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The year is 2192.

The country is the United States.

The current regime, The Trust, has been in power for over one hundred years.

The Trust takes care of you from cradle to grave--they provide you with housing, education, jobs, vehicles--but, in exchange, they control everything about your life. What color car you will drive. Where you will live. And, most important of all: who you will marry and how many children you will have.

Do you fight them or favor them?



Benjamin Krebsbach
Played by  Spencer  ➢ Offline
Spouse ➢ Geeta Krebsbach
Play-by ➢ Alan Tudyk
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41 Public Defender Reddish Blue


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Ben is 5'11. Tall, he supposes would be an accurate adjective. His reddish hair has lightened in color as he has gotten older. He is lanky to average build somewhere hovering between the two. Certainly not muscular, but, he doesn't need to be. He looks like the sort of goofy, everyday man that people naturally want to trust. He mostly wears suits due to his job, and that brushes off on his day off choices of mostly button ups and slacks. Though he finds more casual clothing comfortable if he has no intention of leaving the house.


Quinn Hardy - Wife - Deceased.
--Abigail Krebsbach - Daughter - 20
--Audrey Krebsbach - Daughter - 18
--Amanda Krebsbach - Daughter - Deceased.
Madeline Tremmel - Wife - Deceased.
--Ruth Krebsbach - 9
-- Jillian Krebsbach - 5

Micha Krebsbach - Father - 64
Darla Krebsbach - Mother - Deceased
Brother Krebsbach - Brother - 34 to 36

Georgia Krebsbach - Step-Mother - Deceased
Caleb Krebsbach - Half-Brother - 31
Jude Krebsbach - Half-Brother - 29
-- Rachel Krebsbach - Sister-in-Law - Deceased
--- Leah Krebsbach - Niece - 5
-- Genevieve Krebsbach - Sister-in-Law - 26

Sophia Krebsbach - Step-Mother - Deceased
Bethany Krebsbach - Half-Sister - 25
-- Charles Kerrigan - Brother-in-Law - 27+
--- Faith Kerrigan - Niece - 6
--- Hope Kerrigan - Niece - 2
Seth Krebsbach - Half-Brother - 23
-- Susan Bennett - Sister-in-Law - 19
Chloe Krebsbach - Half-Sister - 20
-- Anthony D’Amore - Brother-in-Law - 39

Benjamin Krebsbach was the eldest son of a large family. So far he is continuing in this tradition. With currently five children in his home. His father had three wives in the time Ben was living with them. Ben is currently waiting for his third draft, though he is only in a minimal hurry for said event. He is hopeful that his third marriage goes better than his father’s third marriage.

His childhood was as one would expect from the oldest son of a police officer. He was a perfect rule follower, well disciplined, never putting a toe out of line. His younger brother did more than enough of the rebelling for the two of them, but Ben lived in a semi-constant state of fear of disappointing his father. He did his best to never be anything less than the man his father expected a son to be. It wasn’t always easy mind. His father had lofty goals for his son and tried to raise him right, but it was a firm sort of raising more than anything else. Especially on his first son.

One of his earliest memories is his mother's execution. He was six when his mother was caught in an affair. His father took him to give him closure or to scare him into following all the rules, or some other fatherly reason that Ben never really understood.

Then he was seven and there was a new mother followed by new brothers. By then he was at school every day, so his involvement with his half brothers was significantly decreased. He was 9 when Caleb was born, and 11 by the time Jude was born, and 12 when Georgia died. He had five years with that step-mother.

Then it was Sophia, who married his father. Sophia was the mother during his important years of upper classes, his aptitude exam, and his sponsorship. But he was much older than her children and had even less contact with them. He was drafted forthe first time by Chloe’s birth. He still cares deeply for his family, being a family man himself, he just never bonded to the youngest siblings the way he did to his own brother.

His time at the school was well enough. He was a smart boy. While he struggled a little at first, he quickly adjusted to the pacing of academic life. He made friends. Some who were constantly being added into family dinners at the Krebsbach house. There were so many kids anyway, who would notice a few extras. He did feel a lot of pressure from his father to perform well academically. He had hoped to become law enforcement like his father, but his aptitude test instead found himself in the place of the legal system.

At 18, He attended law school, participated in his sponsorship. Apparently, he did well because he was drafted during school at 20. His first wife, Quinn Hardy, was a good match and a supportive wife. She gave him two healthy daughters, Abigail was born a year after their marriage and her sister Audrey two years later. They waited till he finished law school to get pregnant again. He had just started practicing law as a public defender when they conceived their third child. However, both mother and child, a third daughter they would have named Amanda, died during childbirth. It was unexpected. Things just didn’t go to plan.

So, Ben became a widower. He and his daughters lived alone for a while. He had a lot of family to help with things and that was really alright. Audrey was only two and Abby four when their mother died, so two years after Abigail was given a bracelet and sent to boarding school. He missed her dearly. The house felt very empty after his daughter left, and even being given his second draft couldn't make it better.

His second wife, Madeline Tremmel, was a fire haired force of nature. She had not done well on her exams, so she wasn’t all that young, but neither did he feel young anymore. He was 29 when they were married. And three years later she gave birth to his daughter Ruth. The trouble was, after Ruth, she wasn’t entirely faithful. Ben repeatedly turned down promotions, feeling that he was doing too much good to give up public defending, and she felt she needed a husband with more ambition.

When Madeline’s second child, a daughter named Jillian, was born with dark skin, there was no hiding that she was not his. He refused to let anyone take the girl from him. She may not have been him, but she was Ruth’s half sister and at that made her family. Jillian was his daughter legally and he wasn’t about to lose her over a technicality like a biology. He did, however, lose his wife.

And they lived nicely for a few years. The older girls came home on holidays, and Ruthie and Jill were quite happy in their lives. He considered a live-in to stay with the girls, but it was too much like a family member that he didn’t get to keep, he was worried he would get attached to any live-in they had and not want her to leave when the time came, so he mostly relied on family and temporary nannies when no one else could be found.

Ruth went to boarding school just before they changed the system. Making her out of the house, with only Jill living with him full time. He's secretly, alright no so secretly, thankful that he will get to keep Jill in his house longer than he got to keep her sisters. He was also quite glad to get back Abigail and Audrey when they were finished with school. He know's they'll be drafted soon, but he's enjoying having them home anyway.

As for these new chips, he's got mixed feelings on them. He understands their purpose, and "chip malfunction" is a fairly good defense in his line of work currently, but he's not sure... the braclets may have been an odd choice, but they had features the chips lack, and they were only on women. Tracking everyone feels different. But once they work out the bugs, he's certain it will be worth it in the long run.

His next draft was slow in coming. This was fact he was really alright with. He has been a widower for the four years since his daughter’s birth. Life has sort of settled for his particular branch of the Krebsbach family. Ben and his girls have fallen into a routine of normalcy. It would be a shame if something messed that up.


No Information
Birthdate: February 14th, 2150
Bad Habits: Wil not use staples, only Paper clips. Minor caffine addiction which was developed in Law School, cannot start the day with out coffee. Hums to himself, usually one song per case which becomes that case's song. He only keeps songs of cases he wins, if he loses he doesn't hum that song again.. He might be a little superstitious.
Turn-Ons: Public Displays of Affection, mild ones which imply more later with out being too showy. Interupting something mildly important like getting ready in the morning to have sex.
Turn-Offs: Lacking of a sense of humor. Women who don't like children. Trying to interupt something actually important to have sex.
hair color preference: Dark Hair
eye color preference: Light Eyes
draft position: For
premarriage y/n: No

Hard Limits

Pretty Open Really.

Player Notes

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