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The year is 2192.

The country is the United States.

The current regime, The Trust, has been in power for over one hundred years.

The Trust takes care of you from cradle to grave--they provide you with housing, education, jobs, vehicles--but, in exchange, they control everything about your life. What color car you will drive. Where you will live. And, most important of all: who you will marry and how many children you will have.

Do you fight them or favor them?



Mathilde Grave
Played by  Momo  ➢ Offline
Spouse ➢ Sterling Larkin
Play-by ➢ Saorise Ronan
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19 Student Hazel Sky Blue


On the surface, Mathilde appears to be a kind and innocent individual, and for the most part she is. Despite the hardships and darkness which surround her, she has been greatly protected throughout her life. She is an untouched gem, lacking in enough perception to see through the naiveté which clouds her judgement.

Unlike many individuals, Mathilde is an incredibly honest individual and almost painfully so. Where some might think it better to hold back the truth at times, she is someone who recognizes that the truth can be painful, though exactly how painful she has not come to recognize. As such, she is the type of person who will unflinchingly be honest with others, especially if she believes what she knows is something they deserve to know.

Despite her innocence, she is not an unintelligent person. In fact, she can be a surprisingly wise individual, seeing beyond what is in front of her. However, she can also be quite trusting, something which can lead to rather large contradiction to any wisdom she has.

Beyond what others see is another individual. The person that others often forget about is the part of Mithilde that is wise and hungers for what is forbidden. It claws beneath the surface, curiosity often attempting to push it forward.


Mathilde looks much like what others expect her to be. Her face is soft and rounded, while a heart shaped mouth is often curved into a smile. Dimples crease at the edges of her cheeks. Her eyes are round, though they hold the appearance as if she has not gotten much sleep. Her dark hair is long, falling into gentle waves. Easily, she creates a picture of simple innocence.

In many respects, she looks her age. She is fairly short, standing only a few inches above five feet. Moreover, her complexion holds a gentle tan to it. Any beauty she has is often made clear by her love for dressing up and colour. Often, there appears to be an easy and carefree life to her.


Mathilde recalls quite little when it comes to her parents. Of the two, she recalls her mother best. Clemence Dubois was a mousy woman with a skittish demeanour but a large heart. In the few years that she knew her, Mathilde loved her greatly. However, she cannot ever truly claim whether her mother felt the same. While Clemence was never cruel, she always seemed hesitant to touch her child and make it clear that she loved her.

Mathilde recalls Benedict Evans even less. What she remembers best is that the man was not kind, especially when it came to her mother. Moreover, he was an anomaly, as Clemence always made it known that her daughter should call her husband, not Benedict, her father. She was too young to understand the dark tragedy that surrounded her, too young to understand the details. All she could truly know was that she was confused when her mother and Benedict were taken away.

Confusion turned into a deep grief as the man she was supposed to call father gave her to the system, not wanting the child that he had come to realise was not his own. She was only three and could not understand. At first, she took to running away. Sometimes, she attempted to run back to her father. On the rare occasional she managed to find him she was always sent back. If not, someone else sent her back.

Eventually, she stopped trying. Instead, she adopted a sunny demeanor. It started out as something to hide the pain, as she slowly learned that adults did not ask as many questions or make as many corrections if you seemed happy. With time, it became something a bit more genuine, though it was never enough. Things always lurked beneath the surface and they would grow with time.

Others might have been tempted to call her free of trouble, as she certainly appeared to be exactly that. However, it was not true. Childish mischief ran through her, but it became somewhat dangerous in the occasions it became an outlet. Often, she would ignore the idea that something was taboo. Mischief was mischief.

People could handle a mischievous child. It was part of what children were. It was harder to deal with a child who seemed to purposely take to trouble and ignored the lectures she received. As result, the number of individuals interested in adopting her were not high. They existed, of course. Sometimes they thought they could help her because surely she must be just a bit troubled is all. However, Mathilde was a brutally honest child despite everything. She did not like lying, having come to connect it with what she could recall of her early childhood. A child that was more than willing to be open with their every thought was perhaps a bit off-putting for some.

Greyson Grave was different. She was nearly ten when he came into her life. He had little interest in what others had to say on the manner of the adoption and it was quite obvious. All that was clear was that once he had decided he was going to adopt her he was going to do exactly that. Nothing she did could change this fact.

