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The year is 2192.

The country is the United States.

The current regime, The Trust, has been in power for over one hundred years.

The Trust takes care of you from cradle to grave--they provide you with housing, education, jobs, vehicles--but, in exchange, they control everything about your life. What color car you will drive. Where you will live. And, most important of all: who you will marry and how many children you will have.

Do you fight them or favor them?



Ainsley Cooper
Played by  Liz  ➢ Offline
Spouse ➢ Nova Acidalia
Play-by ➢ Jai Courtney
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31 Actor Blonde (brown in roots) Blue


Adaptable, Quick-Thinking, Loyal, Unforgiving, Jealous

foods: BBQ, Peanut butter, Fried chicken, Oysters; colors: Ocean blue, black and white combo, olive green; scents: flowery scents on a woman, woman


A muscular built and standing at 6'2'' (1.85 m). He has naturally curly hair though he's kept it short for many years now. Due to his jobs, he exercises a lot and keeps his muscles defined.


The family originally lived in Philadelphia, with Bale Cooper a member of the Hell's Angels. His wife Willa was not a member herself, but she eventually did become by association with her husband. Their firstborn, Ainsley was born there and it wasn't until he was three, when the chapter in Ashpoint was up and running that Bale asked to be moved to Ashpoint where he was placed to work in the club. Ainsley or Coop, as he gets called, doesn't have a lot of memories of his parents. What he does remember is that his father mixed drinks at the bar and told him about some tricks to making them as he did it, that he always his called Willa his old lady and most of all, he remembers when his little Haley was born. His mother then told him that as her big brother, it was her job to take care of her. Coop took that very seriously, even then and believed himself to be Haley's protector.

He was left in the dark about what his parents actually did, but it had become pretty normal to notice the occasional smoke around his parents or noticing them put away bottles where they couldn't be found. His father would tell him then that he should never repeat what he saw or heard at home, but he never did actually hear anything. But Ainsley was a good boy, he never said anything.

At six, he started school which simply didn't work with him at first. He wanted to stay home and play with his friends, kids his own age with whose parents his own parents were friends with. A lot of the kids at school seemed different somehow. He'd want to be outside and sneak the books his mother kept in a special place and read them. But his mother would always catch him and take them back, telling them that wasn't for little kids to read. He got into a bit of trouble in school, raising his hand too often and asking the teacher questions about what she had told him. Your basic whys and hows to what the teacher expected them to simply accept as fact. After a while though, he stopped and saved them for after school, asking his Dad about them. Sometimes, Bale would answer him, sometimes he'd tell him that he should ask that when he was older. All the while though, Coop lived in his own little blissful world, unaware of the life his family led.

Reality struck when he turned nine, with Haley only three years old. His parents were executed with a lot of their friends. He moved in with the Warringtons with a lot of his friends and they all moved to Trellis. It made little sense at the time. Coop tried to understand, but it had little to base it on. He was also incredibly worried about his little sister. He was still a child, though, and life somehow gained some normality quickly. Minus the part where he was suddenly living in a big house with a bunch of other kids, where he had to share things with other kids. And Coop happened to be really bad at sharing, so that took some adjusting to do. Eventually, though, he'd managed. And in light of his age, he started helping out with the other kids around the household to keep it working. Since he was one of the eldest there at the time, he worked on the biggest choirs than some of his younger 'roommates'.

His teenage years were almost uneventful. Cooper got a better understanding how things worked. While the adults mostly kept their things private, he wasn't as shoved out of the house as his father did when he was still a child. Adults drinking and smoking in the privacy of their group was pretty normal for him so what Coop understood better was the illegal aspect of it all. And curiosity got the better of him, sneaking himself some cigarettes and alcohol to try. The first time he got drunk, he was fifteen. He did it in the house and got him in a bit of trouble. He wasn't that developed yet at the time, so he hadn't actually drank that much but it was enough for the growing boy to feel what it meant to be drunk. And learned what a hangover was after that. He was a curious kid, he couldn't help himself from wanting to know more and experience more so he let himself get caught up with the younger members of the club, doing the small stuff. Just enough to feel alive, as he explained it to himself. In comparison, though, he was probably pretty mild to what some of the other boys in the club did.

