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The year is 2192.

The country is the United States.

The current regime, The Trust, has been in power for over one hundred years.

The Trust takes care of you from cradle to grave--they provide you with housing, education, jobs, vehicles--but, in exchange, they control everything about your life. What color car you will drive. Where you will live. And, most important of all: who you will marry and how many children you will have.

Do you fight them or favor them?



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Spouse ➢ Daphne Acidalia
Play-by ➢ Bill Skarsgard
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23 Airline Pilot (newly minted) Dirty blonde but it's starting to get darker and fall in light brown territory Blue-Green


No Information


Kiv is statuesque, slim, with some definition and the tallest in his family, towering over them at 6'4". He has a mop of long hair that he slicks back, and wears golden chains around his neck. He looks rather spiffy in his pilot's uniform but before he makes it through his door, his tie is already loosened, the buttons of his shirt undone and his belt unfastened. Kiv is more comfortable in tanks, and skinny jeans with a hoodie in colder weather.


Luda Chownyk, lady of the house
Rodhan Chownyk, man of the house
Nydia Chownyk, sister, over the big 3-0
Some guy or another?, brother-in-law
Lucasta Chownyk, sister, 29
The creepy fuck she married on purpose that he still isn't really okay with, brother-in-law

Maksym Chownyk, adopted son, 2
Nadiya Shevchenko, aka adopted pain in his ass, 17
Molly, dalmatian

Born as the last child to Luda and Rodhan Chownyk, and the only boy, there were high expectations for Yakiv from the start. He was a bit of a cheeky little one, never able to sit still as soon as he was able to move around. If you let him out of your sight for a moment, he'd be trying to get a door open, and spilling whatever he found onto the floor. A number of times he'd gotten ahold of the dish soap and made bubbles everywhere.

He didn't get to spend much time with his sisters before they were fitted with their bracelets and sent off to school. Instead, he spent most of his earlier years, and the many that would follow with a boy his age that would become his very best friend. Marko's family was one of the last remnants of the Ukrainian mob too that had been forced to join with the Sons of Satan Motorcycle club to survive. Their families were close, as close as family, and Kiv always referred to Mark as his brother.

When it came time for his aptitude test, Kiv had no idea where he'd end up. He felt like besides his badassery in making an 'o' with his cigarette smoke, he didn't excel at much. He did like the night sky, however, and as it turns out, the sky is where he'd eventually make his living.

Mark went down a completely different path, one that involved working at the animal shelter. He'd always been a bit of a softie when it came towards humanity's furry friends, and not necessary a man meant for the life he was born into, the club life. Kiv on the other hand, became a prospect as soon as he was allowed, intent on living up to his family's name. His profession would help with the smuggling, and he was proud about that.

At 18, he fulfilled his sponsorship requirement, not that it was the first time he'd had sex. Kiv had lost his virginity years earlier, something that wasn't so uncommon in the club. He never really varied his experiences, and never wanted to incorporate any sort of restraints or toys. He didn't care when a sponsor said he was rather vanilla because he liked what he liked and that was that.

Mark was drafted at 20 to a bland, petite woman that Kiv instantly didn't like. She was always keeping his best friend away from the club, away from him. He got her pregnant within their first few months of marriage, and a few weeks early, little Maks entered the world.

In an operation gone wrong, nearly two weeks later, Mark's older brother was caught trying to cross the border with contraband. He was executed, leaving his teenage daughter to his brother because his parents had passed away years ago. It was the last straw, and Mark moved from New York, from the responsibilities he had with the club, taking his family with him.

Kiv, in turn, had begun to send messages between his sister and a man in the Ashpoint chapter of the Sons. She'd gone and asked their cousin to rig the system, actually wanting to be married to a guy that made Kiv's skin crawl. He was called The Butcher, and not just because he ran a butcher shop. No. He wouldn't have objected to his sister's crazy plot if that had been the case.

The young man was patched into the New York chapter, now a full-fledged member, but he didn't have much time to celebrate his little accomplishment because news reached him that his best friend, his brother had been murdered. With no other living relatives, Mark had named Yakiv the guardian of his son, and his niece too.

He hadn't even been married yet, and he'd become responsible for a child.

The toddler and teen lived with Yakiv and his parents until the pilot he was meant to shadow before receiving his airline pilot license moved to Tidewater, a small town in Rhode Island. It wasn't common, but the Trust allowed Yakiv to have a house of his own due to the circumstances of the underage children in his care and he was assigned a live-in when he made the move to Tidewater too. Of course, he knew that meant a draft was coming sooner rather than later.

Lulu, a name he'd been calling his sister since he was little, was in Rhode Island herself with her creepy ass husband. He was glad to be closer to her, and a part of the Sons here in Tidewater. Their membership had thinned after the Ashpoint incident, and he was happy to fill their roster. He was a junior member and still had to prove himself to the club to be given more clout. If that meant working with The Butcher, then maybe he wasn't TOO happy about everything.

And as for the introduction of the microchips that are mandatory for everyone? It makes life a little easier, but Kiv knows the extra risk for the smugglers now unless the Tidewater chapter has a way to jam the signals or be able to hack into them. New York had a guy, and maybe Kiv could ask him to put out some feelers for someone nearby the town he now calls home.


No Information
Birthdate: March 13th
Bad Habits: fidgeting, smoking, losing his lighters constantly
Turn-Ons: he's pretty vanilla that it kinda hurts
Turn-Offs: trying waaaay too hard
hair color preference: any
eye color preference: lighter colors
draft position: Against
premarriage y/n: No

Hard Limits

it's all about discussing things with your partner, imo

Player Notes

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