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The year is 2192.

The country is the United States.

The current regime, The Trust, has been in power for over one hundred years.

The Trust takes care of you from cradle to grave--they provide you with housing, education, jobs, vehicles--but, in exchange, they control everything about your life. What color car you will drive. Where you will live. And, most important of all: who you will marry and how many children you will have.

Do you fight them or favor them?



Atlas Shaw
Played by  Ashley Allison  ➢ Offline
Spouse ➢ No Information
Play-by ➢ Taron Egerton
 ➢ Not Sharing Play-by
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22 Actor/Tv Personality (think James Cordon of this time) Light Brown Blue


INSECURE - LOVING - GOOD-NATURED: The middle child syndrome is alive and well in Atlas Shaw. Constantly overlooked by his family because he wasn’t his perfect over brother or his miracle child little sister. He has felt his entire life that to be noticed and accepted by his father, which he never has been. While he may outwardly show an appearance of being confident and at one with himself, inside he hates himself and feels like he’s not good enough for anything or anyone. Despite this however, he’s very loving specially those who have ever shown him an ounce of kindness and his family even though god knows he hates himself for it. He typically good-natured and thoughtful. He tries his hardest to do the right thing and be respectable, to do nice things for people.

FUNNY - CREATIVE - HUMBLE: He’s a bit of a Goofball, he’s a bit silly. He learned at a young age to entertain himself since he was mostly ignored. He can be a practical jokester and he eventually learned how to use this funny charismatic nature as a weapon against his father, to hurt him. But instead through it he found his passion. He’s extremely creative, from acting and writing to singing he’s very talented (though he would never admit to it) and it’s enabled him to make a bit of a name for himself finding a family in his colleges and fans. Though he’s extremely successful and he knows that his family has a pretty important place in the society they’ve built themselves into, he’s extremely humble about it. He doesn’t think that he’s really as successful as he really is, which probably has a lot to do with his deep seeded insecurity that he’s always had.

BROODING - SELF-DESTRUCTIVE - OBSESSIVE: There is constantly a two sided internal battle going inside Atlas. One side desperately wanting his fathers approval or recognition and being willing to do anything to get it and the other who is resentful about his entire life before he became an adult and wants to act out. This usually results in him being self-destructive and acting out in an extreme way in an attempt to get his father's attention, even if it results in negative attention.Because of this he goes through bouts of extreme moodiness and unhappiness where he is inconsolable. Usually when he gets in those moods, he devotes himself to a project in which he can focus his attention on. During these times it’s as if he has blinders on, he eats, breathes and sleeps that and is rarely able to focus on anything else.


Standing 5'10'' Atlas is very lean and muscular. He enjoys burning calories playing sports like rugby and basketball with his friends in intermural teams in his free time. He's usually cleanly shaven though he had been known to be lazy and forget to shave for a few days as well. He keeps his hair fairly short and neat. The best part about his features has to be his dimples.


The problem with being the middle child is that you’ll never be as important as the eldest child and you’ll never be as magical and new as the youngest child. For Atlas Shaw, this is what his entire life has looked like. Though to be clear, it’s not like he had a horrible childhood where he was completely neglected. No, he was perfectly happy as a child and it took him a while to notice that he barely got either of his parent's attention. It started off with little things, like how his father didn’t really seem to pay attention when he would tell him little things. All he would get was an “uh huh” or a “that's good boy” not even looking away from his newspaper or whatever he was doing. But whenever Maggie entered the room he would automatically stop whatever he was doing, and any phone call he was on and play with her.

You’d think that Atlas would be resentful towards his baby sister but try as hard as wanted to he couldn’t. Deep down he knew that she didn’t ask to be the center of attention in their household and he also knew that no matter what he had to protect her because he was her older brother. But he did realize that he would have to try other tactics to get his father's attention. Eventually, he realized that getting into trouble was the only course of action to do that.It started out with him noticing that the only time his father really paid attention to him was when he did something wrong. Then he realized that even negative attention was some sort of attention from his father.

School was okay for him, Atlas is a naturally charismatic guy so it was easy for him to make friends. But kept getting mediocre grades which as you can guess didn’t go over well in the Shaw household. Atlas was more than capable of getting good grades, which is what enraged his parents and his teacher because he was pretty intelligent but he refused to apply himself. He knew if he kept doing poorly his parents would keep paying attention to him. Or at least it started out that way and then eventually grew him doing poorly to spite his father.

Before Atlas went to go take his aptitude test, he and his father got into a huge argument about how he should take this test seriously so he could stop embarrassing the family. Up until that moment, Atlas had fully intended to take the test seriously because he wanted to get a job that he could be proud of himself for. But he went into the test angry and resentful and bombed it on purpose. When the results of his test came back, it was the first time and only time his father ever beat him. It was also the last time his father talked to him as well.

