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The year is 2192.

The country is the United States.

The current regime, The Trust, has been in power for over one hundred years.

The Trust takes care of you from cradle to grave--they provide you with housing, education, jobs, vehicles--but, in exchange, they control everything about your life. What color car you will drive. Where you will live. And, most important of all: who you will marry and how many children you will have.

Do you fight them or favor them?



Morgan Strange
Played by  Liz  ➢ Offline
Spouse ➢ Theodore Best
Play-by ➢ Ksenia Solo
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19 No Information Black Pale Blue


Responsible // Mature // Intelligent // Odd // Crafty
Creative // Macabre // Serious // Determined

holiday: Halloween; colors: black, dark blue, dark purple, hot pink, blood red; flowers: black roses; foods: strew, Khash, Beondegi


Single and most noticable thing about Morgan Strange are by far her pale blue eyes on her pitch black hair. The combination this rare have often made people define her as strange, all before even getting to know her. Body shapped as a banana, Morgan stands at 5'4'' (1.63 m) and generally maintains weight at about 110 lbs (50 kg).

Other relevant information include a dress size 2 and shoe size 6, bra size 32A, which are all details Morgan pays close attention to and isn't afraid to mention when necessary. Most fail to notice though that it has more to do with her affection to making her own clothes.


One, two and even three. Mother and Father Strange, having had problems in conceiving took fertility treatments which results in the birth of Morgan, Morgause and Elaine, in that order. While Morgan and Morgause came out identical, even as little girls they showed how different they were from each other... and yet alike in some other ways. Morgan, being the eldest, and a fact she took in even as a little girl took to being the responsible and wise one among her sisters, looking after them and making sure they were in check. Raised in the family they were though, Morgan's views formed easily. For starters, she found death to be kind of fascinating. Mother passing when she was just three. She had little to understand at the time but she became sick and then she was gone. Vaguely, she could remember the funeral. Black. Black everywhere. So, black became associated with death. And if death was fascinating, black was exceptionally beautiful.

Two years after the death, Father got drafted again. Alys was sort of toxic, bringing an odd negativity in the household. She and Father argued a lot. Surprisingly enough, Morgan liked her. When they weren't arguing, that is. The Strange family Morgan knew never argued, not before new Mother arrived (not that Morgan wasn’t well aware of the fact that she wasn’t really Mother but she disliked the word stepmother the moment she heard it). But when they weren't arguing, she could get on well with the woman. Gareth joined them then. At five she was already a big sister so another brother (not half-brother, family is family) was a lovely addition. Alys died, of course, and that resulted in another funeral. Morgan discovered that you could attend a funeral and not really be sad. As it turned out, she liked Alys but not enough to miss her like she missed Mother sometimes. She was just glad they had Gareth now. Nimue Wood joined them soon after, the live in. Morgan loved her. She found her to be majestic.

Age six, she was fitted with a bracelet and sent to school, along with both her sisters. School was cool; especially when she saw her uniform. Something about the dress and blouse under it fascinated Morgan and she quickly adapted to the style. Not just in school but even when they went home for the weekends but it wasn’t long after that she dug out a sewing kit and began playing with her own clothes. It was bad at first. Morgan still wore her creations, flawed as they were, especially at home. Luckily, school would teach her to get better. Not only that, but she found a fascinating for all the arts. She took interest with cosmetology, crafting, scrap booking, gardening... cooking they couldn't teach her however, not in the way she learned it at home. She found the recipes there boring and food needed a little more oomph for her. Sure, the tips were useful. She also didn't care much for the comments and laughs they got in school. The Strange ones, the weirdos... Morgan didn't care. Sometimes, she'd get tired of them, stick her finger out and tell them they'd get chickenpox! The girls would get a little scared and leave her alone for a day or two. It was cute for a while but then she got told by a teacher she needs to stop or she'd get in trouble. So she did. Not because she'd get into trouble, mind you, but because it became boring. Eventually, she'd just murmur that she was a Strange, and they were not. And that was all that mattered.

Gareth turned six and Nimue had to leave them. That made Morgan super sad. Nimue was the woman that stayed with them the longest, longer even than Mother, so of course, she grew attached to the woman. The house was constantly busy though, since Uncle died and suddenly, her cousins Mordred and Kay were living there as well. The age difference between her and Mordred was just a few years though Kay was a tiny little baby when they arrived. Morgan only got to see them on the weekends though so it seemed like she hardly saw them.

As a teenager, as Morgause got more into trouble for her style, Morgan became more careful with it. She too experimented with dye, surprising everyone with that one time she became a brunette or those soft blond highlights. One time she bleached her hair. She absolutely hated the look and kept her hair hidden under hats and scarves. It was terrifying for her to even look at herself in the mirror then. Thankfully, her hair grew fast enough to cut it off and start anew, never speaking about the incident again. In the meantime, her sewing had become her own personal fun. Most of the outfits she wore at home. Those were a little more crazy and bold. But she also sewed plenty of Trust-approved dresses and combinations. All in dark colors however. Around the same time, she became fascinated by acting. It seemed pretty cool watching the men and the occasional women do their thing on the big screen. They left her at awe. Not for them, never for them. Morgan would never be a fan girl type of gal. Instead, it was the fascination with the career they held. She wanted to be an actress. Obviously, it was an impossible dream... unless... nope, that involved a kid and a death.... of course, Morgan thought of multiple solutions to achieve her dreams.

