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The year is 2192.

The country is the United States.

The current regime, The Trust, has been in power for over one hundred years.

The Trust takes care of you from cradle to grave--they provide you with housing, education, jobs, vehicles--but, in exchange, they control everything about your life. What color car you will drive. Where you will live. And, most important of all: who you will marry and how many children you will have.

Do you fight them or favor them?



Idris Heavens-Shaw
Played by  Liz  ➢ Offline
Spouse ➢ Atlas Shaw
Play-by ➢ Skyler Samuels
 ➢ Not Sharing Play-by
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22 Make-up Artist at WTCN News Station Blonde. Natural curls. Blue


Food: pizza, spring rolls, pasta with just about any topping, veggie burgers, carrots, kale tabbouleh, vegetable jambalaya; colors: red, yellow; music: anything she can dance too; drink: coffee, orange juice, champagne

She's glue. The middle child when she shouldn't be. Idris was born third to her mother and has siblings of step-mothers, and yet, she is somehow that center that looks out for everyone, tries to make sure everyone around her is happy. Because of it, she sometimes forgets herself. Idris was never meant to be the youngest in any order, not really, and thankfully, others came after her making sure, she wasn't.

Sweet and loving, she has a big heart. And if there was anything bad or a little wild about her, could be her fantasies about being kissed by her very tall next door neighbor who seemed absolutely dreamy to her. As far as Idris was concerned, she couldn't be blamed, his jawline was absolutely perfect. But then, she knew better than to ever say out-loud, she didn't get to choose, as school ended up teaching her.

Idris doesn't think of herself as any one thing. She's creative and so she threw herself into plenty of projects growing up. She could draw and paint, make food art, pick the best outfits, work a hell of a face with make-up or even paint some body art or make a do she had to take a picture of. She was a lot of things, refusing to define herself. As she grew up though, she focused more on the practical skills, since school seemed to be teaching her that she had to represent herself in the best possible manner.

There is an adventurous streak to Idris. She likes to explore and see things, doesn't mind getting herself dirty or sleep out in the open.


Petite body, slim built, blue-eyed blonde. Idris isn't short, she stands at 5'6'' yet she has always had a short frame. Now, in her twenties, her measurements read 32-23-33, with a dress size 2 which overall too bad but at first glance, she seems pretty small. Cute and happy could possibly be the choice of words someone could describe her. She does have a natural affinity for smiling or just plain smirking but when she's not, her big blue eyes tend to stand out quite a bit.


On the first day of Spring, Angel and Erik Heavens had Idris, their third and final daughter. Her mother wasn't long for this world, leaving no true memories for her daughter. It wasn't long before another adult joined them though Idris doesn't remember her either as her memories did form, they were of her Dad, her brother and sister that were older than her and her younger sister Reece who was only a couple of years younger than she was.

The woman she did remember was the one that had given birth to her brother Addison but it was too late by then. Taliesen was the one looking out for them at every corner. Idris looked up at her, focused on her approval rather any of the woman passing through their house. By the time she was four, Taliesen had gone to Portcrest and Idris felt a little bit alone, missing her.

At the age of six, she had been given her bracelet, which she had quietly taken, not quite sure what she would think of it then shipped off to school. Every morning, Taliesen had made sure she was in class on time, when it was time for homework, she was checking it for her. Idris felt like she had to make her big sister proud more than anyone else as she grew up, studying and absorbing things about their world. Idris quickly found herself at ease in an of the crafty sites, throwing in her creativity into each and every one of them. She could draw and paint with ease, beginning to create portraits of her family on whims, gladly sharing each and every one of them. As time progressed, her talents showed more in other fields, like cosmetology, interior design, appropriate dress and styles, anything crafty, dancing, singing, grace and posture and even flower arrangements. Idris had a knack for anything that required a personal touch whereas she proved to be quite the anti-talent for things like cleaning and nutrition (while she loves to cook, over half of the food she loves isn't healthy in the least bit and she's well aware of it), Chemistry and especially finances.

Everything was, however, growing great until her teenage years. Things got a little confusing by then, with all those pesky little needs and feelings emerging. Especially when she noticed her next door neighbor had grown up from that older kid she didn't care too much about for someone that made her heart beat a little faster. He was taller, older, with eyes bluer than hers. Idris couldn't actually help herself from fantasizing about being drafted to him. It didn't matter to her that he was a good eight years older than she was, she started to think it was better if a man was older and taller than she was. And somewhere along the way, her grades suffered slightly. Tali was all over it before a blink of an eye, coaxing her to focus back on her school which wasn't the least bit easy, not on the weekends when they studied outside and Idris had a clear line of sight on her tall handsome. She tried hard not to make it obvious, her glances passing over to him, refusing to admit that she did, in fact, have a crush when she knew it didn't really matter. She knew well enough to know that an algorithm would choose whom she would be drafted to in some years.