He was seventeen when he scraped some money and caught up with a younger Prostitute of the club. While she wanted to turn him down, he kept insisting and eventually convinced her. He had sex with for the first time and frankly, had no clue what all the hype about the sex was at that point. He took his Aptitude test next and landed the profession of an actor. Pretty bleak choice, if you asked Coop. But then, he had yet to understand the fun he would experience later. After his eighteenth birthday, he didn't rush into the sponsorship. After the first time, he didn't see much fun in it. So an appointment was eventually made for him and he kept with it. The first one was sort of fun, but not all that interesting. So he went to another. So he called the hotline for another one. The second sponsor was a little more his taste. She was slightly older and not so bleak. She introduced him to a quite a few things, made sex interesting for him. She guided him for a while and let his mind run wild. The craziest thing he could think of, they would do. It was nothing ever so drastic, but Coop managed to find the things he liked and started to enjoy the whole thing. He kept with her until the end of his sponsoring, all the while attending his with his schooling. Now school was fun for Coop. His teachers put him through a lot of tests, taught him plenty of techniques, advised him to start working on his body because he'd shown an affinity for action. He could do the drama plays easily, but frankly, he didn't get a kick out of it if it wasn't just your average sappy scene with just talking. And they were right. Ainsley started exercising frequently and shaping his body in the form it has now. And he never stopped.

His career started small, with back roles, but he kept pushing and trying. Each job required promotion. It took him some time to get into the photoshoots and the suits for the premieres. Ainsley learned that it wasn't just about the day to day job of acting as per the director's instructions, there was so much more to it. He actually started enjoying his work, but remained still very active within the club. On one of the parties, he'd even gotten drunk and ended up sleeping with the then seventeen year old Dahlia Easton, an event Ainsley remembers to have been pretty decent, but maybe somewhat awkward as well.

Ainsley remained undrafted for two years. It should have been a time for him to focus solely on his career and enjoy, which he in truth did with the sweetbutts of the club, but ultimately, it was the worst time of his life. At twenty one, he lost Haley. His sister was fifteen, she was different than he was. She was a rebel in her heart, she wanted to test the boundaries, she was just so angry at the world. The Trust had her executed because she'd fallen in love and was foolish enough to act on it. From what he found out, it was quick. The bracelet sent the alert to the authorities and got them both killed. The man? A young twenty something year old who was already drafted. He wasn't a member of the club. And he was an idiot Ainsley would have killed himself if the Trust hadn't done it. He had never experienced rage the way he had that day. Honestly, Coop didn't think he was even capable of so much of it. His brothers had to hold him down that day before he'd gotten himself killed. He was equally pissed off at himself as he was at the Trust because he had no disillusions about who had killed his baby sister, but at the same time, he was supposed to be Haley's protector and he failed.

The loss of his sister later focused Ainsley better than ever. He understood better what the Trust was and he channeled all his hate to it. But he was an actor and a damn good one at that. He could play the part of the public persona and act as though he was cool with the tyranny. Every time he felt himself like he could slip from it, he would remind himself that Haley was an innocent of probably thousands who were taken from their families because they chose their fate and refuse to be their puppets. And she wouldn't be the last one. And Coop? He didn't have Haley anymore, but he had plenty of 'sisters' in the Club that could suffer the same fate and he wasn't about to let himself get in trouble and not be able to protect them.

His career developed as his instructors suspected it would. Action movies. On occasion, he'd been cast in the bleak stories as he considered them, he'd do his part and go home at the end of the day, but the action sequences tired his spirit the way he wanted them to. His exercise at the end of the day was still strong and after a particularly stressful day, he'd drain himself to the point where he'd just crash once he came home. But being a public persona had also but a bigger eye on him. He's become the face of the Sons unwillingly. Every time they screw up? Ainsley gets called in for questioning. But he doesn't do the worst deeds, they can never pin anything on him, but he finds the whole process annoying as hell.

At twenty two, he received his letter. Dahlia Easton was a familiar face from the Sons, who lost her own father to the Trust as well. By that time, Ainsley had had a couple of sweetbutts, but he'd never considered taking an old lady for himself. But he'd never seen Dahlia coming. During the lockdown, she laid down the rules on him. The general attitude she put up at the time was actually kinda hot even then but the rules? Damn. She wouldn't be his old lady nor was he allowed to flaunt one in front of her if he got her, she'd ride with him and keep up with the Club but not his public appearances. Life was about to get interesting, Coop told himself. They mostly drifted to their own things at the time, Dahlia more focused on her own gender than men and Coop towards to sweetbutts to fulfill his needs. It was a party with the Sons that shifted the balance. They ended up sleeping together again and Ainsley found himself having enjoyed sleeping with her more than the others, but that didn't meant she'd changed her mind. It happened a few more times after that, but not too often. Coop started realizing that he was never looking for another to become his old lady because he had found her... he just couldn't proclaim it. And in time, he realized he loved her. Once he realized that, he realized he hates sharing her even though he does respect her enough to keep his mouth shut. It's easier when she's with her girlfriends, but the occasional male lay she did get in the club would boil his blood. He would usually end up piss drunk with another woman to cool himself off.

