself. He especially never mentioned his stepmother. Spending time with her and learning things with her helped him a lot. He made sure to put in as much hours as possible, in light of collage having began. School work kept him busy for the rest of them time.

Two years into his schooling, at the age of twenty, he received the letter with his bride’s information. They were married a few short days later. During the lockdown, they spent the whole time talking. Alexander asked a million questions about his new wife, Elisa and about her education. He found himself finally able to discuss the topic with a female. She answered every question, asking him questions about things her packages didn't include. He answered her questions in return. None of the topics ventured where Alex didn't want them to so his new wife remained in the dark of growing thoughts of the government, his once thoughts of his stepmother or his feelings about losing someone as dear as his mother. In the days of their honeymoon, the two took the next step. As far as his time off, Alexander found himself exploring all sorts of activities with Elisa in Mexico, in and out of the bedroom. She was fun, open to see the sights and take on the sports that seemed a little too dangerous. By the time they returned to Ashpoint, Alexander had briefly forgotten all his issues of the Trust, enjoying having gotten his wife and their time together. Going back to school reminded him, though.

It was another two years before he got his diploma. He was soon assigned to a job, starting at the lowest level of administration. And just as it seemed like was about to fall into complete boring normality, the people around him wouldn't let that happen. Two events fell within the year. First, Elisa shared with him her desire to have a child after having postponed it long enough for him to finish school. Alexander agreed, the thought of a son or daughter made him happy. Second, his friend Rolf with whom he still got together on frequent terms, and who had come his best friend through the years invited him to meet a few of his other buddies. He made it clear right away that his friends shared their thoughts on many subjects, the left out bits of the conversation perfectly clear. The event was a guy’s night out, in a matter of speaking, where Alexander was introduced to four other guys, all Renegades. Rolf had told them of him many times, the question of whether to bring him in had been discussed to detail. His best friend vouched for him and they had finally agreed. Alexander began to form good bonds with these guys, building a friendship with a few of them but remaining on good terms with others. He would meet others later, as he was accepted by more.

The letter came to his house months later, announcing Elisa’s first pregnancy. Nine months later, his son was born – James. His son awoke more thoughts of their world, which he now openly discussed with the crowd he spent time with it. All the while, Alexander kept Elisa out of any of it, never expressing any of his thoughts around her. Why he had chose to keep that piece of his life away from the woman he trusted and cared for deeply, Alexander never knew.

Life with the Renegades was good for Alexander. He had a place where he and his thoughts were accepted, where he could be himself. It allowed him to separate himself from the persona that was expected in their world. It was subtle at first, his young side slowly fading as he matured. At the same time, he flourished at work, moving on up in the company he worked for. It was small steps, often relevant only in job titles. Administration was paperwork, coordination, organization. It wasn't long before he could do most of it with his eyes closed. But working in the environment allowed him to see himself different, to figure out ways to organize his own life. Perhaps the Trust knew him better than he had thought; Alexander considered the possibility as elements of his work snack into his own life and personality.

His son was growing into a healthy boy and by the time his age had arrived to three, the Dunns received another letter. Elisa was pregnant again. By the time, Alexander debated the pros and cons of sons and daughters. He knew by his own experience what it meant to be a man in this world, and his wife’s stories of what it meant to be a woman. Frankly, the more the years progressed, the more he hoped he’d father only sons. Fate had other plans, the ultrasounds revealing a girl. He still had mixed feelings on the thought. Alexander might have wanted a daughter but the whole package of what it entailed struck on his mind more and more. Elisa went into labor, all his fears crashing down by the complications she and the baby were in. He could swear later that his whole life flashed before his eyes when one of the midwife came out to tell him both his wife and daughter had died. Alexander was still shock over the news when one of the nurses came out to call the midwife back in, leaving the poor man in the hallway with his son. In those short moments, Alex thought of both his wife and daughter. He wasn't ready to give up on either of them, even if he didn't know one of them yet. Not quite the religious man, he prayed silently for them to be returned to him even if the world would always stay the same. If he got to have his daughter at his side for seventeen years before she was drafted to someone else, he would take it. He just wanted his family. And his wife, his sweet precious wife was good to him. She loved him, Alexander knew and she loved James to no end. She was so excited about their daughter. He wasn't ready to let go of either of them. And perhaps someone or something had indeed heard his thoughts that day because when the midwife came out again, it was to tell him that his daughter was alive and well. He held Cordelia soon after, and one look of her face, Alexander knew his little baby girl would be the most important girl in his life.

