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The year is 2192.

The country is the United States.

The current regime, The Trust, has been in power for over one hundred years.

The Trust takes care of you from cradle to grave--they provide you with housing, education, jobs, vehicles--but, in exchange, they control everything about your life. What color car you will drive. Where you will live. And, most important of all: who you will marry and how many children you will have.

Do you fight them or favor them?



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Play-by ➢ Jackie Cruz
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26 none Black Dark brown


Pos: Survivalist | Cleaver | Loyal
Cons: Head Strong | Opinionated | Procrastinator


Nancy stands of 5'6 feet tall. Long soft black hair that she usually keeps up. Olive complexion, smooth, and flawless. She has big doey dark eyes. She often enjoys wearing makeup a lot and usually isn't seen without any. She has a curves in all the right places and a healthy weight to her size.


Nancy was born into the world by her mother’s transgressions with her Uncle Lou. Despite the fact she never told her husband, who was Uncle Lou’s brother Jose, about it. So Jose, the husband, was led to believe that Nancy was his daughter despite the fact she really wasn’t. It wasn’t too long after Nancy was born her little sister Daisy came into the picture as well. Resulting from the same situation. Meaning Daisy wasn’t Jose’s daughter but Lou’s as well. Making Nancy and Daisy actual sisters and half sisters slash cousins to Calistia and Jose’s actual daughter Phoebe.

As a baby Nancy was a well behaved baby. It didn’t take much to make her happy and she was often very content by herself or by Daisy. Of course being so close in age her and Daisy they formed a very tight bond with each other. They formed their own secret language that no one else understood and were always seen together. One wasn’t without the other.

When schooling came in play in their lives they were given bracelets and sent to boarding school. There she learned what it meant to be a Pro Trust women. She loved school and everything that it entitled but as she grew older things started to change as she learned her family’s greatest secret and a cause they were fighting for. But that isn’t till a little later… Getting older she noticed that she looked different than her elder sister Phoebe verses looking more closely to Daisy. She often wondered that she even confronted her mother about it. Her mother simply brushed it off telling her that she was overreacting and that she should concern herself with such things. So she didn’t.

As a preteen she became more dramatic and childlike. She became popular in school and demanding to have the attention on her. She loved feeling like the top dog in school. Granted yeah she had girls there that didn’t like her and found her to be a straight up bitch. But Nancy didn’t care for their opinions on her and was happy doing her own thing. With her pavement of popularity she took Daisy with her and it was Daisy that kept her grounded and reminded her not to be so mean to people but to be kind. Her older sister did look after her and the other Varela girls in school. Nancy respected her elder sister in school and would often mind her as well knowing Phoebe wanted to make sure she didn’t get into too much trouble in school.

It was about 16 or 17 when she discovered her family’s little secret and it wasn’t like she was looking for it but simply she stumbled across it. Her led to believe father Jose passed away which led herself and her sister Daisy to go live with their Uncle Lou. She didn’t want to say goodbye to her mother but the law was the law and Nancy hated it. She thought it was unfair for that to happen to her mother but it happened. She didn’t mind her Uncle that much but actually loved him and all his crap and gruff. He was good to her and her sister and took very good care of them. She didn’t have no complaints and enjoyed all the dogs that he did bring home.

When she discovered what her Uncle did in secrete was something she didn’t think such a thing existed. Perhaps she was caught up in her own world she didn’t take notice. She stumbled upon him in a private conversation he was having with another man she had never seen before. Granted they weren’t coming right out with what they were up to but using code words and such. Nancy grew curious as to what they were saying. So she decided to confront him on it and of course he told her she was perhaps hearing things and leave it alone. But she was persistent on it and she wanted to know. Perhaps she could be part of it whatever he was part of knowing the Trust took her mother away from her and she hated the idea of being married to someone she didn’t know. She bugged him about every chance she could to the point that her Uncle got annoyed with her.

She wasn’t sure if it was pity or what but he did break down and answered her question or questions on the subject. After he was done she grew even more curious about it. Of course the sad moment was that she couldn’t be an actual member like her Uncle and the whole idea of being a badass chick faded way. But she wanted to be part of the Sons of Satan and she didn’t care what she needed to do to be part of it. Of course she couldn’t be part of it right away knowing she wasn’t drafted quite yet but he did promise her after she was they would reconven on the subject again. Which was more then happy for that moment to happen sooner than later.

School life almost coming to an end grew sad knowing she wasn’t going to have her statues she had in school like she would in the real world. But she enjoyed it as much as she could until then. She took her graduation test that would determine when she was eligible to marry. She studied hard knowing the faster she got married the faster she could be part of the “family business”. Of course she passed with flying colors and received her first marriage packet.

