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The year is 2192.

The country is the United States.

The current regime, The Trust, has been in power for over one hundred years.

The Trust takes care of you from cradle to grave--they provide you with housing, education, jobs, vehicles--but, in exchange, they control everything about your life. What color car you will drive. Where you will live. And, most important of all: who you will marry and how many children you will have.

Do you fight them or favor them?



Jamison Kane
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43 SOAR Dark Brown Hazel


He is a very stern man, in fact he's downright gruff and does not care anymore who thinks what about it. Jamison takes his work very seriously and has in the past let it be the sole controlling factor in his life. Beneath the gruff surface there is a temper that matches the head-on way he attacks problems in life. Ever since his wife's death he's been worse. He can go from just surly to downright mean in a breath.

He wasn't always like this, it's more come about in the past year. Granted before that he was still far too serious but it was at least possible to get a chuckle out of him. Until the night he couldn't protect what mattered to him. How could he not blame himself after that?

He isn't against the Draft, it's part of the society he protects, he just doesn't want to be redrafted, no thank you. That's not his choice though.


Jamison keeps himself in peak physical condition and even with having passed forty he is still a very athletic man. As part of SOAR he has to maintain his physical state and he does so with the realization that he hasn't much time left before he is replaced for a younger version. His 6'3 frame is solid from the intense training he puts it through and his dark brown hair is kept trimmed short. Usually he kept himself clean-shaven, but as of late he lets a bit of scruff grow and has come to like it. His hazel eyes rarely show any emotion unless he's speaking to his sons.


Jamison was the first born son of three children to a stable family in NYC. Pro-Trust, good parents, he was given the kool-aid quite early and often in his formative years. Even as a young child he showed an adherence to structure and rules that was borderline obsessive at times. It made him a serious child, although he would still romp around with his siblings. Perhaps it could be said that what happened stole his childhood, but he would never agree with that sentiment. He set off with his schooling, taking it head-on like all things in his life thus far. He wanted to make his father proud, show him how much the Trust meant to him. It won him few friends, but his teachers were certainly swayed by his vigilant devotion.

He stayed in the upper echelons of his class, not the top of the pile but close enough that he was fine with it. When his aptitude test came back 'Law Enforcement' saying 'No one was surprised' would be a vast understatement. He got very high marks in the pertinent categories and looked forward to the Academy far more than his sponsorship. Really that whole thing, while mildly amusing wasn't worth being his focus. It was an enjoyable distraction but a distraction nonetheless. He had a handful of sponsors, none held enough for him to revisit more than a couple times.

He was content when it was done so he could push himself harder in his classes and graduated the top of his year. Jamison joined the NYPD upon graduation and immediately set to making a name for himself as a beat cop, intent to work his way up. He was drafted at twenty-one to a feisty woman named Antonia who he later found out was descendent from the old Italian Mafia. Those ties however were long since dead and she supported the Trust as much as he did. She told him exactly how it was and for the first years they locked horns regularly. He'd rarely admit he liked it though.

That all faded when she found out she was pregnant. They had twin boys and the birth nearly killed her from a nasty hemorrhage. It was strongly suggested by the doctors they not have any more. When he finally held those two babies, something softened in him for the first time. A smile came to his face and perhaps that was the catalyst needed to soften him to Antonia. While still quite the hard ass at work he was a much different person at home.

He made detective within a few years due to his dedication to his career. He wanted to keep moving up and he applied himself to that end goal. He bounced through a couple different departments, racking up further accolades for his work ethic and skill at solving cases. Homicide was where he found the most challenge and he pushed himself harder than ever. Jamison, being an intelligent man, knew what the department was doing and he approved. SOAR was an honor and he was damn sure going to prove it was where he belonged.

Just after he hit thirty the time came. He took their tests, he trained near to death to get in peak physical condition. He was ready when he had to face the board and he earned that damn nod. It was a huge commitment and he was ready to make it. It was an adjustment for the family. He ha to be ready to go at a moment's notice and a lock had to be installed on the hall closet for his new work gear so the boys didn't get into it. Last thing he needed was to come home and find his wife pissed cause the kids has set off a flash bang in the house.

His younger brother Jayse had gotten married as well along the way and wanting to keep family ties close they set up a regular double-date night. Their wives seemed to get on well and it became something at least he and Antonia looked forward to. They always found something different to do. Different restaurants, different shows. It was never exactly the same. It had all been innocent fun, until one night in early 2190 where it wasn't. They were caught in the crossfire of a Resistance scuffle. Jamison was shot trying to get Antonia under cover. He didn't get her in time and she died in his arms. That wasn't the only blow to the family, his brother's wife was also killed. It was a deep shock to the family. Jamison took it incredibly hard. He was supposed to be a protector? He'd failed. He would not fail again. He barely had time to grieve when the Ashpoint incident occurred and New York was hit hard with corresponding terrorist attacks.

That was it, he was done with the big city. He put in for a transfer intent on starting fresh with a new SOAR unit and getting away from what only caused bad memories. He was reassigned to Tidewater, Massachusetts and was content to put the Big Apple in his rear-view mirror. His sons joined him and to his surprise his brother eventually did as well.

It's been two years since Antonia died, part of him hopes he won't be redrafted, but he doubts very much that his hopes will come to fruition.


Wife – Antonia Moretti-Kane , deceased
Sons – twins, 20
Jayse Kane - Brother

One other sibling, younger
Parents enjoying retirement community
Birthdate: May 3
Bad Habits: Lets his temper control him. Bull-headed. Control-freak.
Turn-Ons: Slow-burn seduction, fingernails on skin, light bondage.
Turn-Offs: High-maintenance types, vapidness, too much make-up or perfume, passiveness.
hair color preference: none
eye color preference: none
draft position: For
premarriage y/n: No

Hard Limits

None to list

Player Notes

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