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The year is 2192.

The country is the United States.

The current regime, The Trust, has been in power for over one hundred years.

The Trust takes care of you from cradle to grave--they provide you with housing, education, jobs, vehicles--but, in exchange, they control everything about your life. What color car you will drive. Where you will live. And, most important of all: who you will marry and how many children you will have.

Do you fight them or favor them?



Valerie Mullaney
Played by  Fallen  ➢ Offline
Spouse ➢ Ezekiel Ascola
Play-by ➢ Vanessa Morgan
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Despite growing up the oldest out of several children, Valerie had never lost her individuality amongst her siblings. A bit of a free spirit, she is never the one for rules (at least in her mind that didn't make sense), but followed them anyways. She is always the one to question and even challenge the way things are which has gotten her in trouble growing up. Over time her rebellious streak has calmed down, but does surface from time to time.

Naturally, Val has a nurturing side and a large heart. It's hard to crack through that protective layer she often puts up, in fear of being taken advantage of. A bit of a hard exterior and observer at first, once she lets someone in the beautiful person that she is truly shines. Caring and loving, she would give her shirt off of her back to those she considered friends and family. This soft side of her, family sees often.

Val truly shines when she is in creative element. Crafts, dancing, music, cooking, she truly adores. It's a good outlet for her and she seems to be the happiest when she is performing these tasks, especially craft work which has turned into a hobby. She enjoys reading and also meditation which she had started when her mother passed. Over time, she has turned to things like yoga in order to balance out the craziness in her life and achieve balance in her life.


Val stands at 5'3" with a petite curvy frame she had gotten from her material side. She has large brown eyes and long flowing brown hair with natural highlights of light brown. Most of the time her hair is kept in its natural wavy state unless she feels the need to straighten it. Light caramel complexion with full lips, Val enjoys keeping her appearance, edgy yet classy and age appropiate.


Valerie's upbring was anything but calm and relaxing. Born to Wyatt and Anna Mullaney, she was the oldest out of seven children that would follow. Growing up, she didn't like sharing with Victor and Valcenia, often arguing with them like typical siblings would, but ultimately would have done anything to protect them. The Mullaney household was typical, nothing out of the ordinary happened. She was a happy child with a creative mind. She loved to draw and paint, even put on dance performances for family. Often curious, she asked plenty of questions and enjoyed figuring things out.

School was something Val enjoyed and always looked forward to getting up every morning (bright and eager) to leave the house. It was then when the school had taken note of her creative streak and enrolled her in dance classes and painting lessons. Most of the curriculum she had enjoyed, however she had not understood why females were taught these things despite her father and teachers explaining. She had challenged her teachers with questions, which no one had liked and most had no answers to her questions. She knew deep down something wasn't exactly right, but just couldn't figure out exactly what it had been.

Her whole world had changed however when her mother passed at the tender age of 8. Valarie was in complete disbelief that her mother was really gone. She felt empty inside despite being in therapy with her family. Val had asked several of questions about her mother's death, but never received any answers that eased her mind. The tragedy of losing her mother made her even closer to her siblings and father. She was looking for someone to blame for mother's death, but found no one which made her very angry. Her therapist had suggested art therapy to help express the dark and depressed feelings what were bubbling to the surface.

Val rebelled a bit, challenging her father and misbehaved in school. She felt lost and really didn't know how to express her feelings of frustration since she felt like she had to put on a smile for her siblings and protect them. Valerie had started to put them first as a way of not dealing with her own feelings. At some point she even started to blame herself for her mother's dead. It had taken a while to work through this dark stage in her life and when she finally thought she had been okay, her father had remarried. Valarie had thought it was too soon and vocalized her opinion. However, she knew it was selfish and only wanted her father happy. So instead, she gave wife #2, Michelle, a chance. At this point she was 10 and hadn't like Michelle too much at first, but slowly she came around. She knew this women would not take the place of her mother, but was second best. When Vance and Vanessa were adopted she was happy about expanding the family and quickly embraced her new siblings.

For once, Val felt like she was healing and adored Michelle like she had adored her mother. Life had seemed to be getting better as Michelle had been a positive influence in her life.

When Michelle had fallen ill, she slowly watched the cancer take over and knew she would soon pass. To lose her as hit Val harder than she would have thought. Her family had gone back into therapy again and this time Val had started to draw into herself. She had never quite healed with 3rd wife rolled around. At first she kept her distance from Elizabeth. The last thing she had wanted had to get close and adjust to another woman in the family. Val focused on her schooling, mainly dance and art as a way to coop. Slowly, Elizabeth won her heart over through much work. She was warm, but had a backbone. She didn't let Valerie run her over or challenge her. This was the first time she had seen her dad this happy, which made her happy.

Val was happy with Elizabeth had gotten pregnant with Vesta and then Victoria, but angry that they had to move from Ashpoint to Tidewater. She protested loudly and even tried to live with one her friend's from school, which failed miserably. Begrudgingly, she had gone through with it and started to adjust to her new life. Just when things had seemed to have gotten better, Victoria was delivered and everything had been great with a new bundle of joy in the house. It wasn't until Elizabeth had died shortly after that things had changed. Back into therapy again, Val was growing tired of this. She had hardened with each passing death and started developing trust issues. Emotionally, she had shut down a bit and started to act up in school. That dark place within her had started to expand as depression had settled in. Her therapist had suggested meditation and taking a more holistic route which Val had responded well to.

Finishing school had been a struggle, but had managed to get through it. She focused on meditation and art to get her through everything, but the eldest child had not been the same since her mother's passing. The warmth and fun loving women had been mainly what her family had seen, but to others she had developed a protective shell. Moving again with a chip implanted and her father re-marrying again, she was not pleased about. Same had gone for being drafted. Her worry? That she would lose a husband just like her father had lost several of wives.


Parents: Wyatt Mullaney and Anne Mullaney (deceased)

Siblings: Victor Mullaney - 18
Valencia Mullaney - 16

Vance Mullaney -11
Vanessa Mullaney - 11

Veronica Mullaney - 6
Vesta Mullaney - 3
Victoria Mullaney - 6 months

Other relatives: Wallace Mullaney - Uncle
Birthdate: September 25
Bad Habits: Scratching arm when nervous/uncomfortable, Narrows eyes
Turn-Ons: Biting, massages, hair pulling, dancing, sensual play, light bondage
Turn-Offs: Dirty talk, being controlled, foot play. hairy men
hair color preference: Any
eye color preference: Any
draft position: Neutral
premarriage y/n: No

Hard Limits

No hard limits that know of. Willing to discuss with other members.

Player Notes

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