She married her first husband Eric Simmons. He was a decent man or at least at first he was. In public he was the ideal trust man. A man every woman dreamed of having but behind closed doors he was a very dominating controlling man who wanted things in a certain way. She didn't love him nor care for him. So when she became a Sweetbutt for the Sons of Satan she was very happy. At least she could have a break from her husband and his controlling nature and enjoy any man that wanted her. She knew she couldn’t do that same things as what the members were doing which was were she really wanted to be. She was happy to see her sister Phoebe there as well as her cousins as well. It just felt right to her except she wished Daisy was here with them.

As time passed things in her marriage became harder and Eric became more aggressive with her. She didn’t like it and wanted out of her marriage quickly. She spoke to her Uncle about it and telling him all that he was doing to her. Before she knew it her husband mysterious vanished and she was back into the drafting pool. She knew she was still young enough to marry again and wished she could at least with someone from the club so it just made things much easier on her. But her second marriage was completely the opposite. Her second husband was a Vice Detective an enemy to her family and others like her family. She thought things went bad to worse just like that.

It became harder for her to sneak off to Sons of Satan gatherings and see her friends and family. As she always felt her husband was keeping a close on her. So over time she gradually pulled away from the Sons of Satan and eventually her family. Which was the hardest thing she could have ever do because she loved them. Of course her family reached out to her and yet she didn’t respond. She didn’t want no spotlight placed on them knowing she believed they were fighting a worthy cause. Her marriage itself was lifeless. He didn’t show much interest in her knowing he already had his three children. She was mostly his maid and cook instead of an actual wife.

She however became very close to his only daughter who was about the same age as her. Her step daughter was between marriages at the time and lived with them for a year. With in that year she became very close to her to the point she started to have feelings for her. She knew it was wrong but she simply couldn’t help it. She wasn’t getting any attention from her husband other than keeping an eye on her like a hawk so developing feelings for another simply came natural to her. And soon after she found out that her step daughter had the same feeling for her as well. Their relationship slowly blossomed into something more which led it a more intimate relationship.

But what felt complete quickly changed knowing that her step daughter got drafted again and would be leaving. So for one last goodbye they spent the entire night together entangled in their love but what they didn’t count on was her husband, the father of her lover, coming home early and walking in on them together. Seeing them he became enraged and began to become violent. Before he could report them both Nancy quickly grabbed a heavy object and hit her husband in the back of the head knocking him out. Fearing she was in trouble she quickly called her Uncle knowing he would know what to do. She felt bad for not speaking to him for so long but she didn’t know what to do.
Of course he came to her rescue and removed her issue. But the downfall was that her lover was drafted to another man and was gone out of her life and she moved back in with her Uncle. She didn’t want to face her family again knowing it looked like she turned her back on them. In reality she didn’t. She wanted to save them and she explained that to them. She didn’t mean to hurt them and that she wanted to call and wanted to see them but she feared that her ex would have figured it out. Of course she knew know how wrong she was and what even hit her harder was the loss of her sister Daisy.

It was a whole new blow and feeling of being a piece of shit just went to a whole knew level. Daisy was the good one of the group. The smart one that did right. Now gone forever. Knowing how many times she could have simply called or times she could have seen her if she wasn’t so scared of her ex. Time she would never get back nor a future to make it right with her. A deep regret she knew she would live with for the rest of her life. Of course she was welcomed back to the club knowing she really never left them. It took time for people to get use to her but she knew she would never hold a high statues like some Sweetbutts out there knowing she completely dropped off the face of the earth.

She wished she was old enough to be a sponsor or live in because she didn’t want to marry again. She didn’t want to deal with the whole marriage thing again. But soon enough she got her third drafting papers again and she just hoped third time will be a charm.


Father: Jose Varela (dead)
Mother: Calista Varela

Sister: Phoebe and Daisy (dead)

Uncle: Lou Varela (actual Father)
Cousins: Temple, Scout, and Fox

First Husband: Eric Simmons (dead)
Step Children:
Luke Simmons
Mark Simmons
Penny Simmons (lover)
Birthdate: February 2nd
Bad Habits: - tends to act childish when she doesn
Turn-Ons: - A man who know what he wants - A man to show her how special she is - Foreplay - Rough play
Turn-Offs: - Putting her in her place - Fighting that is actually fighting and not leading no where near sex - not showing interest in her - lack of sex drive
hair color preference: No Information
eye color preference: No Information
draft position: Against
premarriage y/n: No

Hard Limits

Short and few just ask

Player Notes

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