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The year is 2192.

The country is the United States.

The current regime, The Trust, has been in power for over one hundred years.

The Trust takes care of you from cradle to grave--they provide you with housing, education, jobs, vehicles--but, in exchange, they control everything about your life. What color car you will drive. Where you will live. And, most important of all: who you will marry and how many children you will have.

Do you fight them or favor them?



Richard Dewey
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38 Musician Dark Brown Brown


Richard is a creature of confidence and rare is the individual who can actually knock it down a peg. The Trust has certainly tried and failed many times. He is a person who is wholly confident within his skin and is not afraid to express this fact. Unfortunately, his confidence can border into fairly dangerous territory. Richard tends to not care much about what others think about him at all. A wall is often what is met with any form of criticism, something which can prove dangerous when the criticism is genuine and something he should listen to.

What most will easily notice is that he is a jovial person. Richard is a person who loves to laugh and be happy. Similarly, he enjoys making others laugh and making them happy. As a result, it is not unusual for him to be cracking- bad- jokes and attempting to gain a smile out of them. Seeing sadness within others tends to bring about sadness within him. He is a fairly empathetic individual.

Admittedly, he is not the smartest person. While he is no idiot, Richard has never displayed an interest in things like books or learning, having never seen the appeal of subjects like math, history, and so on. Instead, he has always possessed a love for food, music, and what others might consider lesser forms of writing/drawing such as comics. He does tend to admire those who hold such interest or even manage jobs that involve them.

Perhaps his greatest weakness is his difficulty with serious situations. Preferring to live life on the edge, serious situations present a certain difficulty as he often finds himself lacking. Within his own mind, he is not someone who is meant to lead or be serious. Making people laugh or entertaining them is easy. Making things better is not. As such, he tends to become stressed in such situations and normally tries to find ways out of them.


Richard is far from the ideal image of a Trust male. Standing at only 5'5", he is often shorter than most individuals around him. Moreover, he lacks in what others might consider a masculine image. Instead of well fit, he is fairly overweight. The Trust would call it a problem. Richard, on the other hand, shares a different opinion. Highly confident in his own appearance, he sees a beauty in it.

His hair is a dark brown, with only the barest hints of grey within it. He tends to move from keeping it to short, respectable length to just long enough that it might raise a few eyebrows, particularly since he doesn't seem to mind how shaggy it can sometimes look. More often than not, he tends to grow out his facial hair, preferring a beard to a lone mustache. It is here that the grey tends to show the most.

His eyes are dark and often alight with joy or laughter. In fact, his emotions are normally clear on his face and happiness is the clearest one.


For many years, Arnold and Margaret Dewey struggled to have a child. It was a fault, a stain upon their reputation. When they finally managed to have a child it came at a high price. Despite the work against it, Margaret ended up dying in childbirth, living long enough to see the son that she had given birth to.

The event crushed Arnold. He and Margaret had been married for many years and had created a pleasant marriage. The small amount of time the man had to grieve was far from enough, especially when he had a son to take care of. The presence of Penelope was helpful only in that she helped him heal and raise Richard.

Richard was an interesting child, to put it lightly. More a quirk of nature than nurture, he was a boy who seemed to simply not fit in with the way things worked. He held no interest in stories or quiet activities, a trait which only festered with age. Instead, he was always interested in music, art- though, never the proper stuff- and life. He loved life, loved being happy, and loved enjoying himself.

It was fairly easy to connect the Trust to being the exact opposite of that.

School was a dull affair from the moment he was placed in it and there was little that was taught that actually caught his attention. Where other children dreamed of becoming things like police men or follwing in their father's steps, he was often caught by the whimsy of less...efficient jobs.

As he grew older, he quickly became the subject of bullying. Of a heavier build, he stood out, particularly when he began to gain weight. The Trust discouraged such things and some of his bullies wer punished, but there was always the child who either slipped through the cracks or simply did not learn a lesson.

School itself was fairly difficult. Not liking it to begin with, he was not entirely motivated to try hard or aim to do well. While he did not do badly, he found himself only passing by, hardly standing out as an individual who should be in anything specializied. By the times exams came around, no one was probably surprised that he had managed to test into becoming a musician.

A positive as far as he was concerned.

Richard's sponsership was a fairly awkward affair in many ways. Like many things, his tastes were not what some would consider the norm. A slim, dainty woman brought him no pleasure, while a woman with more curves did. Moreover, it became quite appearant to him that he liked sex...though perhaps not in something as impersonal as the sponsership.

His first wife was a woman named Alice. She was a pretty woman that he particularly liked for her not so pretty laugh and awkward tendencies. The two got along well, particularly because she seemed to compliment him in many ways. Overall, their marriage appeared perfect.

However, the two struggled in the same regard his own parents had. the two had a great amount of difficulty having children. It was only when Richard was 33 that they finally managed to have a son. With a few years passing they managed to have a daughter.

A quiet happiness settled until Alice passed away. It was a tragedy, one which the children only barely understood. Still grieving, he struggles with the idea that he might be remarried soon. After all, he doubts he is quite ready for another marriage so soon.


Arnold Dewey - father; alive
Margaret Dewey - mother; dead
Penelope Dewey - step-mother; alive
Lucas Dewey - step-brother; alive [adopted]
Finn Dewey - step-brother; alive [adopted]
Anastasia Dewey -step-sister; alive [adopted]


Alice Dewey nee Smith - first wife; dead
Christian Dewey - son; alive [5]
Mary Dewey - daughter; alive [3]
Birthdate: 3/1
Bad Habits: stress eating, tends to be too honest, swearing, gives no fucks about what others think about him
Turn-Ons: Sense of humour, curvacious woman, a woman who can cook, sex, romance
Turn-Offs: Lack of Humour, Manipulation, he
hair color preference: No preference
eye color preference: No preference
draft position: Against
premarriage y/n: No

Hard Limits


Player Notes

TIMEZONE: Mountain
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