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The year is 2192.

The country is the United States.

The current regime, The Trust, has been in power for over one hundred years.

The Trust takes care of you from cradle to grave--they provide you with housing, education, jobs, vehicles--but, in exchange, they control everything about your life. What color car you will drive. Where you will live. And, most important of all: who you will marry and how many children you will have.

Do you fight them or favor them?



Juliette Kane
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Every coin has two sides to it.

The very same could be said for Juliette and the way she reacts to the world around her. Underneath the mask she wears lies a girl that feels alone and broken. That part of her began to appear not long after she began to attend school with her twin sisters and watched Elena and Arielle grow closer than before school. She watched them through a tinted window believing that she was the spare out of the three of them and that neither one of them cared to take notice of her.

Over the mask and the side that the world around her sees more often than not lies the girl that smiles and easily laughs at everything put in front of her. She loves to tease with simple pranks and make a joke nearly about everything. She is the girl that enjoys seeing others smile, especially her family. Juliette never shoes away if she can help it when the mask is pulled over face and stubbornness is shining brightly in her unless her father stomps it down quickly. He is the one man she will listen to when he gives direct orders (except for that one time he said she needs to stop things with Tanner). Obedient to a point, Juliette knows when things are getting pushed to their limit and when she needs to back off. However, if it deals with something she's passionate about then it becomes harder for her to step back from it.


Small, slim, and looks almost like a twig despite eating on a daily basis. With a round face and blue eyes, her features almost look alien-like compared to the rest of her siblings minus her triplet sisters. She works out regularly to make sure she has decent curves about her body despite it seemingly underdeveloped.


Born just two minutes after her sister Arielle and four minutes before her sister Elena, it became clear that Juliette would break some hearts. Easily the most cheerful and friendliest out of all three triplets, it came as a surprise that Juliette was the only one of the three girls to cry when her mother held her. Now if her father, Emil, wrapped his arms around the dark-haired babe she would go silent and fall asleep quickly. It was strange yet proving that little Juliette was going to become her father's favorite.

As the years went by, Juliette slowly became her own person as she watched her two sisters bond together more than they did when she was around. Where Elena and Arielle dress alike, Juliette made sure to the favorite color her brother or sister enjoyed. Sometimes she even begged her father as to what his favorite color was and upon discovering she'd set off to find that color for a dress.

At the age of six, along with her sisters, Juliette received not only Her bracelet but also a shift in living situations. Going off to boarding school was terrifying but her father and mother, especially her mother, told her it was alright. Determined to settle in and have the best time of her life.

While there she got to see her older sister a little more. Between her and her sisters, Juliette discovered how much fun it was to pretend to be one of them. Elena easily caught on to her little tricks and soon began to join in on the ploy. By the time she was twelve, the two of them had managed to convince Arielle to join the fun. Pretending to be one of her sisters at school grew easy and Juliette loved it because it gave her that feeling of finally being apart of Elena and Arielle's world.

But then tragedy struck and Juliette felt her world crumbling around her.

With the death of her sister, she began to close herself up from the rest of the world. No amount of coaxing from her father or her sisters could get her to move again. It wasn't until Tanner began to silently sit with, just being there as a shoulder for her to lean on. She knew he was just trying to comfort her and Juliette slowly began to open back up. He became a constant in her life when she came home on the weekends and eventually she began to think of him while at school.

The first time she felt her stomach flutter around Tanner was during the night one time after she snuck into his room. She had not wanted to talk, to tell him the things she had been learning that week at school. It was when he touched her hand as they sat in their sacred tree house that she felt the spinning of her stomach and she couldn't help but shy away for the first time in her life. Juliette wasn't sure why she had that feeling but she did know that it felt good and she liked how Tanner made her feel. Like she was important and wanted and above all else [i]loved[/i].

Back at school, she pushed herself into her studies and though she became known as a bit of a loner, Juliette did her best to socialize with others. On the weekends and holidays, she was right next to Tanner, staying as close as she could and feeling that tumbling in her stomach each time. During the summer when she turned thirteen, Juliette heard the same words that had been fumbling around her own mind slip from Tanner's lips. She had felt her stomach drop (in a very good way) when he kissed her and she wanted to do nothing but kiss him back.

Back at school, it became hard to focus as her thoughts were centered around her brother. Juliette wanted to be with him, near him, touching him, and solely focusing on him. He never left her thoughts and she told him this each weekend she went home. The two of them became inseparable and had no problem holding hands when sitting close to each other. She knew they were pushing the limits but didn't care because with Tanner she was actually [i]happy[/i] and felt wanted.

However, once again tragedy struck home with the death of her mother. Coming home to spend the three weeks mourning the loss of her mother, Juliette molded herself into her brother's arms and refused to leave his side. The summer before her mother's death, Juliette had slept with her brother for the first time and felt that the world the two of them lived in was blissful. She leaned on him the most during the time of mourning for her mother and hated that she once more had to leave for school.

After the death of her mother, things began to get hard for her as Tanner began to avoid her. Confused as to why he did this, she began to feel like she had done something to upset him. That perhaps she hadn't pleased him good enough when they slept together or simply laid together to talk. She would focus so much on the reason as to why Tanner did this, that she began to fall behind in her classes. During a weekend home, it was when Tanner pulled her aside and warned her what their father might do if she didn't straight up and get better grades.

With his words of warning, Juliette decided to get her act back together and focus once more on school. This is all she did while at school and when at home her weekends were spent by her brother's side, occasionally sneaking away into his room at night to spend time together. So one the day of her exit exams, Juliette told herself she needed to fail them. To get a low score so she could stay near her brother just a little longer.

Her brain chose to betray her as she gained a good enough to get drafted at 18. The day she got home to have her packet waiting for her was the day she realized that being separated from her brother was finally happening. And as each day passes that leads closer to her Draft Day, Juliette has fallen farther into depression then she ever thought possible. It's gotten to the point that she's been thinking of taking her own life just so she doesn't have to be with another man that wasn't her brother.


Emil Haywood - Father, 43
Gabrielle Haywood - Mother, deceased

Tanner Haywood - Half Brother, 22
Brigid Haywood - Half Sister, 22
Arielle Haywood - Sister, 18
Elena Haywood - Sister, Deceased

Rihanna Haywood - Aunt
Damien Haywood - Uncle
Birthdate: September 26
Bad Habits: Over focuses on certain tasks, degrades herself when she feels like she
Turn-Ons: Spanking, Sub/Dom (she has no problem flipping sides), Choking, Rough/Angry sex, being punished/denied release, teasing, the idea of public sex
Turn-Offs: Any man that isn
hair color preference: No Information
eye color preference: No Information
draft position: Against
premarriage y/n: No

Hard Limits


Player Notes

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