The year is 2191.

The country is the United States.

The current regime, The Trust, has been in power for over one hundred years.

The Trust takes care of you from cradle to grave--they provide you with housing, education, jobs, vehicles--but, in exchange, they control everything about your life. What color car you will drive. Where you will live. And, most important of all: who you will marry and how many children you will have.

Do you fight them or favor them?


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Donnie Roth

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Character Name Donald IV Roth, (Call him Donnie or Stray Dog)
Age 29
Birthday April 30th
Job Nurse - Geriatrics primarily
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Donnie's kind of a walking rectangle. Tall and stocky with very broad shoulders. The kind of guy you call when you need help moving furniture. Or putting the scare into someone, you know, if you're into that. Strong Eyebrows and 6'4"
Personality Trait 1 Loyal
Personality Trait 2 Bitter
Personality Trait 3 Protective
History Donnie is the kind of guy who comes off different ways depending on the situation. Meet him in line for coffee at the hospital and you'll come away thinking he's a gentle giant type. Very polite, very gracious, maybe soft kind of friendliness about him. On a good day, Donnie is a very nice guy, if maybe a bit quiet at times.

Among his friends and family in the SOSMC, he's new but he can always be counted on. He was raised kind of in tandem by the club's matriarchs and would undoubtably do anything to repay the women. Almost listened to them over Q, almost. Donnie is a quality intimidation tool, even if he's just standing there with his arms crossed and scowling, but he's most useful when someone's bleeding. The guys teasing him for being a nurse but no one is complaining when Donnie's sewing that gash on their noggin shut.

And then there are the bad days. Donnie's got a few demons from his father's final actions towards him and it all stays bottled up most of the time. Until it doesn't. When Donnie gets mad he's like a barbarian, seeing red and blind to much else. It's questionable if he could ever be trusted with a gun but if you need to steamroll a room full of people barehanded, Donnie's your way to go. He's also very creative with threats when he gets going.

Admittedly, he was always a bit of a momma's boy growing up. Isabel Roth had always struggled with her mental state and she was always hoping the next thing might fix it. First it was her draft. She'd fall in love and live happily ever after, right? But she and Donald III Roth were poorly matched. He was paranoid, sometimes cold and cruel. Just as troubled as she was bipolar. But when Donald IV-Junior-was born things were good for a time. He was a fix for a while. Isabel's heart was finally won by her son and they spent just about all their time together.

It wasn't a problem really, not until he started to grow up. Especially in the literal sense. When his growth spurt and puberty hit Donald was looking far more like a man than a 13 year old boy had any right to. Only the acne and clumsiness made it obvious that he was still a kid in the ways that mattered. Something his father's skewed view failed to catch. When Isabel became pregnant again he went off the rails, verbal abuse for both his wife and son became the norm and once Isabel gave birth the abuse finally turned physical towards her. In a few months time she gave up and ended her life.

Donnie came home from school to find his mother dead and her note thrown in her face, half torn, smudged with his father's angry sweat. His father ranting about incest and betrayal and every other horrible thought he'd ever entertained about his sons. Moments later baby Connor was thrust into his arms and they were pushed out of the house. Perhaps there was a chance things could have been repaired later if Donnie had come back and begged him like his grandpa wanted him to, but he didn't. The fourteen year old stalked off and never turned back, a three month old in his arms. They lived with their grandparents a little while, until the day Donald Sr. Sr. put his foot down. This lead to an uproar of an argument and this time Don left the house on his own volition with his little brother in tow.

It was five hours of wandering, trying to bounce the little boy and keep him from crying. Most people ignored them, blew right on past. But after five hours Donnie was forced to reach out, he hadn't a clue when the last time Connor had eaten was and hell if he knew what to do. He called out to a woman he'd never met, Catherine Harrington, in the grocery store parking lot. She helped him pick a formula, he was too terrified to get it wrong, and a bottle. The got it cleaned at the dinner and they sat in a booth together. They went from her teaching him what to do to Donnie confessing what happened with his father and then his grandfather wanting them to go back. Even his father's reasoning for throwing them out, something he'd never outrightly told his grandparents. That he didn't know where they'd sleep that night. Before he knew it she'd moved them into the Warrington house. What was two more kids in that zoo, right?

Living with strangers was an odd thing, as welcoming as they were it wasn't always comfortable. Donnie became very concerned about being a burden: always the first to offer to help around the house and quick to look after the little kids, especially his baby brother. Once he graduated and was assigned to become a nurse, all his extra cash went towards the family indirectly. It's not like he ever handed cash to the Warrington's exactly, but in the form of paying for groceries, driving the kids around, things like that...

At first, no one really thought Donnie had it in him to be one of the sons. He was big sure, but he was soft. No one who spends their time nursing old people, chasing after little kids, and driving the girls to and from Postcrest was motorcycle club material. It wasn't until a few violent outbursts that anyone admitted his potential, especially after that time he went after a rude sponsor's car with a baseball bat after they almost hit Dinah in a crosswalk. When it was suggested to Donnie that he join, he did it immediately and without question. If the club wanted him? That was exactly where he belonged.

Since then he's mostly been an errand boy or back-up as he isn't a full member yet. But there has been a special case or two: the most profound being the day that Lucius put Norah's asshole husband in the hospital and Q asked for a special visitation. Donnie was more than happy to help in any way he could and was very happy to see the prick go. Norah deserved a hell of a lot better.
Favorites Anything hearty (both food and colour wise)
Bad Habits Doesn't know his own strength sometimes, he'll nearly crush you in a hug. Can be a bit over protective of the Son's ladies. Picks at his cuticles during meetings and serious talks.
Turn-Ons Loves a girl in boots - any kind really. Spunky/feisty women Curves - boobs, ass, thighs, all that. The girl doesn't need them all to be hot to him, but at least one. Runs a little hot after MC-bad-guy stuff. Dirty talk, be it real intentions or just fantasy. Has a bit of a impregnation fantasy lingering in his mind. Not that he wants to be a dad right now or anything, but the thought of getting someone pregnant is sexy to him. (and maybe sometimes he thinks pregnant ladies are super cute)
Turn-Offs Reluctance/sadness
Draft Position Against
Spouse Amita Mistry
Hair color preference Darker shades (black, brown or dark red)
Eye color preference Brown
Play-by Max Adler
Sharing play-by No
Is this character for a Premarriage? No
Player Alias BS
Preferred Pronouns She/Her
Hard Limits -
Timezone MNT
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Member Group Drafted
Member Title No Information
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