The year is 2191.

The country is the United States.

The current regime, The Trust, has been in power for over one hundred years.

The Trust takes care of you from cradle to grave--they provide you with housing, education, jobs, vehicles--but, in exchange, they control everything about your life. What color car you will drive. Where you will live. And, most important of all: who you will marry and how many children you will have.

Do you fight them or favor them?


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Sylvia Belanger

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Character Name Sylvia Laila Belanger
Age 23.
Birthday 17th of August.
Job Maid.
Hair Color Black.
Eye Color Umber.
Physical Description Sylvia is a proud woman, with Latin roots. She stands at an unimposing 5'4, and her weight fluctuates. She's slim, with a thin stomach and a small-to-medium build. Unless there's a significant weight-gain, it doesn't show on her. If she gains weight, it's typically in favorable areas.

She has a womanly figure, with a pronounced hourglass figure. She has a a rather large bust, and tends to wear modest clothing to avoid looking vulgar. She gives off a very feminine vibe, however one of a slightly older woman as motherhood matured her beyond her years.

Despite being only 23, she feels as if she's already had a full life's worth of both joy and sorrow - Something that tends to show in the lines of her face, when she worries.

Sylvia has strong shoulders and arms, without appearing matronly or manly. She's used to working and appears with a very healthy glow. She has good posture, and a warm presence. She has a warm smile, and deep smile lines that serve to give her face some character. Her natural charisma easily shines through

Like her bust, she has a little extra padding on her bottom, and while she was often told in her younger years to lose a little weight, she has always carried herself with a natural confidence. She has a few little stretchmarks on her stomach from her pregnancy, but has trained herself enough for it not to be too visible.

Sylvia has an oval face shape, with very strong features. Her chin is lightly pointed, and she has a natural pout with her lips. They're plump, with a softened cupids bow and are prone to smile. She's very expressive. Her cheekbones are pronounced and are set high, and her eyes big and almond shaped. They're a warm brown in color, shifting from warm chocolate to umber depending on the light. Her nose is a little on the long side, but it appears mostly proportionate with her face. Her eyebrows are strong, as black in color as her hair. Same goes for her eyelashes.

She has a small birthmark over her lip.

Sylvia has long, healthy, and extremely thick hair. It reaches almost to the middle of her back and is cut in a soft curve. Depending on the weather it goes from slightly wavy to slightly curled, but it's often very alive to look at - And, to her distress, static to all hell.

She has no tattoos, and no bodily piercings except for pierced ears.
Personality Trait 1 Protective.
Personality Trait 2 Guarded.
Personality Trait 3 Gentle.
Family No Information
History Sylvia’s parents were perfect for each other on paper. They seemed extremely compatible, they seemed to share interests and their drafting should have been one of those that fall into line. It wasn't.

Sylvia’s mother was against the draft from the start, and the second that they were married, she rebelled. If her new husband said he liked her long hair, she would cut it short the next day. If he said he liked her in a specific color, she would wear anything but that color.

Her father, being a much gentler person, tried to appease her. But the truth of the matter is that Sylvia grew up in a troubled home filled with a bad atmosphere due to the conflict between her parents. She was loved dearly, but the negativity around her affected her growing up.

Being sent away for boarding school was a relief for her. She experienced more stability, and much better frames than at home. She thrived in school and did very well. She was smart as a young girl, and a natural in many of their courses. She was a gentle person and a natural fit in the wife-role.

Well, almost. Her teen years had a few mishaps.

Sylvia realized that she was attracted to girls from when she was around eleven. It wasn't till she was fourteen however, that she realized how completely disinterested she was in boys and men - Sylvia is a lesbian, a thing only the ones closest to her knows.

She was frustrated, as a young girl. She genuinely wanted the picture-perfect marriage she saw others have, or at least some form of stability and she wanted to be loved. By admitting to herself that she had no attraction towards the opposite sex, she felt like she closed herself off from something, she felt cheated by faith.

The only person in her family who knows about her sexuality, was her grandfather; Tyrone. She confided in him due to them being very close when she was growing up. When things became too much at home, she sought her grandparents and the two became close. He urged her to try and accept herself as she was. It didn't make her less of a person, and with a little luck, she might be able to get her happiness anyway.

