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The year is 2192.

The country is the United States.

The current regime, The Trust, has been in power for over one hundred years.

The Trust takes care of you from cradle to grave--they provide you with housing, education, jobs, vehicles--but, in exchange, they control everything about your life. What color car you will drive. Where you will live. And, most important of all: who you will marry and how many children you will have.

Do you fight them or favor them?



Thaddeus Malvery
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Thaddeus is a healthy six foot and single inch, with well muscled shoulders and slim hips, kept well under wraps because of the close relationship he has with his tailor. That figure and the physical stamina that goes with it thanks in part to the number of outdoor sports and activities sanctioned for young men from the Trust, he has a great deal of respect for keeping physically fit, no matter the state of one's Draft. His hands and feet are meticulously well kept, the fingers long, well boned and elegant. His hair which he keeps shorter on the sides than he does the top is also carefully maintained, getting trimmed regularly at the same barber since his arrival to Tidewater. His eyes are blue, and his features are rather patrician thanks to his American ancestors. Though solid, and serious, he does at times exhibit a boyish sort of charm that is sparingly allotted to those he is closest to, namely his mother and paternal aunts.


Born in Winter's Sanctuary, Maine, 2159, Thaddeus was the last of three children of Aaron and Rose Malvery. His parents were the sort that the Trust held up to the rest of the country. One happy family, with father and mother, and three children who were healthy, and well spoken. That is to say – one saw them, but did not hear them, unless they were told to speak. Of course, looks as we all know can be deceiving and for the bulk of his young life, deception was the name of the game.

It was all a carefully kept front. His parent's allegiance to the Trust was all but in name only. His father wanted more for his children, and their children. Rebels to the last. Speak as you're told, do as you are told, but hide deep the absolute repugnance for having your civil and individual god given rights taken away. Because of that – rather than take on the normal process of going through primary school with boys his age, seeing as classes up til the age of eleven hadn't yet been integrated, he found himself often spending his Summers, not with fun but with re-education.

Youthful indiscretions, each and every one – or so the story went. Thaddeus was simply to wild to be tamed.

Eventually however, no matter how much propaganda his parents had fed him through the years, the Trust won out, and he like many – conformed. Once Thaddeus discovered the benefits of conforming to life in the Trust he thrived. He excelled.

He became.

Thaddeus came to believe in the societal standards that the Trust promoted, even though his parents regularly touted that he should, 'think freely for himself'. While he might have had some hang ups as a child, then a belligerent teen, the latter half of his adolescence was a dawning of understanding.

Or had he just gotten better at playing the Game, the Trust wanted him to play?

Though it took him to the age of nineteen to be considered for his exams, let alone allowed to take them – he did eventually get his chance, settling not to far at the top of the class, but by no means near the middle either. And his sponsorship through that latter half of that year, and into his early twenties led to anther bout of re-education. Thaddeus' tastes when it came to spending time with members of the opposite sex he sought out was a bit … boring. He seemed to have little desire to sow wild oats as one was allowed to do, though he did spend all the requisite time with his sponsors as he was told he had to. But these women never truly sparked any of the necessary desire to be more than the vessels they represented. A means to an end.

They simply didn't interest him enough on a visceral level to do more than 'settle the blood' or 'relieve a minor itch' as he might put it.

Aside from his completely lackluster desires to do more than was required with his sponsors, he did in fact enjoy spending the bulk of his time in college – learning all that he could when it came to the history of the world, and how with the emergence of the Trust, that world was made better. It rang true in so many parts of him that desired to wield control and power the same way that the Trust did over the populace. Only, Thaddeus never voiced any of this – to anyone. He had learned, that any sort of divergence from what was considered 'morally upright and within the norms' was something to keep buried.

It was that, and his parents – who having been outed by their own children, found themselves incarcerated as well with no hope of ever walking freely ever again.

Spurned on by this event, Thaddeus focused all of his attentions on finishing college with a sparkling record, even though again – his sponsors labeled him, “Mr. Staid”. He didn't care. He did well with his final exams, and though he hadn't yet been accepted for a Draft, realized that it was probably in part to his parents having been so loose with their own morals, and the upbringing of their children. He could well understand 'why' the Trust hadn't chosen him yet.

The fact that his parents had been rather notorious in their neck of the woods was reason enough for the young Malvery to pack up his possessions and seek anonymity in a new place. Chafing beneath the label of being the son of 'moral criminals'. Tidewater wasn't just a place on the map for him. It was a fresh start that he desperately needed.

His exit exams having placed him oddly enough, as an Educator. He would be the one to educate the younger generations as well that the best way for them all to succeed was to give their trust to the Trust. While the major histories of the world were severely limited as far as content was concerned, Thaddeus never let that bother him. He knew the truth, even if he wasn't allowed to make use of it.

No, rather than be forced to go back once more to be 'educated' again, he kept his profile extremely low – and his head down.

Outwardly he spurns the rebellious youth he recalls sitting at his mother's table and so, puts on the cover of a morally upright, though uptight individual with sharp eyes and a smile that might just be cruel were it not for the absolute control he held himself with.

His first draft took him to the edge of what could be, of what he desired in a mate. Kalea was in direct opposition to himself as far as personality. Could he say that he loved her? If asked, he would reply that he was uncertain, that she was an adequate mate who did just as the Trust trained to do. Privately, he mourned and buried the softness that had just started to eek its way from the cooler facade of his mannerisms and features. One wife, one child -- gone, in the blink of an eye.

What will his next draft bring him? No one knows yet that part of the story.


No Information
Birthdate: 7.10.2159
Bad Habits: Foot Tapping, Compulsory tooth brushing
Turn-Ons: Well turned out ankles
Turn-Offs: Unmanicured nails.
hair color preference: Red
eye color preference: Green
draft position: Neutral
premarriage y/n: No

Hard Limits


Player Notes

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