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The year is 2192.

The country is the United States.

The current regime, The Trust, has been in power for over one hundred years.

The Trust takes care of you from cradle to grave--they provide you with housing, education, jobs, vehicles--but, in exchange, they control everything about your life. What color car you will drive. Where you will live. And, most important of all: who you will marry and how many children you will have.

Do you fight them or favor them?



Marguerite Best
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Play-by ➢ Cierra Ramirez
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16 Student Dark Brown Black


Marguerite is a creature of contradictions, and those who have paid attention to her maturation since her adoption at the age of ten have described her as charming, gregarious and even mesmerizing on her best days, and indulgent, distracted, strange, and impulsive on her worst. Whether one thinks there are more of the former or the latter is really a matter of opinion, and almost everyone has an opinion.


She is a proud, fey thing, with wild eyes as dark as a cloudless night, and a healthy, albeit willowy, form. The heritage of her asian culture is obvious in those slender lines, in that otherworldly loveliness that touches her features, high cheekbones made for a life among the aristocracy, soft lips, a delicate jaw framed by flowing waves of sable. Her golden skin is clearly pampered, soft and flawless with warm undertones that mark her heritage. There is a strange quality to her beauty, an often distant and unpredictable aspect to those lovely dark eyes that can be off-putting, even when her her curves manage to entice. Yet she carries herself with the effortless poise of her family name, every movement marked with a youthful sort of arrogance, a presence somewhere between commanding and gently compelling.

Shining sable hair is worn mostly loose, a few pins of burnished silver holding choice pieces back from her face before the rest falls down her back in softly brushed curls. On her right ring finger a band of rose gold gleams, set with sapphire and jet between simple, open circles that resemble the links to a chain.


They named her Marguerite. Wisdom, precious, desired, a gem used commonly in christian religions and one that adored the neck of any proper lady. So perhaps it was fitting how silently she entered the world, like a lady, quiet and demure, to the point that they initially fretted over if she was even truly alive, with how quiet and still she was.

But her mother died of complications due to labor, leaving her father and the nanny to rear the young girl on their own. She did all she could to be an easy child, but in the end her father still left her at the tender age of five. Some whispered it was greif, others said he just overworked himself at a high stress job. Marguerite was too young to have an opinion, all she could do was nod and follow the lady who had come to take her to her new home: the orphanage.

At first she was terrified, home had been one thing of course, but this was a strange place full of indifferent caretakers. She did her best to keep her head down at first, to stay out of everyones way and not attract attention. But then /he/ found her, out of everyone, even the boys he could have sat with, he pushed past the idea of 'girls had cooties' to sit with someone shaken and afraid of her new enviroment.

For the next year they were inseperable. Holding hands and walking everywhere. They shared their troubled pasts, their future dreams, and what they imagined the future would be. It was if she had finally found a missing peice to her soul that she had been lacking. They filled the empty part of one another that, in time, they would learn no one else was capable of filling in quite the same way.

Marguerite cried the day she had to leave him, he was a boy and didn't cry, it would be unmanly, but there was a look to his eyes that stayed with her while she was away, and their weekends and holidays were /always/ spent together. Inseperable and close as always, the half to the others whole.

School began to pull the young orphan out of her shell though. There was so much to do, and so many people to meet. While she never felt much pressure to be liked, since she had a good friend at home, she find herself making lots of friends reguardless and effortlessly getting straight A's in classes such as; Voice, Grace, Posture, Grammar, Charismatic Speaking, and Etiquette. The classes she took and the friends she made had a direct corrolation, she was a master at socialising and had a way of wrapping people around her finger. The praise she got for scoring so well in her classes also encouraged her to put more effort into those she couldn't naturally ace, and though she could not completely devote herself to scoring all A's in everything, outside of the aforementioned classes she would usually manage to maintain a B average, or on a particularly good week score an unexpected A.