Sylvia has only experienced two great loves in her lifetime, and neither one of them were with her husband. The first was two years before her graduating school, and she was sixteen. Hormones were raging, it was a natural time of rebellion and she had gotten particularly close with another girl on the school.

They both knew that they needed to be discreet, but one of their friends turned them in to the teachers. They were both put through the lightest treatment at the correctional facility, it was little more than a slap of the wrist. However, the experience of watching what was proper and expected of her over, and over again was deeply disturbing to Sylvia. It had the opposite effect of its intended effect.

Her illusions of the government and their society was shattered. Her faith in it, gone. She had always been docile, and never made a fuss or raised her voice but from she came from the experience a changed woman. She was more confident in herself, realizing the oppression women were held under. She felt she saw things more clearly.

Of course, she was smart enough not to immediately go out and start a riot. Sylvia rebelled in small little ways, encouraging girls to think independently around her and being more themselves. She was always subtle, not risking her own safety for it. Furthermore, she didn't want to be like her mother.

She was drafted at age 18, still young and in her absolute prime. She was an exquisite little Latin doll when she was married, and she was lucky with her husband.

Christopher Hart was a kindhearted man, who always was more in his head than in his feelings. He learned very quickly of his wife's secret, due to the way she naturally shied away whenever he tried to touch her. Luckily, he wasn't a very physical man and he treated her well. He kept her secret, and over time they formed a delicate friendship.

She rewarded the friendship in her own way. Once, or twice a year they would try to have a child. It was important for him that it was his child, so adoption wasn't an option, and she wanted a family too. Even if they didn’t conceive right off the bat, they were happy together.

She got a husband who would keep her secret, who treated her well and provided her with companionship, stability, and a home.

He got a wife who was overbearing, kindhearted and happy. She took pride in how their home looked, and he was satisfied with what he got.

Their little happy bubble didn't last long though. Two years after they married, Christopher was diagnosed with cancer. He entered treatment immediately, but it was a very aggressive form. She watched him deteriorate every day. She watched over him and took care of him as much as she was able to, but in the end there was little she could do. He didn't respond to the treatment well, and after only a year they decided to stop it.

Christopher’s body was ruined by the treatments. The side effects were eventually killing him faster than the cancer, and he wanted to spend the last few months in peace. Sylvia respected his decision, and stood by his side on the good days and the bad.

During Christopher’s treatment, they received the message that even if he survived, he might become sterile. Due to this, Sylvia chose to attempt to get pregnant with a little help from the doctors. They succeeded, and Christopher witnessed as one of the last things that his dream came true - He got a son. A perfect little dark haired boy with his eyes.

When Christopher died, Sylvia lost a lot of things. She mourned his death deeply, but the situation was made significantly worse as she became an undraftable female.

It was decided that Benjamin was to live with her parents. She lost privileges, since she lived so freely with her husband still around and as an undraftable female, she was forced to sponsor.

Sylvia's dislike for intimacy with men has only gotten worse since then, and she naturally distances herself from anyone male in her life. She's become a guarded woman, and the men who visit her doesn't know her at all. She does as she has to, to avoid issues with the government, but it is with a heavy heart.

In the following year of her husband’s death, a further tragedy stuck her. Her grandfather, Tyrone Belanger was diagnosed with cancer as well. Between sponsoring twice a week, and actively working as a maid, Sylvia spend almost all of her time with him and his new wife Hannah. Sweet, broken little Hannah who was a beacon of light following Christopher’s death.

Hannah is her second great love - And another one she has lost. Her grandfather noted the affection between them and was aware of Sylvia falling for Hannah, and Hannah falling for her before either of them.

She lost Hannah with the death of her grandfather, as she was young and without children. Losing so much in the span of only two years has given her a sorrow in her eyes, and a bitterness in her heart. Mentally, she's aged a decade ahead of time.
Favorites Pineapple, dusty rose
Bad Habits Since losing Hannah, she isolates herself. She bottles up any anger she might feel and ends up passive aggressive.
Turn-Ons Emotional connection, kindness, red hair and a sweet smile.
Turn-Offs Men, cruelty, violence, rough handling.
Draft Position Against
Spouse Undraftable.
Hair color preference N/a
Eye color preference N/a
Play-by Emeraude Toubia
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