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The year is 2192.

The country is the United States.

The current regime, The Trust, has been in power for over one hundred years.

The Trust takes care of you from cradle to grave--they provide you with housing, education, jobs, vehicles--but, in exchange, they control everything about your life. What color car you will drive. Where you will live. And, most important of all: who you will marry and how many children you will have.

Do you fight them or favor them?



Finnian Walsh
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Play-by ➢ Ryan Eggold
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27 Accountant and Statistician Brown Blue


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Finnian doesn't have an imposing figure, and is rather lean with toned muscles. He takes care of his body, but only as a hobby, and is blessed with a high enough metabolism that he doesn't have to be concerned of every becoming flubby. He's 6'0", a very average height for a man, and he dresses himself in what he calls "fashionable geek." His glasses are more for reading or staring at charts and number ledgers all day, though he often forgets to wear them when he's supposed to and to take them off when they're no longer needed.

His brown hair is a medium, mediocre shade, that he mostly keeps trimmed close on the sides and longer on the top. Most days it's a damn wreck, unkempt and sticking up all over the place in a way that is sort of cute. He only shaves twice a week, tops, and normally is sporting stubble. His blue eyes have heavy lids and the beginnings of crows feet, showing that he has a good sense of humor. His mouth is thinner, causing him to once upon a time envy his youngest brother, though now he's gotten used to looking like the nerd that he is.


The eldest child of Lorcan and Tamara Walsh missed the mark for oldest in his generation by three years, but he did get to be first in his segment of the family. He grew up surrounded by cousins, each of them like a sibling to him, and their family was tight knit and loud.

His mother was an enabler of sorts, and often provoked and encouraged curiosity in her children. He showed interest in numbers and sequences from a young age, so she bought him toys that were a challenge and helped that fascination to grow. He was a bookworm compared to many of the others, and didn't participate as much in physical things, like backyard football, wrestling matches in the living room, though he wasn't always exempt.

He never felt the need to stand out from everyone, though sometimes when you're older it's hard not to be the one who did something first. He'd felt the envy of the younger ones, but never treated them like their accomplishments were less important. Finnian spent a lot of his time with Rafe, his youngest brother, annoying him with random facts that he had learned from books, and as they got older, from school. While they were both still in grade school, before Finnian moved to high school, he would conduct fake interviews with Rafe that amused them both. He was always impressed at how easily his youngest brother was able to answer the questions without breaking cover.

In school he did a lot academically, finding that facts were easy to memorize and he could present them with little prompting. Math was his favorite subject and he excelled at it, taking advanced courses in school. Sports were not his strongest point, though he did play baseball while he was in high school as an extracurricular. He was always more of a lover than a fighter and he found sports to be too violent for his tastes. When the time came for the aptitude test results, his results didn't surprise anyone - Accounting was something he was passionate about already.

He breezed through his entry level job, quickly advancing in status and getting noticed by his employers even at a younger age. His memory for numbers, and facts about the advancements or setbacks for the other companies that his group monitored financially caught a lot of attention, and for a while he was a hot commodity in his field. The demand for his analysis and advice slowly died down, and he was back to being a regular joe in his field shortly before his twenty-third birthday. It was around that time that Finnian also found himself drafted to his first, and current, wife. He never saw the correlation between his drop in work efficiency and being a newlywed, though that was probably what changed his drive.

Married life was scary. He instantly liked his wife and wanted to do things to make her happy. He planned dates, taking his new bride to amusement parks, on ferry rides, and carriage rides. Finnian had never relied on anyone the way he relied on her, but he made sure that she knew all the time how much he appreciated her and her efforts. Three years ago she fell pregnant, and as their child grew inside her, he realized that he loved her. He tried to show her with actions, finding it very hard to express himself vocally. He likes to think now that she knows.

The baby came, a handsome little boy that she named Duncan in keeping with the Scottish and Irish names of Finnian's family line. They struggled at first, though honestly he handled the care of the baby better than his wife did due to having such a large family. They ended up hiring a live-in, and it helped a lot with relieving some other pressures so they could focus on their baby. The live-in didn't really have much to do with Duncan, but she handled the cooking and cleaning. She made advances at Finnian, who thwarted them... mostly.

The baby is now three, and they still have the live-in. He can tell that his wife is at odds with the other woman now, probably because she walked in on the hired help trying to get into her husband's pants. He's trying to be good because he doesn't want to hurt his wife, but temptation is so sweet. Finnian's thought about trying to bring the two together in a romantic setting, but he has no idea if either would be accepting of that kind of arrangement.

You can't blame the man if he tries, though.

EDIT - It's been months now since Finnian caved to the temptation of his live in, effectively tearing his marriage apart. His wife, Rowena, allowed her jealousy to consume and distract her, and in the end she was so far out of her own head that she didn't think to look before stepping out onto the street. She died in the ER, leaving Finnian to raise his son Duncan on his own. Well, with the help of the live in, of course.


No Information
Birthdate: October 3rd
Bad Habits: Inserts random facts and statistics into every day conversations, forgets to wear his glasses, and he falls asleep on the couch a lot
Turn-Ons: Sensuality, assertiveness, confidence, massages, making out, spontaneity, a sense of sexual adventure, and has this growing fantasy of being with two women at once
Turn-Offs: No imagination, getting hair in his mouth, a woman who is stiff and unreceptive
hair color preference: Red, Auburn, Brown
eye color preference: Any
draft position: For
premarriage y/n: Yes, and I'm posting a want ad for them.

Hard Limits

Waste Play, anything else goes

Player Notes

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