A girl like Morgan makes people around her think the day doesn’t have twenty-four hours but twice as much instead. She’s great at multi-tasking and quick to finish all the tasks, though she’s quickest at the tasks she gives herself. Her weekends at home tended to be spent reading books, drawing, sewing, crafting… at any given day, her walls were covered with her artwork though most of them done in black, dark blue and purple. If she wasn’t in her room though, she was usually sneaking one of Father’s old school books. At school, she did well. Unlike her sister, her teachers liked her for the most part. She did the work, almost always had an answer, and completed her assignments in time… while she could easily be called a nerd, Morgan simply believes education is healthy. Not just the education school gives you but it’s very useful none the less.

Morgan believes in being close to her family. Every single one of them, including Elaine. Despite her sister's belief that she's the only normal Strange which makes her completely different than them, secretly, Morgan has always thought her younger sister is the strangest of the Strange which isn't half as bad as she would think. Sometimes, but only sometimes, she even envies her for it. She got stuck with sharing a face.

New Mother arrived into their life when she was sixteen. Rini was so young that Morgan couldn’t call her Mother. Rini would do. She was only nineteen after all. She was nice though, sort of. Sometimes she watched her when she came home, just watched her. It hit her then how close she was to being drafted. It made her miss Nimue like she’d never felt it before. Their old live in was closest and strongest Mother in her life even though Morgan understood that wives ranked higher than live ins in the society, they taught that in school. So she should have gotten used to Rini when she arrives, but she couldn’t. She was far too old to have another Mother. But when Gawain and Gaheris arrived, Morgan started to hope secretly. Maybe, just maybe Nimue would come. But then, it occurred to her one day as she watched the twins with their Mother that in the Strange family, a Mother didn’t last long after delivering a child or several them. Only a real Strange would do well post-childbirth, as was the case with Aunt Tesla.

Where there was new Life, Death followed… she came to understand. And she was right.

Rini left their lives short after. Morgan quickly took to help with the twins. They were her brothers and it was her family. She hated it when Elaine would put them in bright colors - the one thing she actually complained to Father, saying her eyes hurt. Which was true. In a way. They did however move to Old Town since it was now ten of them, and Nimue had come back to then! Morgan was most certainly happy with the return of their live in. Though Lucy was Mother in blood, Nimue was Mother in all other ways in her dark heart.

The bracelet came off in time. Though it felt odd missing the piece of smart metal her hand, Morgan had to admit to herself that that thing never suited her. Despite its nifty ability to switch color, the black shade on it never matched any of her outfits so it was more good riddance than really missing. Her hand just felt a little bare. The implanted chip didn't change that much so Morgan quickly adapted to wearing bracelets of her own choice, and often of her own design. Sometimes, it was jewelry, but a lot of the times it was fabric, such as black lace she'd made by herself. And as far as the newcomers went, Morgan hardly even noticed them. She's not one for making new friend with "normal" anyhow.

She’s eighteen now. Her tests were an easy breeze and while she’s back in Old Town now, her packages have started arriving. To be perfectly frank, Morgan would prefer if she could stay home and remain a Strange. And she’d love to go to school like Father did and her brothers would in time. And become an actress. Yes, that’s one dream she hadn’t given up. Despite her undying love for her drawings, making clothes and reading books. Morgan has actually been ready for years, reading poetry and reciting it to herself, recording herself with her phone. Sometimes, she even performs for the family, on holidays. She especially loves to celebrate Halloween and perform for them.

Nothing however has come to her as sad as the idea of moving away. Sure, Morgan doesn’t worry about becoming Mother. She will someday, and the man she’s been slowly reading up on will be Father. And she’s a Strange; therefore there is no reason to think she will have the same fate as Lucy, Alys or Rini. Death is a friend to her, not a foe.


Edison Strange // father, 47
-Lucy Strange // mother, deceased
--Morgause Strange // triplet, 18
--Elaine Strange // triplet, 18
-Alys Strange // stepmother, deceased
--Gareth Strange // half-brother, 13
-Rini Strange // stepmother, deceased
--Gawain Strange // half-brother, 2
--Gaheris Strange // half-brother, 2

Cattus, male black cat, under one year old in 2191

Tesla Strange // aunt, 47
--Deceased husband // uncle, deceased
--Mordred Strange(?) // cousin, 16
--Kay Strange(?) // cousin 8
Birthdate: September 23rd 2172
Bad Habits: Zeroes out when
Turn-Ons: wearing tight clothes that fit her body; being shown affection in the smallest rather than bigger things; confidence; being desired; rougher, wilder sex; dancing
Turn-Offs: bright colors, arguing, being confused with Morgause, thinking flowers can solve anything; being expected to be like anyone else/normal;
hair color preference: black, brown
eye color preference: anything is fine; blue, green, yellowish-brown rather than basic brown is more appealing
draft position: Neutral
premarriage y/n: No

Hard Limits

Can be discussed.

Player Notes

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