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The year is 2192.

The country is the United States.

The current regime, The Trust, has been in power for over one hundred years.

The Trust takes care of you from cradle to grave--they provide you with housing, education, jobs, vehicles--but, in exchange, they control everything about your life. What color car you will drive. Where you will live. And, most important of all: who you will marry and how many children you will have.

Do you fight them or favor them?



Torrance Caird
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18 Explosives Technician in training (ahhh yeh!) Auburn Hazel


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Out of his siblings, Torrance has the darkest hair. It's auburn, brown in some dark lighting, and he keeps it cut shorter on the sides with enough length on top to style it a little. His brows are thick and curve down far on both sides to frame his heavily hooded mahogany brown eyes. Light freckles are scattered everywhere on his skin, and since puberty hit he's starting to fill out with some muscle on his 6'0" frame, and facial hair is sprouting up on his upper lip and chin.


Torrance was born as the second child to Eathan and Meredith Caird, a couple that was drafted together at young ages. As an infant he was cared for by his mother, who had no assistance because his father felt child rearing was only the woman's work and refused to hire a live-in. Eathan's beliefs were in line with the Trust, and while the option for additional help was offered, he felt that his wife should be able to handle the burden of caring for the children on her own. After all, wasn't she trained to do that anyways?

Being a middle child meant he often felt overlooked by his parents, especially his mother because she doted on the two girls more. His father paid some level of attention to him, as he was the only child in the house during the week after his sisters went to boarding school, but that attention wasn't normally positive. There were a lot of rules, ridicule, and discipline in the household that the girls weren't often privy to because most of their time was spent at the boarding school. But Torrance often felt anxiety at home while waiting for his father to get home from work, not knowing what mood he would be in or how he would be expected to behave for the evening.

He missed his sisters and having them home to play with. He made some friends in school, but unless he had an after school education or physical activity, he was expected to come right home to do his homework and study. He started signing up for things he wasn't even interested in, like Math Club (he's not too fond of the subject anyways) and Choir. The activities held no value or interest for him, they were simply a distraction that kept him from spending so much time at home.

As he entered his teenage years, Torrance started to develop a dislike for how his father treated his mother. No hands were ever laid upon her in a menacing way, so there was no physical abuse that he ever witnessed. What he noticed instead was neglect, and how the woman seemed to have hunched shoulders and a blank face all the time. She cooked, cleaned, sewed, coordinated, and did everything she was expected to do without a thank you, without any sort of acknowledgement. There was no respect given to her by the man of the house, even with all that she did. It bothered Torrance greatly, especially when he realized that his sisters were off at boarding school being trained to live the exact same lives as their mother.

So he made a change. If his mother laid a plate of food before him, he thanked her, and would tell her how wonderful it tasted as he ate it. He started helping with folding the laundry, making light conversation with Meredith as they sorted socks together. She no longer had to clean his bedroom because he kept it spotless, and he scrubbed his own toilet once a week. He showed his mother kindness and gratitude, hoping to repair some of the damage that she had already suffered through, but his father did not approve. If Torrance was kind to his mother before Eathan, it was considered a challenge and disrespectful to do something other than what the man did. There was often punishments in the form of spankings, lost privileges, and the occasional (un)voluntary day at Corrections watching a brain washing video about the expectations of a man in his household.

Even though he knew that rebelling in these little ways lost him the love of his father, he carried on. As he moved into high school, his rebellious streak began to show flow into other areas of his life. He would skip the occasional class in order to explore town with a friend or two, and he would sometimes skip his homework just to see what happened. His History teacher took a special interest in Torrance when his behaviors changed, and the two started having tutoring lessons that turned out just to be an excuse to talk. At first he thought the teacher may be taking the time with him to hit on him, but it turned out that they had similar ideals and the teacher had some additional History information that Torrance found very enlightening. Saved in a small SD card were electronic transcripts of banned and unaltered history books, and the teacher shared it all with the teenager.

The information fueled Torrance's dislike, which was quickly growing into loathing. When he read about how women had struggled in the past (for decades and decades, it seemed) to receive fair treatment and rights, only to have it all stripped away by the Trust again, he was done. He couldn't imagine why anyone would look at another human being and decide to strip them of everything that allowed them to be a true individual living their own life. He looked at his mother and sisters and saw such wonderful people, and felt defeated that he could never truly help them live the lives he knew that they deserved. He returned the sd card to his teacher, and they would have radical discussions in private about their thoughts and feelings in regards to the Trust. His teacher also told him about the people who were working behind the scenes to rebel against the Trust, renegades who were putting their lives on the line to make a stand. Torrance hoped, but surely feared, that someday he would become one of them.

When the bomb went off in Ashpoint and rocked the entire New England area, their lives were thrown into turmoil for the time it took to get relocated to Tidewater. All of his friends, and the friends of his sisters, were moved to other areas and their network of socialization was reduced to just the three of them. Microchips were inserted into their hands, and the girls lost their sensor bracelets. Torrance started in his new school and took his assessment a little late because of the relocation, but quickly got back on track with his classes. The assessment revealed that he would make an excellent explosives technician, part of a crew of men who executed controlled demolitions, fireworks displays, and did special effects for movies. He thinks that maybe he was selected for this line of work because of his ability to see things differently.

He'll be 18 soon, and he doesn't like the idea of his sponsorship period. It feels so wrong to go to a woman's home just to have mandated sex with her because the government thinks he has to do it. Maybe he'll click with someone and actually want to do the deed, but he's not looking forward to it.


No Information
Birthdate: March 31st
Bad Habits: He becomes argumentative easily if his opinion differs from yours. He struggles with wanting to be careful and with making his vehemance for the system known. Is too blunt to be allowed to speak in front of a large group of people.
Turn-Ons: Scalp massages, ear nibbling, giving and receiving hickeys, spontaneity, sex in unlikely places (bathroom at restaurant or in a public swimming pool, etc.), a woman who is mouthy and 'rages against the machine'
Turn-Offs: Made to order brides with Stepford personalities, someone too laid back, always getting his way
hair color preference: Black, Dark Brown, Brown
eye color preference: Any
draft position: Against
premarriage y/n: No

Hard Limits

Waste Play, all else goes

Player Notes

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