You see in Ezekiel Shaw’s eyes having a son who is an actor is pretty much one of the most embarrassing things that could have happened to him. He had high hopes of both of his son’s being lawyers or doctors or something important. Hell, he would have even accepted just about anything else other than an actor. But Atlas was pretty happy with the outcome, thought it was going to be much much worse. Dipping his feet into the acting pool was hard. He got turned down for more jobs than he can count anymore. He got stupid shitty parts in commercials for embarrassing things. One day he had a part where had a drink thrown on him 15 times before they got a good take and that was the only scene of the show he was in. It was discouraging but he loved the feeling he got when he read a new script and got to be a new person.

In his entire life, there had only been one other thing that had given him this much joy and that had been his sponsoring. He tried on a few sponsors before he finally met Catlyn. It was tragic that she was a sponsor. She wasn’t all that much older than him, couldn’t have been more than 25 years old. He never asked her exactly how old she was or how she ended up a sponsor because he was afraid to know what tragedy she had to have gone through to end up here. He didn’t only enjoy having sex with her though, she was pretty smart as well and he enjoyed the conversations that they would have after. Unlike some of the other sponsors, he’d had before her where they would try and rush him out the door as soon as he was done to get onto the next client so they could go about their day.

Catlyn was never like that though, she never rushed him or made him feel like she was just some appointment in her day. She made him feel like a human, she was kind to him. The first person outside of his sister to ever be. He enjoyed his time with her, so in that first year of sponsoring he went to her as much as he could whenever he could. It wasn’t always just about sex, sometimes she would help him run lines for a big part he was going to audition for. Eventually, before he realized it he had fallen in love with her, he didn't know if she felt the same and he didn’t ask before he was afraid she would think he was crazy.

After that first year, he saw less of her because he was only allowed to sponsor twice a week. But he still cherished his time with her. She encouraged him to do more comedy because she thought he was funny and also to try to get more parts where he could sing more as well because she thought he had a nice singing voice. He followed her advice and started to get better roles and gain more credibility. Everything seemed perfect.

But then the ‘The Disaster’ happened. It happened so fast, he knew that Catlyn was supposed to be there visiting her sister for a couple weeks. After he heard what happened he tried calling her and calling her and she never answered… and she never came home. He could only assume that she had to have died in the incident. This on top of the fact that he had to get microchipped and his movements were now being tracked with some sort of GPS in his chip was all just a little too much for him.

He started going to a lot of parties with fellow actors, drinking a lot more syn than he used to. His biggest regret from this time is that he let himself get talked into taking his little sister to these parties as well. He knew he shouldn’t have, she was too young and she could get in trouble. But there was a part of his brain that didn’t care and a part of his brained that he’s ashamed of that wanted her to get in trouble so their father would see that she wasn’t the perfect little angel that he thought she was. He usually did try to look after her though to make sure nothing happened to her.

Then one night he was playing pool for money with some friends, not paying attention to her at all. She ended up leaving with one of her friends going to a party on her own and getting arrested and having to do community service. This was a big wake up call for him. He felt extremely guilty, she took the disappointment her father was showing really hard at first even though now she seems to be indifferent towards it.

After this, though he started getting serious about his career, he lent his voice and singing prowess to an animated film recently and after that, he was approached by a television network to take over a late night comedy show where could get to sing and be funny every night.


Blood Relations:
Ezekiel Shaw Sr.- Father
Arabella Sullivan - Mother

Ezekiel Shaw III. - brother - 30’s
(family history open)

Maggie Shaw - 18 - Sister

Vivienne Shaw - Aunt
(family history open)

Amelia Shaw - Aunt
(family history open)
Darius Sullivan - Uncle (Mother’s side)
Aubrey Dubois - Aunt

Wesley Sullivan - 23 - Cousin through Marriage
Sarah LaCroix - 23 - Cousin-in-law

Willamina Sullivan - 23 - Cousin through Marriage
Gabriel Donovan
Nora Sullivan - Aunt - Mother’s side

Alaric Donovan - 25 - cousin
Sarah Michaels - 22
Thomas Donovan -

Alexi Donovan - 24 - cousin

Asher Donovan - 22 - cousin

Indirectly related through marriage:

Alexander Dubois
Sofia Beniot- Aunt

Astrid Dubois
Ezra Davis
Birthdate: November 10th
Bad Habits: is moody, self destructive, drinks syn way to much and loses himself in projects way to often
Turn-Ons: adventurous lovers, taking initiative in the bedroom, dress up, role playing, rough sex
Turn-Offs: vanilla sex, no imagination, shyness, playing hard to get, brunettes
hair color preference: Redheads drive him crazy, blondes.
eye color preference: Green, Blue
draft position: Neutral
premarriage y/n: No

Hard Limits

I usually prefer to eventually fade to black with male characters

Player Notes

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