The year is 2191.

The country is the United States.

The current regime, The Trust, has been in power for over one hundred years.

The Trust takes care of you from cradle to grave--they provide you with housing, education, jobs, vehicles--but, in exchange, they control everything about your life. What color car you will drive. Where you will live. And, most important of all: who you will marry and how many children you will have.

Do you fight them or favor them?


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Oleander Wilde

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Character Name Oleander Ashley Wilde
Age 18
Birthday January 5th
Job Funeral Director Assistant
Hair Color Platnium Blond
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Ollie is six foot and two inches tall and is far from stringy or buff. He is muscular in a sense that he runs every morning. He likes to wears jeans and a shirt, simple. Once in a while he likes suits and look presentable. He comes off pale and very odd looking, as he tries to avoid to smile but he can't help it most of the time. He knows he has a weird dorky smile.
Personality Trait 1 observant
Personality Trait 2 loving
Personality Trait 3 confident
History Ichabod Ulysses Wilde, “Bodhi” – Father/Best Friend
Winifred Wilde, Deceased at 31 - Mother
Abigial Amburn, 18, - Step-Mother [Dead]
Solanine Dana Wilde, "Nina", 7 - Sister
Larkspur Bijou Wilde, "Boo", 3 - Sister
A stuffed dog named Mahoney
Caroline Hawkins-Wilde, grand-mother, deceased
Ulysses Carmine Wilde, grand- father, deceased

Ollie was born to a man and a woman that they were capped out. See, he was the fourth child but he wasn’t chosen to keep. The Trust didn’t kill him as he was equally strong as his twin brother. He was immediate put in the orphanage and was basically raised there. He was given the name of Ollie after the Disney movie because he wasn’t chosen at birth like the kitten in the movie. The entire orphanage explained he was like the kitty; most of the children there were like the kitten. So, yes he was one of many Ollie or Oliver at the orphanage. It was common. Just like the little girls were mainly names Annie or Ann. It was he supposed easier to name them all. He was nick named Snowy as his hair is platinum blonde and his eyes were bright blue.

Growing up in the orphanage was a little hard as a part of him strived for the attention but was very independent. He didn’t like when his friends that were girls were sent off to the all-female boarding school and he only saw them on the weekends. To him it wasn’t normal. He missed his friends. Some of them were the same age or younger and he would always be in fights to protect them as the other boys would pull their hair, spit wet paper at them, or other little pranks. Of course, he got in trouble for fighting but that didn’t hold him from getting adopted. They told him when he was about 6 years old to behave but it was the same time his mates were going to the all-girls school. Once he got accustomed, he found his groove in the school he was attending and just stayed to himself and read books. He found the human anatomy interesting and even memorized the rhyme for the human bones. He thought it was funny.

About a year later during Christmas holiday he was pulled to the side by his social worker and was brought to a room where he saw a beautiful woman and a tall man that was very hairy (long beard and long hair). He thought they were the skinny versions of Mr. and Mrs. Claus, the wonders of the imagination of a six year old. He wasn’t aware really of his past just the reason why they call him Ollie. He didn’t really care he now had a family and wasn’t considered a Lost Boy now. When they were leaving Bodhi… Papa scooped him up and placed him on the shoulders… from there on he was inseparable from his new father. He absolutely adored his mother, Fred, too but he just bonded with Bodhi on a different level. He looked up and still does to his father but admires him not only as a rescuer, a father… but as his best friend. It is hard to explain.

When he got to pick his name he thought it was the coolest thing. He wanted to still be called Ollie so the variations from the name were the nick name derived from was limited. He defiantly knew that he did NOT want to be called Oliver. That was a hell no… in kid language. It seemed like FOREVER to decide on a name but Ollie picked Oleander. It sounded like a warrior’s name. Oleander the ole’ great and powerful! He didn’t care it was typically a females name. The name means the most poisonous plant on earth that smells sweet and looks beautiful. He liked the meaning the fact it was poisonous. He didn’t care about the sweet part or a beautiful bloom, as when his sister was adopted he was very sweet on her. He loved his little sister, he was so ecstatic he was a proud big brother and every day after school he would basically run home or to his mother’s car just to play and hold her.

