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The year is 2192.

The country is the United States.

The current regime, The Trust, has been in power for over one hundred years.

The Trust takes care of you from cradle to grave--they provide you with housing, education, jobs, vehicles--but, in exchange, they control everything about your life. What color car you will drive. Where you will live. And, most important of all: who you will marry and how many children you will have.

Do you fight them or favor them?



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25 Waitress Naturally, dark brown. She likes to experiment with different colors Dark brown


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Princess has always been on the larger side in both height and weight. As she's gotten older the extra weight has made her have a voluptuous appearance, with wide curvy hips, full bottom and ample bosom. she has dark, heavy lidded eyes which gives her a perpetually sleepy appearance and a wide, plump mouth. her hair is normally dark and its long and naturally wavy.


To understand Princess ‘Cess” Torres you must first understand a little about her mother, Yamilet. Yamilet had been methodically, systematically and spoiled her entire life. it started early, when she was born and became her parents first and only child. At the age of 18 Yamilet was lucky enough to be drafted to the much older Raul Torres who facilitated and continued her spoiled lifestyle.

Princess grew up being her mother’s living doll. She was dressed in pink, fluffy, frilly dresses. She had bows delicately placed in her curly hair. She spent her weekends at home helping with dinner, or having tea parties or painting her nails while she and her mother watched movies about princesses. It was during one such movie night that Princess first got a stirring that something was the matter with her. She was six and watching her favorite Trust approved Disney-esque movie, “The Obedient Mermaid” at the end her mother proudly announced that one day she would be like Ariel and get to marry her prince. Princess remembers being confused, finding Ariel to be more attractive then Eric. Not understanding her feelings she kept them to herself and continued to indulge her mother’s fantasies.

She enjoyed her time with her mother but she equally enjoyed roughing housing with her older brothers, climbing trees and hunting down weird insects. She couldn’t understand why she couldn’t be both, girly and adventurous, why she had to choose, why h had to be different. It seemed the older she got the more her very existence became and insult to her mother. When she was eight is when her mother began to restrict her eating, noticing she was getting chubby. But the weight had nothing to do with her eating and everything to do with genetic because even with the diet monitoring and being forced into dance class Princess just kept growing and with her age came a love hate relationship with her appearance and food.

In school Princess was self conscious. She felt that all the girls were prettier than her, and more dainty than her. As she got further in courses and didn’t do as well she tried to mask her frustrations with lashing out at the other girls before they came for her. She was a bully plain and simple and like most it made her feel better to make others feel worse. It didn’t help that all the while her odd attraction to girls was not going away. She rationalized that it was due to the fact that she was surrounded by girls all day and used the time at St. Martha’s to experiment as some of the girls were prone to do. It was one of the great joys of her life when she finally found herself attracted to a male television star.

It came as a shock to no one when Princess didn’t do well enough in her exams to get drafted at 18. No one except her mother who berated her about her perceived failure. All the years of putting up with her mother’s disappointment came to a head the night Princess finally got her draft notice. She and her mother argued which was typical for them but something was different that night and Princess just couldn’t take it any longer.In that moment she saw her mother who was always badgering about her weight and eating habits, how if maybe she just took care of herself better she’d make an acceptable wife. Princess tried to retreat to another part of the house to escape her mother, however, in typical fashion her mother followed, ranting and raving about every bad habit Princess had when there was suddenly a surprised yelp and a horrible thump from the stairs. At first when she saw her mother crumpled at the foot of the stairs she assumed she was simply being her dramatic self. She wasn’t.

In the middle of the heated argument Yamilet had tripped over a pair of shoes left carelessly by the stairs. A true accident but the guilt followed Princess, weighing heavy on her heart (they were her shoes after all). She felt for her father who soon after was drafted for a third time. Her new stepmother was bright and bubbly and was devoted to catering to her father’s wishes, something her mother had never really seemed interested in. Her father seemed actually happy for the first time and not just complacent. Despite trying to convince herself that everyone was better off without her mother Princess found herself in therapy the year she was supposed to be spending learning about her new husband. Her therapist deduced that a lot of her issues and guilt were due to unresolved issues with her mother and suggested she write a letter detailing all the unspoken words between them. To this day she still writes letters to her mother when struggling with her feelings, especially when drowning her sorrows in syn doesn't work.

Her husband was Frederick Henson an Ashpoint native who had moved to Tidewater with his family when he was sixteen to 'stay out of trouble'. With their union the Trust had once again made a perfect match…at least in the eyes of Freddie because look wise Princess was his type. He made that very clear during their lockdown where he immediately tried to consummate the marriage. Princess spent the night locked in a room while her husband got drunk and trashed the house. She was big but Freddie was much bigger and liked to use his size to intimidate. During the honeymoon he got rough again and she pulled her fist back and hit him as hard as she could. And he liked it. And so began their tumultuous relationship. Freddie was by no means living by the straight and narrow. He had other women-she knew this for sure but always seemed to want to bother her and screw her. Which would results in fighting, bruises, reluctant consent. Sometimes a concerned neighbor would call the police and Freddie would be required to spend the night in corrections but nothing was ever done to help her. Despite his parent's moving him to Tidewater Freddie still had connections to unsavory people in Ashpoint who he helped and assisted in smuggling in from other countries and eventually he linked up with the Tidewater resistance hoping to branch out on his own and corner the market in the quiet town. At first he and Princess were welcomed when he offered contraband birth control for woman who wanted to take back control over their reproductive rights. But slowly and surely Freddie kept trying to test the waters and bring in the harder stuff, drugs, the porn, things that Tidewater just wasn’t going for. They asked him to leave. He got rowdy.

They needed a way to dispose of him before his illegal activity got them all killed. As they tried to devise a plan the 'Ashpoint Incident" occurred and took care of the problem for them. Luckily, Freddie hadn't been stupid enough to keep any of the illegal contraband at home and after much interviewing Princess was finally free to return home to her father and new stepmother. Her father had always been the one to indulge the women in his life so when Princess requested to keep a job he granted her permission. Because of her shitty scores being a waitress was all she could get but she likes it well enough. After she was sure the scrutiny of her and died down she returned to the women of the Tidewater Resistance determined to try to make sure no other women went through what she did.


Raul Torres-father
Yamilet Torres-mother(deceased)
Montana Lucas-Torres (step-mother)
Raul Torres Jr (brother)
Emilio Torres (brother)
Birthdate: August 17
Bad Habits: Germaphobe. Cleans excessively at times. Is judgey to herself and others. Can have a bit of a temper.
Turn-Ons: Women, red heads in particular. Can tolerate men to a certain level. She is unsure what really is her turn on with men as her last husband didn't really give her a choice in the matter.
Turn-Offs: Men who are forceful or aggressive, especially in their sexual advances. Being pinned down, or retrained (gives her nasty flashbacks).
hair color preference: Something about a red head with big blue eyes just does it for her. Blame the mermaids.
eye color preference: No Information
draft position: Against
premarriage y/n: No

Hard Limits

No Information

Player Notes

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