Left with a four year old and a newborn, Alexander struggled. He even ended up enlisting the help of a live-in, calling up his old sponsor for the job. Being a mother herself, Samantha was of big help to him. While his job took him away through the day, back at home, he listened and learned from the woman as she instructed him how to deal with the baby, something Elisa mostly handled the last time. Alexander might have helped, but his wife definitely did the majority of the work. It would be a while before the two actually got together again, falling in the familiarity of their old relationship almost a decade after they had parted ways. Samantha stayed with them for the next few years but other than the occasional fulfillment of needs, their relationship was mostly that of friendship. For a long while, he remained undrafted, allowing him to focus more time on his children, his work and his group which he had neglected somewhat the first couple of years of his daughter’s life. He kept in touch with the ones he had gotten closest to, especially his friend Rolf but since they all led the lives he did, there was an understanding. But being away from people he could express his thoughts to and people he had developed good friendships with had made things a little hard. He began to slip up at home on occasion, dropping remarks about the Trust when he assumed nobody could hear him, only to find out in time his kids did hear him. He did however make sure his kids knew about their mother so he spoke of Elisa often. It was pretty obvious just how much he cared about his late wife but he never talked about her to anyone but James and Cordelia.

Once he returned into his old ways, Alexander took to spending more time with his friends. He upped his cigarette intake and even caught a few female members who had joined in the time he wasn't active. For a man who had remained faithful to his late wife, it was a new concept but one he embraced easily to his own surprise. Meanwhile, he took a more active role in the group, accepting to help fellow Renegades when they needed help. It was somewhat simple, in light of his job but if he could accomplish the task, usually involving bringing someone together with someone from the company if the other person would be willing, or supplying them with the materials the company had in abundance. He was always careful though in how much and from where he took, not to raise suspicion. James had already started school by the time Cordelia was two, their life had sort of settled into a sort of normality, in a matter of speaking.

Alexander didn't get draft for another four years. By then, he’d gotten used to the life he now led. His daughter was in school when he received the letter with the information, choosing to keep the information quiet from her as the week moved, unsure how she would react. Louise McGuire was young, new to the Drafting pool and eager to be a wife in her extremely bright outfits and attitude. While he was sure she fit the bill of what the Trust knew of him, the things he’d found out through his time in the Renegades had taught him that diversity was a good thing. He got along with the woman but suddenly debated whether he should simply remain faithful to her. So, they did their lockdown and took their honeymoon. Alexander spent the earliest of that time watching the girl carefully, wondering what she would do and then took a leap, and surprising her with a kiss. When she responded back, he let things get a little further. The way he saw it, the poor girl was stuck with him. It would have been cruel to deny her something if she wanted it. Of course, if he had learned she was completely against sex, he would have let her be. Of course, the biggest issue was the weekend to come. His daughter had come to find a new woman there and threw a fit about it, making Louise’s time there just a tad bit difficult. Moreover, she was extremely upset with him for not telling her though he had been right to expect such a strong reaction from his daughter, who only ever “shared” her father with the live-in, whose position was quite clear from the get go. And Samantha had long left their life, her task there complete.

Two years passed. His marriage to Louise was mediocre. He spent his hours at work, then at home, then “with the boys” as he referred to it which was mostly him with either Rolf and some friends or with the Renegades. Sometimes, he’d come with some alcohol on his breath, sometimes with a bit of cigarette scent to his clothes. Though in those cases, he came home late. Louise stayed up at first but in time seemed to have given up. Alexander made sure to drop his clothes in the washer and brush his teeth. Sometimes he’d even take a late shower before joining her in bed. It all came to an end on a weekend when Cordelia made a cake, causing his wife to fall into an anaphylactic shock and die.

Widower once again, a part of his wondered whether or not the peanut in Cordelia’s cake had been an accident or not considering how much Cordelia disliked her stepmother from day one but the thought left him quickly, never to return again. His old life resumed as it was. Work, Renegades. He even took a new sponsor. There was more to do with the group. He’d lend a hand to Rolf when he had some smuggling shipments in.

It was when James was nineteen and Cordelia was fifteen that Alexander came out with the knowledge that he was a renegade to them. Both of his children knew well enough what he thought of the world at that point and he too knew their own thoughts of it, the subject privately approved in the Dunn household since their childhood. Prior to that time, he had chosen to keep them in the dark to protect them but as they grew older, he weighed the pros and cons of them knowing. High up the list of pros was his children’s safety which was a two bladed sword. Keeping them in the dark was good to them, yes. But the Renegades were his friends, people he trusted with his hidden truth and life in many cases. Bringing James and Cordelia into the fold was to protect them in the long run more than anything else. With this new change of family dynamics, in a way, Alexander spent extra time trying to teach his children the things he had learned with the Renegades. Guns particularly. It was important to him that both of his children knew how to protect themselves. But Cordelia was the one who really got into the whole thing, making him spend more time teaching his daughter about every bit she needed to know about different guns, including how to hack them so they couldn't trace back to their previous owners.