Just as she was developing outside of the sweet-mannered but shy babe who had arrived at the orphanage, so too did her friend grow from boy to man. He was stricter now, though never to her, professional, polite, charming, seemingly everything she could guess the trust must want in a man. Her teachers never talked much about men, outside of the outright disturbing sex-ed class, but whenever she imagined her future husband, his face is what entered her mind.

Yet none of these events could compare to those of her tenth year.

Every so often the orphanage would host charity fundraisers, and at the end of the night some of the older children would be asked to get up and thank those that donated for help ensuring the orphanages continued success. It usually varied from cringey and awkward to bumbling like adorable, and when they were younger Marguerite and her friend would sit in the shadows with some snacks and giggle at the spectacle.

But this year was different, this year /they/ were the spectacle. But deciding to change it up, they vowed to one another they would change the perception of the event, get up there with prepared speeches and for one night, be perfect examples of a trust raised boy and girl.

Neither of them could have predicted how that simple decision would change their life. Especially not when the fallout came. She was used to strangers approaching her, as an orphan many wanted to see if she was their type, but she didn;t take offense when most opted for a boy instead. Girls her age were at school all the time and rarely home, why would they want to adopt a girl when they could just adopt a boy who would be a proper family member home for dinner every night?

But this couple stayed, they asked her all sorts of questions about her life, about school, about her friends, they seemed to want to know all about her. Marguerite tried her best not to get her hopes up, but at the end of the night, when the event was over, she couldn't help but invite them to come visit her again sometime on the weekend.

So she was beyond ecstatic when they actually did and offered to adopt her. In that moment she wasn't thinking of her friend and lifetime crush. Her head was full of dreams and fantasies about what it would be like to finally have a family once more, and so she accepted. What little belongings she had were packed up and she was moved from her small shared room in the orphanage to one of the refurbished old town mansions.

She quickly settled into the role of 'daddy and eldest brothers little girl'. Her new family was determined and driven, but they always remembered to be a family, and she was showered in all sorts of love and attention she had previously never dreamed of recieving and in return she did her best to become the perfect specimen of femininmity. She was no 'perfect ace student' but instead she used what talents she did have to cover for tohse she lacked and overall did a good job at putting forth a positive impression at the various events and parties she would attened on the weekend with her family which, for now, was really all she was required to do until she was drafted.

All this time while she had never /forgotten/ her best friend, she had been rather too caught up in her new life to run down to see him. So when she opened the door one evening to find him there, well to say she was shocked would be an understatement. He didn't yell at her, in fact for far too long the pair of them stood there in silence. But those eyes she had loved so much in the past were cold and distant to her now, and though from then on she made it a point to see him at least once per weekend and invite him to all family gatherings and events she had permission to, their relationship was never the same. He grew possessive over her and yet glared or told her she was being ridiculous if she got jelous about time he spent with other girls, which is a thing he did now.

But it confirmed the one thing young Marguerite was afraid had happened. It confirmed that, despite their age and youth, she was begenning to feel the start of a crush, of love for him, even though the chances of those feelings being requited were next to nothing now and the chances of being drafted together were slim at best.

Still the years rolled and she grew into a comely young woman. She still spends time with her best friend, and yes, what was once a crush has grown into love most assuredly. The youngest Best child is very close to her heart in a friend sort of way, 'thick as thieves' their family calls them, she just hopes he doesn;t see the glares her friend gives him. The rest of the family though, is very much a family to her. Some more so than others, like the youngest brother, the oldest brother, and her adoptive father, but it's just the natural way of families and she loves them all, she wouldn;t trade any of it for the world.


Devereaux Best (adopted father)

Marcheline "Marcy" Best (adopted ideal sister)

Theodore Best (Adopted brainy brother)

Birthdate: No Information
Bad Habits: Easily distracted, Naive, Will talk your ear off
Turn-Ons: Her best friend
Turn-Offs: not being her best friend
hair color preference: n/a
eye color preference: n/a
draft position: For
premarriage y/n: Yes, and I'm posting a want ad for them.

Hard Limits

Rape, extreme gore

Player Notes

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