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The year is 2192.

The country is the United States.

The current regime, The Trust, has been in power for over one hundred years.

The Trust takes care of you from cradle to grave--they provide you with housing, education, jobs, vehicles--but, in exchange, they control everything about your life. What color car you will drive. Where you will live. And, most important of all: who you will marry and how many children you will have.

Do you fight them or favor them?



Dana Denning
Played by  insight  ➢ Offline
Spouse ➢ Mortimer Grave
Play-by ➢ Anna Speckhart
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23 No Information Dark Brown Crystal Blue


Dana is everything her mother is not it feels like. Ever since her father passed she’s been cutting with her words and sarcasm. She’s always guarded and very rarely does she let anyone in. In her mind, she’s asking what the point is? The only use she has for her life right now is to help the Resistance and help her family, other than that it’s doesn't even rate to pay attention to. She used to be fun, witty and the one to have a good time, but you won’t really experience that side of her unless you catch her in a rare moment, usually with her family. She can be harsh and cutting now with her words and doesn’t display much patience or temperance for things she’s deemed as foolish. She prefers to act and do. Words are just words to her until you back them up with actions.


She's got a lithe and athletic frame, standing at about 5'8". Even though she is slender, she still has a curve in all the right places. She has a 32B cup, enough for a handful for any man. She has hips, meant to be held and a perfect ass to hold onto - if you're brave enough to try and touch her.


Dana was born the eldest of three in the Denning family. She knew from a young age that her family was different, but she didn't really begin to understand just how different until she was a bit older.

She was always curious why her father and his former sponsor seemed more like a couple than her parents, but it was what she had been raised with and so she didn't know to question it until she started attending school. The rules, the regulations - this was nothing as how it was at home. She came home asking questions and it was a quick education from her parents about what she should and shouldn't talk about.

Her world became a lot more complicated and complex with that knowledge, while also wanting to protect her siblings. She had to grow up quick. She did what she could, taking to the system's teachings, wearing her bracelet and behaving, but when she went home, it was liberating.

While she came to understand that there was nothing romantic between her parents, she loved the partnership that they had, even if they were working on things that the government would consider illegal. Her parents taught her what was right and wrong and it contradicted with what she was being taught, but she was just as committed to helping protect her family and play the games in public.

But games can only last so far. When her parents were busted she was terrified for her whole family and she went into protective mode, making sure she kept her sisters close in the crisis. She was fifteen. Fifteen, when her father confessed to the crimes she knew their lives were all about to change.

The loss of their father was devastating, but she had to keep things together. This moment in her life forever poisoned her against The Trust and everything it stood for. It was The Trust that had taken her father from her and forced her to cater to the ways of men, to be treated almost like property and not like a woman with thoughts and ideas of her own.

She had been a steady performer in her classes, but with the death of her father, it was like her whole personality shifted. She blatantly refused to get things done on time and started flunking classes and then barely passed her exam. It's not because she's dumb....she just refuses to comply with their methods in 'acceptable' manners. She also didn't want to get drafted until she was 21.

Her first marriage was uneventful. He was an older man and she was actually surprised by his kindness, but he had a medical condition that caused him to pass away after two years of friendship. She was almost fearful when Patrick passed because she knew that it meant she would have to go back into the draft pool.

She'd taken everything in stride so far. She'd gritted her teeth and bit the bullet with the microchip with the whole Ashpoint incident and even her first marriage, but now things are uncertain. She's still helping her mother with Resistance things on the sly, but she's pressing for more radical measures, something her mom just can't seem to get on board with, but time will show that peaceful resistance just isn't the answer.

She's studying her new draft packet and knows more than she could ever want to know about her soon-to-be-husband, but he had a rude awakening if he thinks she's going to just lie down and take everything. That is not her style and she will go down swinging.

The only reason she's not dead yet? She has her family, otherwise she'd be a kamikaze. But maybe, just maybe....she might be able to handle this Thaddeus Malvery.


Late Father - Rowell Edward Denning
Middle Sister - Olivia Alice Denning
Youngest Sister - Noelle Amailia Denning
Uncle and his family
Birthdate: January 26th
Bad Habits: She chews the inside of her cheek when she
Turn-Ons: Teasing Touches, Thoughtful Actions, Being Honest and True to Your Word
Turn-Offs: Arrogance, know-it-alls, incompetence
hair color preference: No Information
eye color preference: No Information
draft position: Against
premarriage y/n: Yes, I'm making this character for a friend's character.

Hard Limits

Pedophilia / Beastiality

Player Notes

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