Several years passed again, Alexander remained undrafted. He was fine with that. His son soon started working; his daughter was finishing up with school. He was there when Cordelia got drafted to her first husband. It wasn't long before Cord revealed to him Joseph Richards was in fact a radical. That was a piece of information Alexander was not too happy about. While he respected that Radicals too wanted a change and did not agree with the system, he worried for his daughter more so than he worried before, knowing that she would become someone’s wife without a choice. Radicals were way more dangerous in his eyes, especially when his own blood was involved.

And then things got bad, way too quickly. Both Alexander and Rolf were caught one night while receiving a large shipment that held both alcohol and new guns. He’d warned his best friend it was risky to move the two things at once but Rolf believed his contacts that it was safe and that it would be quicker if it just went together. They were arrested and a trial was set. Their lawyer told them it was a lost case. An old buddy of theirs, instead told them of a plan to escape. Adding a few of his own contacts into the mix, the plan was made. They’d both run. It all worked great, minus the fact that someone slipped and they nearly got caught. Rolf was shot in the back. Alexander considered going back to his friend, an act he didn't even think through but instead, Rolf urged him to go forward so he did, leaving his best friend to die alone while he got in the car waiting for him at the planned position. He hated himself for it.

The past decade, he has been running. Traveling and hiding. He spent some time in the slums of New York, made friends that were friends of his Renegade friends, met some Radicals even. He didn't always stay there, relocating for periods of time to avoid staying in one place. But he’d return and stick around for a while. Two years ago, while there, he caught rift of trouble down the street. He should have turned around and walked away, not to get involved in anything to get him in trouble. But Alexander couldn't stop himself. The slums was territory of people like him. And people like him didn't like trouble started in their territory. Or perhaps it was something a lot simple than that. Whatever it was that drew him back, Alexander caught sight of one of the guys he knew was on the run from Ashpoint as well. But he also knew the one he aiming his weapon at. Richard Hornsby, a police officer from his home town. While Alexander didn’t always associate with policemen, he tended to be drawn to the good folk, no matter what their affiliation was. He had an open mind like that. So the sight of Richard nearly getting killed turned the wheels in his head and he stepped out, reasoning with the fellow outlaw. He managed to calm him, working with Richard to assure him that he wouldn't be caught because Richard wouldn't share the information of having seen him. It took a while, the man clearly panicking but he finally allowed Alexander to take the gun from out of his hands. He remained upset even after Alexander dragged Richard away, keeping the weapon tucked into his belt for the time being so the man wouldn't change his mind. Richard took the whole thing rather well and he’d managed to convince him to keep the information to himself. Alexander remained a little while longer in New York, partly because he trusted Richard to keep his word and partly because he was curious to see what he would do. Nobody came to get him.

Over the years, Alexander has used his friends to find out what was happening in Ashpoint. He mostly kept tabs on his children through others though he remained in contact with James and sending messages to his fellow Renegades through him, leaving Cordelia out of things. The play of events on his life had kept him from meeting his daughter-in-law Harper which happened just after he was forced to leave. He was particularly pissed off when he learned what his son-in-law had done, the fellow Renegade that had brought the news to him calming him down and explaining the rest of the story. That day he was glad for the decision of bringing both his children to the Renegades, knowing that their watchful eye on her and quick action saved her after Joseph was executed. Didn’t stop him from being furious at the extremity of the Radicals.

In the last year, he’s returned to Ashpoint, sure that it’s safe. It wasn’t an action done on a whim, instead carefully planned action with the help of several people to get him here. When he arrived, he weighed the options of coming to James and Cordelia and threw them out the window. And knocked on the doors of Malia Hornsby in the Widows’ complex. He probably shouldn't have done that, the woman was never quite a fan. But he trusted very little people truly at this point and Richard had turned out to be fair after he had saved his life. And he was right in assuming he had told his wife what had happened in New York because he knew there was no other way she would have let him stick around. She’s let him use her closet to crash and on the weekends when she has sponsoring appointments, Alexander puts on his headphones and listens to his extensive play-list. Not that she’s too loud or anything, but he found it to be a good way to give her privacy.

Since he’s return, he’s been using James as a messenger a little more frequently than before. He doesn't always stay indoors but when he’s out, he tries to blend in as much as possible. There are a few Renegades he trusts to wander off to when he needs some smokes and alcohol but he’s considerate enough not to bring any of that stuff to Malia’s apartment.


Alexander kept in shadows for the most part of his life in Ashpoint though with the raised rebel activity, to which his status among them allowed him to be privy of to a degree, he began to realize something was brewing. His long standing fugitive life however did not let him having the knowledge of exactly what it was the kids were doing. So when the explosion below the mall happened, it had come as quite a shock. That day; Malia saw him swear for the longest time prior to his contacts informing him of the fallout of the incident. Ashpoint was being evacuated. So Alexander slipped into the darkness again, without even saying his goodbyes to the woman that had been so helpful to him. It was in her best interest after all. Within the next week, he reached to his contacts further investigating the situation before heading West.

