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The year is 2192.

The country is the United States.

The current regime, The Trust, has been in power for over one hundred years.

The Trust takes care of you from cradle to grave--they provide you with housing, education, jobs, vehicles--but, in exchange, they control everything about your life. What color car you will drive. Where you will live. And, most important of all: who you will marry and how many children you will have.

Do you fight them or favor them?



Meshach Jordan
Played by  Cee  ➢ Offline
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Play-by ➢ Ton Heukels
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20 student reddish-blonde blue


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Tall, thin but muscular. Thick, longish hair.


Meshach was born on a sunny September morning much to the dismay of all the adults around him. Minuets after holding him is mother, Gemma was executed. His father, Matthew Diaz was found not too long after that and was promptly executed as well. Like most forbidden love stories theirs ended in more heartache. More than a year before, 18 year old Gemma had been drafted to the much older Conrad Diaz. The Draft Gods had not been shining on Conrad that day as he was merely months away from being removed from the draft pool. One moment the man had been daydreaming of spending his days fishing and the next he had a bubbly teen wife. Conrad admits he neglected her. He admits he was almost relived when his 20 year old undrafted son seemed to take it upon himself to keep Gemma busy. But, despite these truths Conrad would tell anyone who would listen he never expected the two to develop a secret affair.

The guilt as well as the crushing loss was probably the reason that Conrad decided to keep and raise his grandson. Despite the kind act Conrad was a hard man. He was firmly pro-trust and though he understood his son broke the rules he still was unhappy with the outcome. He couldn’t blame the trust so all his anger and frustration was piled onto Meshach. Conrad hired a live in who took over most of the duties of raising him. As he got older Meshach struggled to stay on his grandfather’s good side. Conrad seemed to be hell bent on ensuring Meshach didn’t turn out to be a disappointment like “his stupid father and his whore of a mother”. It was always a gamble of what tiny infraction would set Conrad off. The constant uncertainty of what action would make Grandfather upset on a day to day basis gave the boy a skittish personality one laced with anxiety and a desire to fit in but lacking the social skills to do so. His live in tried to balance the punishments as best as she could; Conrad would spank him and she would be sure to dry his eyes and comfort him. In some part of his unconscious mind he began to muddle the lines between his punishments and the treats or hugs he would get after.

It was until he was about six that he actually developed something akin to friendship. He was playing by himself in the yard when he observed the Andrews moving in. They had two girls and though they were younger than him they all quickly became friends. When the girls were sent away to school he lived for the weekends when they would return. From their household he learned that not everyone’s home was as lonely as his.

Two years later Conrad died. Meshach had two aunts who had moved away when they were drafted and both were unwilling to take in the bastard child even if they were allowed to. Aunt Mary returned to Ashpoint to finish up the papers to send him to the St. Jerome’s Orphanage. While there she made a point of changing his last name back to his mother’s maiden name… “He didn’t even look like a Diaz anyway.” And so just like that his life was changed again.

If he thought he was miserable and lonely at home the feeling was double at the orphanage because he never felt as though he belonged there. It was a cultural shock to him because everywhere he went there were loud children, doing all kinds of things which were ‘wrong’ and ‘bad’. He made up lies to the other children, insisting that he had family who had made a mistake and would come back for him.

He used any free time to read. It didn’t matter the subject or topic he read everything. He found the Bible when he became interested in his strange name. The Bible as well as the doctrine became his favorite pastime and he became devout in finding more ways to perfect himself in action, thought and practice. He purposely went on fasts or sustained from other pleasures to test himself as people had done in the Bible and other religious teachings. The way he saw it, he had struggled for most of his life. Instead of shying away from struggles and hardships he wanted to find a way to overcome them so that hardships couldn’t hurt him. He isolated himself from the other children and probably would have been headed down a very dark and scary path if not for the arrival of two red heads. They could have been anyone. It could have been a coincidence but he quickly found out it wasn’t. The poor orphaned red heads were his old childhood friends and though he was happy to see his friends again he was devastated to hear of why they were reunited.

He helped show the girls the ropes at the orphanage and they helped him find the silver lining in tragedy.

At 17 Meshach took his aptitude test. He figured he would be given a job where he could help people, a preacher perhaps. He took his time on the test, knowing his answers would determine the rest of his life. With the results in he scored highest in social, conventional and enterprising and was placed in the Department of Marriage. He would need additional schooling, in psychology and sociology but essentially he would be one of the people who were to determine the fate of others. He was in shock. If felt like a huge responsibility, one he had not been planning for. After much thought he decided he was happy about his fate and decided to strive to find ways to prevent unsuccessful matches. Since he was no longer destined to be a man of the cloth Meshach set out to get to know people better, find out what made them tick or feel attraction to one another. At 18 he attended his first sponsorship. He didn’t rush into the act, partially due to being in research mode and partially more lessons in self control. Prior to his first visit he had already put himself on a strict schedule of attending one session a month, and each month he goes a little further. He's actually afraid of sex, afraid that if and when he does the actual deed it will consume him like it did his parents.

At this point in his life, with his career looming in the horizon Meshach is probably the most content he has ever been.


Conrad Diaz-Grandfather
Matthew Diaz-Father
Gemma (Jordan) Diaz-Mother
Mary (Diaz)
Mercy (Diaz)
Birthdate: September 9
Bad Habits: He was the kid who was tattling on you. He realized quickly that no one likes that. So as he has gotten older he has been more vocal in letting you know exactly how you are breaking the rules. Can be a little vain. His appearance is important to him and his hair is his crowning glory. When he feels as though he is devoting too much time to it he cuts it all off. Has a tendency to pick his skin when anxious.
Turn-Ons: A curvier woman, their softness reminds him of his live in when he was a child.A woman who is prim and proper in public but behind closed doors knows how to let loose. Being punished. Being teased. Delaying release.
Turn-Offs: Sexually, red heads and blondes are a turn off. He likes them enough as people but since he has such limited knowledge of his heritage he always thinks in the back of the head that they could be a relative.
hair color preference: Not red, not blonde
eye color preference: No preferance
draft position: For
premarriage y/n: Yes, another member and I are making these together

Hard Limits


Player Notes

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