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The year is 2192.

The country is the United States.

The current regime, The Trust, has been in power for over one hundred years.

The Trust takes care of you from cradle to grave--they provide you with housing, education, jobs, vehicles--but, in exchange, they control everything about your life. What color car you will drive. Where you will live. And, most important of all: who you will marry and how many children you will have.

Do you fight them or favor them?



Bran Lee Acidalia
Played by  Josie  ➢ Offline
Spouse ➢ Phoebe Varela
Play-by ➢ Hyung Sik Park
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23 Actor Brown Brown


Charismatic: Bran's always had a magnetic personality. Being loud, bold, and fearless drew other children to him on the playground, and his experiences in his adult life have been similar. He's effortlessly charming, knows how to make people laugh, and has a way of saying just the right thing to put someone at ease. Friends are easy to come by for him, and they tend to stick around.

Fickle: Though Bran can inspire a great deal of loyalty in others, it's rare that people do the same for him. Outside of his family, Bran has few strong attachments. There are a few friends he's had since childhood who he can't imagine his life without, but everyone else is essentially interchangeable to him because he tires of people quickly. His interests are constantly shifting as well. It doesn't take long for him to get bored with a hobby and cast it aside for something new and shiny.

Volatile: Bran's issues with anger make him a bit of a wild card. He's 'cool' until he's not. Anything can set him off; it doesn't take a huge offense for him to want to knock someone's teeth out, and he'll throw a punch with a smile still plastered to his face. He lacks the self-control required to think his actions through before he carries them out and has a history of getting into physical altercations because of his impulsiveness. He's started to find other outlets for his anger, but he's still not out of this particular phase yet.


Bran's natural features give him a youthful, boyish charm that is emphasized by his ever present smile. He considers 'pretty' a more accurate descriptor for him than 'handsome' and styles himself accordingly. Standing at six feet even, he's taller than average, and has some muscle on him thanks to the various training regiments he's been on for movies.

His looks are deceptive in that he's not nearly as happy-go-lucky as his demeanor suggests.


Bran Lee came into the world ten minutes before his twin sister and, aside from being a twin, was rather unremarkable as far as babies go. He didn't have much personality until he was old enough to toddle around with his sister, who he was attached to at the hip. Then, he was curious and bubbly, sticking his nose into whatever caught his eye because he wanted to know how it worked. For a while, everything was as perfect as it could be for children who didn't yet know there was more in life to worry about than scraped knees and new toys.

When his mother died, all of that changed.

At first, he didn't understand what had happened, his confusion heightened by his young age and a desperate desire for his mother to come home. When it finally set in that he would never see her again, Bran started to change in ways he couldn't yet understand. He still smiled as easily as he always had, but it didn't reach his eyes in the same way anymore. He felt different, heavier, as though he was carrying around his loss as a physical weight. Still, he had his twin. Or, he did until she was old enough to go away to school, leaving him behind. Though it couldn't be helped, Bran felt somewhat betrayed by the change. They still saw each other at the weekend, but it wasn't the same; he didn't like being apart from her for so long.

At school, Bran was extroverted to the extreme, intent on making as many friends as he could in an effort to replace his 'lost' sister. None of them ever fit the mold quite right and Bran grew disenchanted with the majority, but there were a few he actually ended up being quite close to over time.

In classes, he wasn't the best student. He caught onto the material well enough, but he was often frustrated by homework and projects which he thought were pointless and a complete waste of his time. He did the work because he had to and the quality left much to be desired. During his entire time at school, he would never be pointed to as a standout in the classroom. He would be marked in other ways, however.

As Bran entered his teen years, the discontent that had been simmering just beneath the surface for so long finally burst through. It happened during a break at school, when another boy made a sideways comment about his performance on a recent exam. It was nothing Bran hadn't heard before, but the feeling it elicited wasn't the usual tinge of annoyance that was quick to fade away. No, Bran was *angry* in a way he'd never experienced. Everything after that was a blur. Later, while sitting in the principal's office with bloody knuckles (apparently he'd punched the other boy in the mouth? He couldn't remember doing it, but he could hardly use that as an excuse when there were dozens of witnesses to the act), he was forced to give an apology and had to attend detention for a few weeks. The punishment barely mattered to Bran, though. The thing he found most troubling was his inability to explain what he'd done or why, even to himself. Losing control like that scared him and he swore it would never happen again.

Unfortunately for him, the solution to his problems wasn't that simple. Whether he wanted it to or not, his temper always found a way of flaring up in the worst way. After three more incidents of him getting into physical fights over relatively petty issues, Bran was "sentenced" to mandatory therapy. His progress there was halting; he didn't want to talk to someone he barely knew about his innermost feelings. He didn't have much of a choice, though, and slowly opened up at his therapist's prompting.

He began to fill his time with hobbies (one of his therapist's many suggestions) that were methodical and required his full attention. He passed through a few things - model building, collecting bugs, creative writing, learning how to code - before he finally found things that kept his interest. The first was boxing. The allure of it for someone like him was obvious: he could hit whatever he wanted as hard as he wanted and not get in trouble for it. It was a great way of relieving stress and learning the techniques helped develop his self control. The second, more surprising hobby he took to was baking. He'd picked it up mostly as a joke, but eventually found that it helped him, too. Beating his frustrations into a ball of dough was just as productive as beating them into a punching bag. He kept his culinary explorations to himself, mostly because he didn't want to deal with what might happen if someone decided to give him shit for it.