While playing with his sister to visiting his father’s workplace he really became fascinated with the human body. He knew all the bones in the body but he had read his father’s medical books and always asked him questions. Oddly, he wasn’t freaked out or grossed out when they had to cut the body. He, of course, didn’t like the smell but he grew used to it. So, science in school he excelled in and even received permission to take advanced science classes.

The awkward looking Ollie blossomed into a strapping young man and then… his mother became pregnant a few years ago and gave birth to his littlest sister. He got to even help name her which was amazing to him. He wasn’t sure why his dad looked all beat up time from time and when he asked, Bodhi would change the subject. Than… Ollie’s world changed for the worst. His mother was taken away from him and he was so angry. He tore his room apart and cried and held his baby sister. He couldn’t understand why his mother was taken from him. He felt like maybe he was a bad omen… his dad looked like he was constantly fighting live dead bodies and now his mother was dead. This was the only time where he was afraid… sad… scared to see a dead body because then it would be real. He was angry but he was there for his father who was clearly lost without Fred. He needed to be strong for his sister, Nina, would have tantrums and the baby didn’t like any live-ins. He liked Boo and thought she was the smartest baby in the world.<br><br>He was finishing his last year getting ready for his aptitude, with his mother gone and iffy live-ins, he had to take care of his sisters and his father. He was sitting at the kitchen table when the trust basically busted in the house to evacuate them. They only gave the Wilde family twenty minutes to grab what they needed and leave. Ollie years ago learned in school of good plans if there was an emergency in the house. So, from there he had packed emergency bags. He had grabbed the adult bags, baby bags, phones and laptops. He even woke up Nina and got her changed and ready. He wondered why the live-in wasn’t there but he quickly let that go as he carried his little sister in his arms as his father basically running around with his head chopped off – he always has his father’s back as the poor man was basically lost without Fred.

They were told that they were going to be relocated to Tidewater and Ollie had to search the location on his phone and let out a sigh. It was so far away and some of his friends were being located in different towns and basically he wouldn’t know anyone. He hated the hotel as they were cramped in a little 2 full size bedroom. It was small and cramped and sure he was having a mini vacation from school but he just wanted to lie in his own bed, plus he was angry that all the medical books that he forgot. Once they were settled in their new home and almost got used to a new routine… the Trust threw his father a new wife. The girl was only a year older than him and he found it disgusting. He doesn’t like her at all and found the Trust did a horrible match. How can you go from someone so brilliant like Fred to… Abigail.
Abigial is dead. Bohdi gained a new wife shortly after. Ollie was happy but never admit to it. He just never bonded with the weird one. He is hoping his new mother is older and doesn't expect him to view her as a mother but as his dad's wife. He is studying hard as the aptitude test will but at the start of the year but his mind goes from thinking of Collins. He will never admit to his stupid juvenile crush as it would be pointless.
Zometime after Jan 8 he took his aptitude test and awaiting his graduation and results in June. Of course, he would get the results way before then but it was the time frame and now he is also beggining his journey with Sponsorship. He has been avoiding his father zince his birthday cause he thinks this part of his life is very awkward.
Favorites chicken (all form), chips, cookies, pizza, ham and cheese on french bread - white, blue, black
Bad Habits impatient, quiet, methotical
Turn-Ons nibbling on his ear and lip, long hair, equally as quiet
Turn-Offs controlling, future talk, his step-mother
Draft Position Against
Spouse No Information
Hair color preference Blonde, Brunette, Red
Eye color preference Blue, Green, Hazel, Brown, Grey, Black
Play-by Lucky Blue Smith
Sharing play-by No
Is this character for a Premarriage? No
Player Alias Miggles
Preferred Pronouns She/Her/Girl
Hard Limits I am comfortable in almost anything.
Timezone Central
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Member Group Undraftable
Member Title No Information
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