Family has always been important to her and other than having that one secret about her crush, Idris generally kept nothing from them. Taking a page out of Tali's book, she took to taking care of them, helping out whenever she could, making sure everything was working fine between each of them. She'd become a sort of glue in time, the middle child without the negative aspects, loving her role. She always tried to make sure she made time for each of them.

Her grades did eventually pick up, many thanks to her big sister and by the time she had taken her exit exams rolled in, Idris scored an 88%. So after an extra year of remedial classes, Idris was drafted to a man in his thirties. Alek was nice but their draft hadn't moved in any sort of steady pace because it quickly became obvious, he was hung up on cough syrup due to a cough he was going through. He'd called it a common cold, nothing to worry about but Idris didn't know he had already gone through Bronchitis in a couple of months leading up to their draft. He still kept insisting it was just a common cold and they had moved from a distant lockdown to a three-day honeymoon where they barely managed to talk. By the time they returned to Ashpoint, it had gotten a little worse. He still kept drinking his syrup and claiming it was fine. All the while, Idris might have embellished things to her family. She'd tell them Alek was nice to her, they were going great, all the while not admitting that they had remained distant as he pushed her away while he dealt with his "cold". It got worse though. He had progressed from Bronchitis to Pneumonia, his lugs taking severe damage and his breathing becoming worse and worse. By the time she had called the doctor and described his symptoms to his doctor, he had been too far gone, and he'd advised her to call the paramedics. Alek was upset with her for calling them, having a fear of doctors. They still managed to take him in and do all the necessary tests.

Alek didn't return home once he had gone in, kept in and given medicine that didn't help in the least bit. Idris went to him every day with freshly cooked food, which he rejected more and more as he got sick, growing angrier with her as time went on for having caused his confinement. Within eight months of his draft, he was dead, when he could no longer breathe. Idris moved back home soon after, trying not to let it bring her down. Her friends talked about sex at this point like it was no big deal and Idris couldn't get herself to admit, she hadn't done it so she played along, using what she remembered from class and lied. She wasn't that great at lying, to be perfectly honest, so she stayed quiet more and laughed when the other girls laughed.

If there was ever a time in her life when Idris had been disappointed or even jealousy, it had been when she found out that Taliesen was getting drafted to Cadeyrn Briarwood, the younger Briarwood than the one Idris still thought of sometimes. He was a decent friend, someone she played with as a child and someone who treated her as a friend should though the games he and Taliesen kept playing into adulthood were obvious to her. Still, wrong Heavens and wrong Briarwood, Idris had thought in that moment of jealousy, forcing herself to push those thoughts aside because she did want her big sister to happy.

Then everything had changed quickly about two years ago. An explosion the middle of the night had woken her up, the rest of that night in a daze as she'd managed to pack most of the things important to her. They moved to Tidewater, eventually assigned a house and their bracelets went off, replaced by chips inside her skin. She still sometimes wears bracelets on the spot to make up for a lack of it on her skin when it had been there for so long. She remained undrafted, at home for the entirety of that time, only getting draft packets in the last months. Admittedly, she's been a little naughty in studying it, opening only some of them for the time being and reading through some parts rather than studying it as well as she had done with Alek.


Erik Heavens, dad
Angel Heaven, mom, deceased

---- Heavens, brother, 29
Taliesen Heavens, sister, 26
Reece Heavens-West, sister, 20
---- Heavens, brother, 19
Ashleigh Heavens, brother, 17
---- Heavens, sister, 16

Alek Patterson, husband #1
Birthdate: March 21st, 2169
Bad Habits: keeps fixing up her hair when she
Turn-Ons: smalls surprises, acts of kindness, kissing, little touches against her skin that sent a shiver through her, slow dancing, watching a man exercize, tenderness but a strong hold, adventerous spirit, whispers against her ear, kisses on her neck
Turn-Offs: lack of any sort of foreplay, being expected to perform on the spot, violence, anal, being neglected or ignored, no sense of humor and being too serious
hair color preference: Brown
eye color preference: Blue
draft position: Neutral
premarriage y/n: No

Hard Limits

Can be discussed.

Player Notes

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