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The year is 2192.

The country is the United States.

The current regime, The Trust, has been in power for over one hundred years.

The Trust takes care of you from cradle to grave--they provide you with housing, education, jobs, vehicles--but, in exchange, they control everything about your life. What color car you will drive. Where you will live. And, most important of all: who you will marry and how many children you will have.

Do you fight them or favor them?



Branwen Worthington
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She's in a word, spritely -- complete with impish smiles and cheeks that tend to flush. Not very tall, though she tries her best to gain a few inches with heels. Compared to her sisters, she thinks of herself as something of a stick, and wished as much as any girl ever did for fuller curves than what she was graced with. She wears her dark hair long, and keeps her nails short. Branwen approaches make up with the 'naked' look, opting to keep things fresh and simple.


Branwen Anne Acidalia was born to Carson and Nicole in the latter part of the summer of 2168. Given she was an Acidalia, there was little surprise to be had when it was found out that she was going to be sharing the womb with a twin. Although, to be fair – Bran didn’t leave her much space. Younger by all of ten minutes, there was certainly a difference between them upon inspection by the doctors and nurses at the hospital. Bran was a quiet, healthy sized boy, while Branwen was wee and prone to fits of distemper. Thankfully, the fits would mellow out as the twins got older and Branwen became a bubbly, happy child who thrived in the company of her brother, and by extension from there with her family.

Like most girls, she had her bracelet but rarely gave it more than a passing thought as both she and her twin went about their days, idyllic and happy being with one another. They both learned to read, to write and do the most basic of math. There was little tension in Branwen’s life then, until of course came the day that she lost her mother, and then in turn lost her twin. The first to a car accident, and the second to the accident of the sex of her birth.

By six she was shipped off to Saint Martha’s, with Bran having to go to Saint Benedict’s. Gone was the bracelet, and in its place a microchip. Somehow Branwen felt the loss as sharply as she had that of her absent other half. And life started to spiral downward for the usually bubbly Branwen. Without her twin, there was little for her to do when it came to her insecurities. Bran was the bold one, the adventurous one. He brought all the light and life into a room. Branwen more or less thought of herself as Bran’s backup. His shadow. Nice enough on her own, but without any real depth next to her twin.

Saint Martha’s helped to change that perception of herself. Little by little, Branwen figured out what it meant to simply be, Branwen. Although she wasn’t particularly good at her studies, and more often than not found her weekends spent with remedial courses, she tried her best. So what if she always burned the food she was supposed to make, or stitched closed the pants leg she was supposed to fix? Was it so bad that she hadn’t a clue about how to decorate, or that one shouldn’t wear suede and corduroy at the same time? With a seemingly endless optimistic nature, Branwen continued to try, to fail and to eventually find some sort of middle ground that was considered passable.

Until of course, she had to take her exit exams for school.

Anything worse than a 78% was considered a failure, and when her finals came back Branwen was so embarrassed that she was afraid to show her face at home. She hadn’t studied very hard, and while she could charm and cruise through many of her classes – the exit exam was different. In order to be drafted to someone, you had to pass. If you couldn’t, then what good were you?

More remedial courses, more worry over whether or not her father would think that she wasn’t as smart as some of her sisters, as bright as her own twin. Mostly, Branwen told herself that it didn’t matter. Things would look up, she just had to keep trying! More than likely, she was going to go down in history as one of the best or worst flunkies of Saint Martha’s history. But she wouldn’t let that keep her from smiling, from daydreaming and helping others. Hers was a warmth that couldn’t be denied once you got past the vague look in her eyes. She wasn’t stupid, but she was prone to mentally wandering off when it wasn’t exactly the most appropriate time for such things.

When she had done all of the remedial course work, and past her exam, she was thrilled. Here was her chance to prove to whomever the Trust paired her with that the right decision was made. Not that she really got to know her first husband much. A terrible twist of fate, or simply because he hadn’t been sure footed enough changed Branwen’s thoughts on ever visiting Montana ever again.

They met at the Justice of the Peace, as most do and retired to their new home for lock down. Paul was sweet, and sensitive – saying they could wait until they knew one another better before they finally consummated their marriage. It was a relief to Branwen, who had never felt utterly comfortable in the Sex Education classes. It all seemed like it was too much.

Montana had a rustic charm that made Branwen initially fall in love, and when Paul suggested that they take a course in rock climbing, she had jumped at the opportunity. It wasn’t until she had to look down at the broken, twisted body of her new husband that Branwen determined that heights just weren’t for her.

So back home she went, to await her next draft.

Timothy was as different from Paul as any man could be. He didn’t like heights either, and thankfully he was rather ambivalent when it came to intimacy. Branwen almost thought that maybe he just wasn’t interested in his new wife because she was ‘by far not really who I would have picked’ as he’d said. Or it might have been because, he looked at other men while they were in Mexico with much more interest than Branwen thought was prudent. Of course, when she asked Timothy, he laughed it off with the admonishment that Branwen certainly didn’t know how male friendships worked. Worried that he might find her unsophisticated, Branwen ignored the red flags, and tried to make their time in Mexico as good as it could be.

Timothy met his end when he and a local tour guide decided to try their hand at deep sea fishing just off the coast. Apparently while they were out trying to wrangle a large fish onto the boat, Timothy was pulled over board. There was a struggle between man and nature, with nature taking the day. Timothy was drowned.

Devastated, Branwen returned home – again. To await her next draft.

The whispers started shortly after her return from Mexico.

They called her the ‘jinx’. Since everyone in Tidewater knew her family, it was clear that she couldn't just duck her head and try and hide. It wasn’t necessarily because she was particularly bad luck, it was just that sometimes – bad things happened when they were around her, Branwen would tell herself. So she braved the gossip with a bright smile that never dimmed. Good at putting on a good face for others, she hoped that they wouldn't know just how much it bothered her that sometimes, things that were supposed to be wonderful turned out horribly wrong.

It isn’t uncommon for her confide in her brother, especially since he’s one of the few that knows all of her moods and seems to be able to read all of her thoughts. He’s always been there, ever since the very beginning.

Currently, she enjoys volunteering as a candy striper for the hospital, where she reads at story time in the pediatrics ward. There is nothing that Branwen enjoys more than donning her pink and whites, putting her long hair up into a pony tail and engrossing herself – and children, in stories. It helps to remind herself that a little gossip isn't anything compared to some of the ordeals these children and their parents have to suffer. Soft hearted to the core is Branwen, even if she doesn't quite understand how much of her heart she wears on her own sleeve.


Father: Carson Acidalia
Mother: Nicole Acidalia
Older Siblings: Helene, Troy and Nova
Twin: Bran
Younger Siblings: Dylan, Daphne, Morriagan and Flidais

Birthdate: August 1, 2168
Bad Habits: Giggles uncontrollably when nervous, chews her lip to the point that it bleeds
Turn-Ons: Laughter and a good story
Turn-Offs: Aggressive behavior, and men who swear
hair color preference: Any
eye color preference: Any
draft position: For
premarriage y/n: No

Hard Limits


Player Notes

TIMEZONE: Mountains, baby
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