Of course, she could hardly realize that the reason for this was because he did not truly have much interest in her. Rather, he was looking to the future, a malevolent purpose driving him single-mindedly.

She didn't know and it was probably for the better. Mathilde was happy on this matter, viewing the adoption as the start of something new. It was as if she had gained her mother and Benedict again. Greyson only helped further these beliefs with his own actions. While he was rough around the edges- something that she would later quietly blame on his unhappy marriage- he did not seem to be cruel. Moreover, he seemed to be quite insistent upon the idea of creating a family out of him and his many adopted children. It was the latter that pleased her and she found herself happy to step into the role Greyson often talked about.

Mathilde was not so blind as to see that their little family was not the most conventional. Each of the brothers was unique in their own manner, offering a stark contrast to the bright and giddy girl. However, she was quite adamant to create a bond. It did not matter how often the others attempted to exclude her from what they did. She did not see them as oddities, but as brothers as and was always quick to insert herself into what they did until they began to simply accept that they could not exclude her.

A quiet happiness settled, one which she viewed as only truly disturbed by her time in school. While she was not a stupid child, boarding school was something that Mathilde often struggled with. School was a dull in affair, only a few subjects taking her interest. Perhaps the largest problem was that so much of it revolved around what she should do as a wife and, in truth, she held little interest in such matters.

With age a streak of rebellion came forth within her. It had always laid there in the most innocent of forms, but it had turned deviant as puberty struck. It was not unusual that she might waltz from parts of the house with less clothing than was proper. Far too trusting for her own good, she thought little about the potential dangers that might lurk in her actions. Of course, it did not escape her notice that her actions went noticed. How could it? Her step-mother often took to lecturing her, attempting to explain to her that what she was doing was not proper.

Not one to start fights, Mathilde took to merely listening to such lectures to appease Michonne, only to ignore every word and continue on as she pleased. After all, it was not as if what the woman said entirely mattered. As far as Mathilde could tell, only her step-mother held a problem with her actions. In fact, her father seemed to have no problem with her behaviour.

She did notice that something was slightly off though. It was difficult for her to place a finger on what. She had never been a perceptive individual and what was wrong was not obvious. All she knew that her father was acting a bit different than usual. Greyson was a harsh and unusual man, the former far more noticable than the latter. However, he had taken to acting slightly more pleasant and presenting what she could only describe as an attempt to be more amicable.

It was strange, yet she found herself without an opportunity to think on it long. As far as she was concerned, the explanation came when Greyson was killed and her step-mother was blamed for the crime. Unaware of the truth of the matter, the behaviour began to make sense in her own mind and she formed her own conclusions.

A rare misery followed. She had viewed Greyson as her father and with the lack of knowledge as to what he had planned her view of him was untainted. However, healing was made easier as her eldest brother took upon the role of a father figure, taking in all of them. It brought a comfort in that her family was not broken up and that she would not lose the others despite the loss of her father and step-mother.

As her exit exams rolled around, Mathilde found herself doing as well as she expected. With great difficulty, she managed to scrape up an 84. While she had not done her best on her exams, she was quietly glad to have put off marriage for awhile.

Slowly, time ticks by and as it does temptation curls around Mathilde in the subtlest ways. At the forefront of her mind, she has barely noticed the slight change in the air around her brothers. She finds herself looking towards the future with trepidation, especially as her draft is fast approaching.


Biological Father: Benedict Evans, deceased
Biological Mother: Clemence Dubois, deceased
Adoptive-Father: Greyson Grave, murdered
Stepmother One: Jada Young, deceased
Stepmother Two: Sky Ayita, missing
Stepmother Three: Michonne Michaels, executed

Mortimer Grave [28]
The Invisible Man
Percival Grave [26]
Bellamy Grave [23]
Birthdate: October 23rd
Bad Habits: Worrying her lip, Too Trusting, Fidgeting
Turn-Ons: Older Men, Exhibisitionism, [the idea of] Taboos, Experimenting
Turn-Offs: Cliches, the same routine, inexperience, falling into place, lying
hair color preference: No Information
eye color preference: No Information
draft position: Neutral
premarriage y/n: Yes, and I'm posting a want ad for them.

Hard Limits


Player Notes

TIMEZONE: Mountain
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