It was there that Alexander would discover that chips were being manufactured which would be given to both men and women, children from the age of 11 even which would replace the bracelets girls have been given for so long. He understood quickly this would be a problem. He was a man on the run, who survived this long mostly due to his ability to hide, mask himself and use his disguises to move around. With a chip implanted under the skin which would serve so much purpose, he knew he would be caught in now time. So Alexander devised a plan, the only solution that could save his life. For this, he would use a contact that owed him quite a few favors as the man worked for the government. He'd once found his friend to be fascinating for having had his rebel history slip under the radar considering his job but now, he was his only option. He came into contact with the man, who'd been more than surprised to see him alive. Alexander made sure to remind him of all that he owed him from times past and then man agreed to help him. He'd learned then that it wasn't the first time he'd done it but of course, his friend revealed nothing of what he'd done in the past, to save others.

His contact would reach other to him again in a month, having found an identity for him. Charles Sutton, born in San Francisco, was merely a small child when he'd died, in a car accident that took his entire family. His friend was able to fabricate the following story. Little Charles was the only member of the family that remained alive following the family accident and due to having no family members left was dropped into an orphanage where he remained until the age of eighteen, attending the local boy's school. His aptitude tests placed him in the administration field, after which he was assigned a Postal Service Clerk where he would spend the next decades working.

His sponsorship was documented as having done with several sponsors, preferences added as per Alexander's requests. After all, the man had a taste of his own.

Charles' draft would come a little later than usual, at twenty-five, to a woman that was his four years senior. A daughter, Collen was documented to having been born when Charles was thirty-three, his wife thirty-seven at the time. Collen was reported to have died at the age of five, having drowned in the ocean. After that, Collen's documentation showed first the inability to conceive again, after which she was discovered to have ovarian cancer. She battled with the disease for quite a long time, first surgery that removed the one infected, then chemo, then remission. It seemed for a while she was doing well, only for the cancer to return and spread further. They repeated the process one more time. She died at fifty-six.

Charles was fifty-two at the time. He remained undrafted for a few years ago and finally made the request to move East. His request would finally be granted earlier this year and he was assigned to a Postal Clerk job in Tidewater where, once he was relocated, he'd began receiving information on his wife-to-be.

After the story had been prepared, Alexander sought out his other contacts, finding through them a surgeon. Through computer software, a picture of little Charles was used to make a rough estimate on what he would look at this and age following which Alexander went to surgery which was extremely risky considering it was all underground.

During the surgery, the end of his jawline was enhanced for a wider facer, his nose was slight elogated at the button but tinned at the top, his eyelids were touched up and eyebrow path altered, his hairline trace was slightly altered, his skin pumped just a bit, his ears enlarged... hours and hours after, he'd remained wrapped up for several days, not sure if the the surgery had even worked. Once the bandages came off, his face was swollen but the changes had taken place.

The change is something only his son had been privy to, as the only person he'd remained in contact through the years. He was not given the full extend of the information however, in order to preserve secrecy of the project. Alexander knew everything he was doing was a risk, especially going back into the world as Charles Sutton but the new technology had made his life on the run an even bigger risk.

The last step to his new identity was receiving his new chip, which he went to the local office in San Francisco all on his own. Why? Because he figured it was right to test it first. If he'd been caught and any aspect of his documentation was faulty, he might as well known right away. Everything went smoothly though.

A week ago, he arrived to Tidewater with his things and moved into the house, awaiting for his draft day.

Random tidbits from the old profile:

(Sexual Kinks) Doggy style
(Sexual Fantasies) Sex on the rooftop of a skyscraper, threesome (done but always a thing)


Elisa Dunn; wife, deceased
-James Dunn; son, 34
-Cordelia Valdes neé Dunn; daughter, 30
Louise McGuire; wife, deceased

Harper Dunn neé Murphy; daughter-in-law, 28
-Unborn grandchild

The following family info is taken from archives or fabricated (wives and children:
Baltazar Charles Sutton (father, deceased)
Veronica Dale-Sutton (mother, deceased)
Evelyn Veronica Sutton (sister, deceased)
Gabrielle Willow Sutton (sister, deceased)

Dido Torres-Sutton (wife, deceased)
Collen Sutton (daughter, deceased)
Birthdate: September 30th (August 11th)
Bad Habits: cracks his neck and knuckles, has had a long standing habit of drinking and smoking which he
Turn-Ons: less trust approved attire, naked woman who isn
Turn-Offs: pro-trust opinions without arguments, too shy (some is okay), complete submission
hair color preference: Brunettes
eye color preference: Preferrence to blue or green but ultimately irrelevant.
draft position: Against
premarriage y/n: No

Hard Limits

Can be discussed.

Player Notes

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