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The year is 2192.

The country is the United States.

The current regime, The Trust, has been in power for over one hundred years.

The Trust takes care of you from cradle to grave--they provide you with housing, education, jobs, vehicles--but, in exchange, they control everything about your life. What color car you will drive. Where you will live. And, most important of all: who you will marry and how many children you will have.

Do you fight them or favor them?



Joanne Westcott
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Spouse ➢ Papa Westcott
Play-by ➢ Jamie Lee Curtis
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Joanne is not the sort of woman that one walks over. She is not submissive or quiet and this is something that has always shown within her, from head to toe. It shines within how she carries herself and can be heard in how she speaks. While others would consider it a weakness- after all, women are meant to be seen and not heard- she considers it a strength. After all, she knows exactly how to be seen and heard without saying a single, verbalized word. What most seem to have forgotten, in her opinion, is that actions can sometimes speak louder than words.

Joanne's actual words normally carry a sharpness to them. Wit comes to her easily. It is something that often lingers within each word, shaping it into a quip. With a bit more effort she is capable of turning her humour to her advantage, pushing people's buttons with ease. Nothing goes beyond her gaze, if only because people tend to see far less reason to hide things from her than they do her husband. After all, she is a woman. How much harm could she possibly do?

There is a coldness to her that comes from expectation and a belief in the system. Joanne believes in the system because she believes in order, something of which she is less confident that people can do without it. As a result, her expectations tend to be high and her actions, some may argue, cruel. She is the type of mother who would easily estrange her child in the name of the greater good...perhaps even worse.


When Joanne was younger, she had red, wavy hair that was always kept at a short length. Over the years, it has since greyed. Not wishing to deal with the hassle that might come with her older age, she keeps it at a short and close cut. It is rare that she does much with it, as she holds a very conservative style and its length offers few choices for styling.

For someone her age, some might argue that beauty has not yet left Joanne. For the most part, this is entirely natural. Any signs of her older age are subtle, linger in crows feet or age lines. However, she has not yet withered, a figure still kept and maintained with careful precision. Those close to her know that all of it is not completely nature though. As a particularly vain woman, she tends to go beyond make up, having gotten plastic surgery within recent years to subtly make sure that her beauty is all the more noticeable.

Her taste in fashion is quite conservative. For the most part, it fits into what one would expect from a family that is so deeply ingrained within the government. At the same time, Joanne is always careful. She understands fashion well enough to know what suits her well. While her fashion tends to stick to what is acceptable- modest and never too loud- she always knows how to show off what is best about herself in the subtlest of ways.


If one were to ask Joanne's parents, she was a disappointment. Before she had even been conceived, Eleanor and Jonathan had been convinced that their child would be a boy and they had set up their lives as if their child would be. As a result, it was a great disappointment to learn that the child that they had struggled to have was not that. To make matters worse, having another child was simply not an option as the complications of her birth left great risks as consequence were they to attempt to have another. Moreover, Jonathan was a man of what most would consider outdated values, leaving him with the belief that he should not adopt.

As a result, Joanne was raised less as a woman and more as man. While it was always made clear that the Trust was correct, her parents encouraged the belief that her gender was not something that should allow her to become weak and allow her to bend to the will of others. Every system has loopholes and it is only with a sharp mind that one might allow oneself to rise above others.

Despite such beliefs, she did not have what others would consider a pleasant childhood. Her father possessed high standards, ones which bled into a cruelty that often showed in how he spoke to her. Jonathan did not particularly care to treat his daughter with kindness or softness, believing that a firm hand would create a firm daughter. His wife was little different, often only possessing criticisms for Joanne, and rarely speaking any of the actual criticism she might have held towards her husband's behaviour when it became particularly cruel. It was only within public that either became softer, but even then neither ever appeared kind.

They were not particularly incorrect to how their treatment would shape their daughter.

Slowly but surely Joanne became a girl who was made up of thorns. Instead of learning from her parents' treatment, she adopted some of it. What a therapist would have called abuse shaped her into someone who was manipulative and cruel in her own manner.

It was a slow process and began with school. Girls, she learned, were soft creatures. They sought to please, only becoming cruel to each other when they wished to stand above others or came across something they did not approve of. Joanne found that she was not particularly fond of softness. It was dull, boring even. There was nothing attractive in a woman who bowed to the wishes of others and only did so. As a result, she shaped herself as someone to rise above her peers.

She was not someone that others would recall as kind. Rarely anything that came out of her mouth was anything but sharp or cruel. Softness only seemed to show when she was blatantly watch, a smile offered for teachers or adults. This façade grew with time until kindness seemed to be what she was and the cruelty was subtler, buttons pressed so that she could string people up as she wished.

School, as an experience as a whole, was something that she focused upon as if she were a scholar. Wifeliness was adopted because it was useful. The only parts of it she truly enjoyed were the superficial aspects, being as obsessed as she was with appearing beautiful.

Perhaps the happiest moment was when she was married. Her husband was an intelligent and someone who held the clear potential to go high up in the world. In many respects, he was exactly her type and, to the outside eye, it appeared as if the Trust had chosen someone perfect. After all, there was not a sign that Mr. and Mrs. Westcott were anything but happy and within an ideal marriage. Yet whether it is love or something else is something that is a bit harder to tell when one is behind closed doors.

As one might have expected, the family went up in the world, just as other generations of the Westcotts had before them. With it came a certain image for Joanne. She carefully upheld the image of the perfect woman and wife, all the while working those around them as a spider might its web. Yet, she was not someone to be snubbed or manipulated. She might have been perfect, but it was always clear that a submissive woman she was not.

As a mother, she was distant, due to a mixture of high expectations and the fact that she simply did not know how to be motherly. Kindness was not nonexistent, but it showed in the faintest of manners, perhaps too subtle for her children to pick up. Carefully, she seeks to see them go to great places even if she doubts that the majority of her children will. After all, they seem to be better at disappointing her than not, particularly nowadays.


Husband (Dad Westcott) - 52, alive
Son - 28, alive
Iris Westcott - 26, alive
Daughter - 21, alive


Eleanor - alive
Jonathan - alive
Birthdate: 01/16
Bad Habits: Vain, Sharp tongue, Manipulative
Turn-Ons: Praise, Banter, Competition
Turn-Offs: Someone who can
hair color preference: No preference
eye color preference: No preference
draft position: For
premarriage y/n: Yes, in response to a want ad.

Hard Limits


Player Notes

TIMEZONE: Mountain
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