His career takes him around, especially until nearly two years ago when the studio in Ashpoint was finally built. And if he's not making movies he's promoting them. Life with Dahlia has found a sort of balance. She's his best friend at this point, though he'd still prefer if he could formally make her his old lady. The sweetbutts tire him quickly as he gets older. He makes buddies with the other actors and directors because of work, but he doesn't form meaningful friendships with any of them. He knows where he stands, the Sons are his family. There is a part of him that wishes they didn't do some of the things they do, especially since he gets him in trouble,but he's never had a problem with the alcohol, drugs or smokes even if he doesn't actively use all of it. Condoms, though, are his friends when it comes to the sweet butts, Ainsley has no desire knocking up any of those girls or worst of all, getting them killed. While he has thought of a child, even with the way the world is messed up, Ainsley couldn't imagine having it with anyone but his old lady, even he's never gonna say that out loud.

Dahlia eventually decided she did want a child with him and they began trying. It took them months and months before the letter finally came in. She was pregnant. Ainsley immediately admitted to her that he wished for the name Haley if it was a girl, after his late sister though he'd let her decide on the first name. Dahlia took a long time in figuring it out and he gave her the time for it. At eight months, she went into premature labor, something had been wrong with the baby. The doctors operated and found the umbilical cord was wrapped around the girl's neck. They managed to get the baby out though there were additional complications with Dahlia at the same time that they'd missed or possibly caused while getting the baby out. The doctors never full explained it but she bled out on the delivery table, too much blood for them to find the damage and repair it in time. Next thing the man, he was handed a small premature baby and informed of his wife's passing. Ainsley couldn't wrap his head around either of the two facts. He was looking forward to the baby, that much was obvious but at the same time, he loved his wife to no end and the thought of losing her over what she wanted so much broke his heart.

He ended up naming the girl Haley Dahlia Cooper. His wife had ended up never revealing to him what she wanted to name the girl so the job had been left to him. The girls from the Club came around to help him with the baby as often as time allowed it though Coop finally decided on getting a live-in to help him out since he had no clue what he was really doing. The woman, Nathalie Richards, was close to his age and had a kid of her own so she'd been a big help, teaching him everything a single Dad should know about taking care of a little girl. He still freaked all too many times during the first few months, calling for back up from his family all too often. She'd set the rule, she was only the nanny to Haley and Ainsley respected this, taking care of his needs with the sweetbutts at the club. However, when she broke her rule, Ainsley gave in all too willingly. It had been a good wake up call to him. Nattie was already a great friend to him so their physical relationship fit right in for him.

When the explosion happened at the mall, he wasn't too far from the place, on his way there. He'd thought about how he was running late, how the live-in had kept him by instructing additional things to buy and he was getting extremely irked by the woman when in the end, it was probably what had saved his life and saved his little Haley from losing her only remaining parent. So the first thing he did when he came back home was hugged the woman and thanked her.

They were relocated to Tidewater shortly after, and he and Haley bunked with a young couple for the short while before he was assigned a house in Pleasant Reef. He knew all too well the new draft was coming but he hoped it wouldn't be any time soon. He'd finally settled into the life he'd been given, managing to get his old live-in again once she'd settled into the town as well.


Bale Cooper; father, deceased
--Bailey Cooper; paternal half-sister, deceased
--Belladonna Saunders; paternal half-sister
-Willa Cooper b. Rowe; mother, deceased
--Haley Cooper; sister, deceased

Quincy Warrington; formal legal guardian, “Uncle War”
Evangeline Warrington; his informal legal guardian, “Aunt Vee”
Warrington children & SosMC kids raised by the Warringtons; extended family

Leeland Saunders, godfather
Amaryllis Saunders, godmother

-Dahlia Easton (wife #1, deceased)
-Austen Fox (wife #2, deceased)
-Nova Acidalia-Cooper (wife #3, old lady)

-Haley Dahlia Cooper (daughter)
Birthdate: November 5th 1960
Bad Habits: drinks averagely unless he’s pissed, then he gets piss ass drunk; smokes rarely due to the need to remain healthy and fit; when he’s drunk, he filter is off on his swear words; after an exhausting day, drains himself completely exercising
Turn-Ons: Nails pressed against his skin, Woman wearing leather, Public places (anything that doesn’t consistute as home basically); kinks: Tying up a woman, Standing positions, Rough & quick; fantasy: threesome;
Turn-Offs: Basic vanilla sex in bed, Long pencil skirts/dresses of the same length, Sweaty body
hair color preference: darker
eye color preference: darker
draft position: Against
premarriage y/n: No

Hard Limits

Can be discussed.

Player Notes

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