Between therapy and his new interests, Bran got better and he was able to finish school without any more major hiccups. When he finally got to sit for the aptitude test, he didn't have any expectations for where he would be placed. He'd been too busy trying to keep himself out of trouble to spend much time thinking about what career he might like. Still, even with no expectations, he was surprised when his results came back, dictating that he enter the entertainment industry as an actor. It was ... weird to think of himself in that light, but he had no choice and had to follow that particular rabbit hole wherever it went.

Shortly after his test, he was deemed 'rehabilitated' by his therapist and his sessions came to an end. His schedule opened up conveniently right before he was put into a training program that would help build the basic skills of his trade. After settling into the program, he used the sponsorship hotline for the first time. The sponsor he was matched with was on the older end of the spectrum, close to the age where she was starting to think about retiring. She expected Bran to switch her out for a "newer model" after their session, but he found the age difference compelling rather than repulsive. She liked taking care of her clients, coddling them in ways that weren't always sexual in nature, and Bran soaked the affection up like a sponge.

Before he knew it, his year was up. The wild exploration he'd planned had been scrapped in favor of the comfort of familiarity and Bran couldn't bring himself to regret it. He retained his sponsor's personal number and continued to see her regularly, even as his work schedule grew more demanding.

Bran graduated from trainee to extra and from extra to secondary character in a prime time drama within two years. He was talented, charming, young, and handsome - perfect leading man material. When he'd started off, he'd had no particular ambitions, but now he wanted *more*. Having an equally ambitious agent helped. Things were picking up in a major way when he received his draft notice. Bran wasn't happy about the timing of it - he complained about that much to Branwen - or the fact that it meant he couldn't see the sponsor he'd grown attached to anymore, but he tried his best to let Georgia into his life without much fuss.

Initially, they got along as well as could be expected given Bran's reluctance, but eventually his attitude softened and they formed a genuine connection. Not love, exactly, but something like it. After some time, Georgia gave birth to their first child, a boy who they called Ellory. As with many other things in his life, Bran hadn't given much thought to parenthood until it was, quite literally, staring him in the face. He'd been busy for Georgia's whole pregnancy, unable to think about much other than his burgeoning career. In the little time he got to spend with his wife, all of his attention was on *her*, not necessarily their unborn baby. Once the baby was 'real', though, Bran wondered how he'd ever been so dispassionate about the prospect of having children. While he never became the ideal family man, Bran learned how to better balance his time between work and home. He was there for the important things, or at least he tried to be.

He wasn't there when his wife died.

Bran was on a long shoot away from home and he'd put his phone on silent to focus. When he finally got his hands on it again, he'd missed dozens of calls from a number he soon discovered was a direct line to a doctor at Tidewater General. Over the phone, the doctor was cagey, reluctant to give out any information. He only stressed how important it was that Bran got back to Tidewater *now*. Even though he got on the earliest flight back home and drove as fast as he could from the airport, he still didn't get there in time. At the hospital, all it took was one look at the doctor's stricken face and Bran knew. Georgia was gone.

He went numb, going through the motions of life in a haze until he found out how she'd died. She'd slipped in the bathroom and cracked her head against the side of the tub, hard. She might have had a better chance if the tub hadn't been full at the time. By the time paramedics got to her, she'd already been submerged for a handful of minutes, long enough for her to drown. Long enough that he could've helped her if he had been there. That revelation brought everything into a painfully sharp focus, and Bran was *angry* again. He was angry at himself, the doctors, the fucking universe -- everything.

The ensuing destructive spiral was worse than anything he'd experienced as a teenager, ending weeks later, when he was tossed into Corrections after attacking a man who'd made the mistake of bumping into him on one of his worst days. He made the news for that.

He wasn't there long - he hadn't done enough damage to warrant more than an overnight stay - but the fallout didn't blow over so quickly. In addition to the mandatory therapy and re-education classes, his career suffered. No one wanted the face of their next big movie to be someone deemed unstable by the court of public opinion. He was relegated to being part of the scenery again and, though he resented it, it really was for the best. In the year following, Bran tried hard to focus on his family and getting himself right, but again, it was a long road back from where he'd gone.

Bran's twenty-three now and things are ... better. The live-in helps with Ellory and therapy helps with everything else. He's not even thinking about getting drafted again. As far as he's concerned, that's the last thing he needs right now. Of course, The Trust's beliefs regarding the issue remain to be seen.


Carson Acidalia - father
Nicole Acidalia - mother

Helene Acidalia - older half-sister
Troy Acidalia - older half-brother
Nova Acidalia - older half-sister

Branwen Acidalia - twin sister
Dylan Acidalia - younger sister

Daphne Acidalia - younger half-sister
Morriagan Acidalia - younger adopted sister
Flidais Acidalia - younger adopted sister

Angus Acidalia - younger half-brother


Georgia White - 1st wife - deceased
Ellory Acidalia - son
Birthdate: August 1, 2168
Bad Habits: Cooking/baking when upset, laughing loudly and obnoxiously, punching things when he gets angry
Turn-Ons: Pretty much anything (older women, specifically)
Turn-Offs: Obvious disinterest in him
hair color preference: Dark
eye color preference: Dark
draft position: Neutral
premarriage y/n: No

Hard Limits

Conditional, talk to me about it!

Player Notes

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